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from me to all of you <3

happy holidays my wonderful watchers <3
as my christmas present to all of you i'm going to post my to-do list :3

⁃ Robot-I MK I and MK II
⁃ Fizz rule 34
⁃ Gaki wearing a soccer uniform
⁃ Kaa rule 34
⁃ Gaki VS Oneshi
⁃ Catinshimirtz using macho-ifying ray
⁃ Gaki and Mavy VS Flu
⁃ Gaki Vs Cyprus
⁃ Gaki wearing a slutty outfit
⁃ Gaki dressed up as a flight stewardess
⁃ Gaki dressed up like an Oni
⁃ Madarao ( unleashed form ) from Kekkaishi rule 34
⁃ Gaki wearing Majoras mask
⁃ New monster : Landshark
⁃ New Villain : Psylord
⁃ Gaki dressed up as a girl-scout
⁃ Gaki dressed up as a shrine maiden
⁃ 5th and last member of Gaki's magical girly boy faction
⁃ Gaki feeding his pet slime
⁃ Gaki in P.E class ( and being watched by his teacher )
⁃ Cosplaying as Ymir from Queens blade/gate
⁃ Cosplaying as Harp Note from Mega Man Starforce
⁃ Cosplaying as Merry Nightmare
⁃ Gaki wearing hip-hop themed clothing
⁃ Cosplaying as Blossom from power puff girls Z
⁃ Cosplaying as Lambdadelta from umineko
⁃ Poisongon rule 34
⁃ Gaki wearing the pink ranger costume
⁃ Gaki standing in front of Mozenrath's monster summoning portal
⁃ Ika-Geno VS Demonites
⁃ Eevee latex suit
⁃ Deku shrub rule 34
⁃ Gaki exploring an haunted house
⁃ Gaki dressed like an altar boy
⁃ Gaki and Shane Vs Martians
⁃ Kaz Vs Cyclots
⁃ New member of Kaz's faction
⁃ Gaki wearing a two-piece bikini bathing-suit ( with tight bikini top )
⁃ Goomba rule 34
⁃ Heartless rule 34
⁃ Barney T dinosaur rule 34
⁃ Gaki hugging the Carbuncle from the Puyo puyo series
⁃ Veemon rule 34
⁃ Kiwi from shining force 2 rule 34
⁃ Mappy rule 34
⁃ Gaki standing nude in a shower and looking back at the viewer with a smile
⁃ Gaki fighting computer viruses in his virus buster-V form
⁃ Gaki having fun at a water-park

i will start drawing these as soon as the holidays are over :3 so look forward to it :3
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Added: 6 years, 2 months ago
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