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Happy Jesus Day XD JK But Merry Christmas

Yeah. Merry Christmas, my friends. And to you non Christians out there but still celebrate some version of the day, happy getting-random-presents-day). And to those of you who don't celebrate it at all, hope you have/had a nice winter holiday day thing ^^;

So... List of what I got: nerf gun, coin jar, Axe body wash kit, shaving kit, iHome, gum, clothes, and a home made birdhouse by my sister ^^ Clearly, someone doesn't know me that well, because I hate masculine washes, fear guns, and don't shave. (I do trim my beard occasionally, but I only shave once a year: when it's time to qualify for western Mass in swimming.) About me hating masculine washes... I don't like smelling like, those soaps. I prefer smelling like teas, berries, and fruits. Which is why I buy my own soaps slash borrow from my mother.

But, it's the thought that counts ^^ Now for what I got my family: A CD of pony music for my brother, a home made rosary for my sister (which I forgot the mystery beads on ^^;), and a (poorly done) wood carving of Saint Francis of Assisi for my mom. Nothing for my stepbro and stepdad. Because the former is a jerk and the latter lacks logic. I mean, I could have gotten them something small and meaningless, but they gave me no cues to pick up on for what they like slash dislike that was under $50. Did I mention my mom is joining a Franciscan order? It's pretty cool.

Also, I attended my first midnight mass earlier. It was quite cool. I didn't think there would be many people there at midnight. But, I was surprised to find so many people there. It is such a late and inconvenient time in the day and year to go to church, but I guess to many of these people, Jesus is a good enough reason to stay up until 2 in the morning ^^

Now... To back up a few days... THE END OF THE WORLD HAPPENED!!! ... Oh, wait... It didn't!!! ALL THAT BUILD UP, AND NOT EVEN A LOUSY MIRACLE!!! I would have been happy with a world changing event that entered us in to a new era of understanding, something that justified us all looking toward the date 12/21/12 for the past few years.

But... Guess not. Oh, well. BTW: Want me to tell you something interesting? Due to the laws of probability, the chances that the world will end increase every day. It's like this: If there's 1 person in a room, there's a 1/365 chance he has the same birthday as you. If another person walks in, it's now a 2/365 chance someone in the room has the same birthday as you. Well... Actually, not really. There's more math to it. The point is, the chances increase more and more every day. When will it happen? Unknown. But, it will happen one day. DEAL WITH IT!!!

So, yeah... It's Christmas ^^ I'm at home, comfortable, and Dark Gabriel is out there trying to make this the worst time of year for some people because he's evil. Hope he fails. Merry Christmas, my friends ^^

P.S.: ... Just a quick prayer sentence for those who were lost this year...
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