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artist chalenge and contest.

Ok, so i'm in a weird mood, I challenge artists to draw this *a character based on the description below*, and submit links to their pictures in this journal. and because it's a contest, the winner gets a game of their choice from steam (nothing over 59.99usd)

The contest will end March 20 2011

You are 5 feet and 2 inches tall, you wield noticeable hips and a ample butt on an overall feminine figure. With hair pulled to the back of your head in pigtails that reaches down to your butt

you look much like a herm cat, your face somewhat flat with a small button nose and a long lithe tail swishing upon your backside. Atop your head, you have small triangular ears that stand perk'd, like that of a cat's.

You are currently wearing a pink blouse and very poofy diaper, covering your fur.

Upon your chest and down to your belly heaves 4 noticeable breasts.
Your bust measures 4 inches in circumference beyond that of your chest, the next pair measuring 2 inches; each with blatant nipples stiffly standing 1.2 inches beyond that.

Above your groin rests 1 big wang. it pokes out of a 1.2-inch thick fuzzy sheath, pink and soft, with tender barbs near the narrowing tip, standing 10 inches high, just like a cat's
Beneath your cock swings a scrotum filled with 2 big testicles. They groan and squirm, full of hot cum just waiting to blow.
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