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A Win for Free Speech, a Loss for America.

Today, a major victory was won for Free Speech in America today, but I find very little reason to celebrate.  Those who know me well, know that I hate censorship in all shapes and forms.  While I do not use vulgar, violent, or hateful language in my writing or my speech, I respect the rights of other people to do so.

However, the Supreme Court ruled today that the Westboro Baptist Church has the right to protest at military funerals.  I feel that this is the worst ruling that could have come.  For those who do not know about these people, the Westboro Baptist Church is a church in name only.  They have nothing to do with religion or faith in any form.  They are a hate-group and a cult, led by a madman, and they believe that all evils in the world are caused by homosexuals, Catholics, and Jewish people.  They have made a name for themselves by protesting at innocent people's funerals, shouting hate-speech at them.

Those who know me well know that I am a FIERCE pacifist, with a hatred for the military in any form.  I believe as a society, we should have evolved beyond the need for a military.  I don't feel that military funerals deserve special consideration.  I feel that ALL funerals deserve special consideration.

A funeral is not for the dead.  The dead do not care how their bodies are disposed.  A funeral is for the living, a way for them to grieve and attempt to overcome grief.  It is a way to let go of the deceased in a ritualistic manner.

I am an atheist, and proud of it... but I feel that there is something... sacred about a funeral.  In this time, families and friends should be protected and sheltered.  The Supreme Court's judgment may protect free speech in this country, but it has diminished the rights of the citizens.  People have the right to say goodbye to their loved ones how they wish, without twisted, evil individuals screaming vile curses at them.

This is not an easy subject.  Everyone agrees that the Westboro Baptist Church and their leader Fred Phelps are possibly the worst people living in America today.  There is no argument there.  The issue comes in separating the emotionally-charged hatred from the issue at hand: Can you say what you want, wherever you want, regardless of the consequences...

The Supreme Court ruled "Yes."  ...But they should have said "No."
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Added: 8 years, 2 months ago
8 years, 2 months ago
I fully agreewith you and I'm not one to believe in religion. (I got a fliping D in World Religons since I tried to keep a bit of a need to know base on it since I never been to church since I gave up on it long ago.)  People do got the right to talk but a church in name only should show they are a fully fuctional church before they do such stupid stuff such as that.  It boiled my blood that such a fucking hate group was able to simply get though and worst yet...(AND hold on to your rage-meters) ...the person that tried the church has to PAY them because of court reasons.  THAT is the equalivant of what many a person call TEABAGGING.  It's with people like that I WISH people like him would take the big drop into the hottub of the "devil"...which I could guess is full of magma and radioative fluid but that's what I'm thinking of.
8 years, 2 months ago
Your post seems well thought out, but as a Military officer myself I'd like to just politely mention
#1, No one hates war MORE then a soldier, we have to SEE the horror, and lose people we have trained with and like a whole lot
#2 I wish all armies could be banned too...but with respect I, and my army were not the ones to cut off the arms of children, machine gun the "swamp arabs' or develop a group called "terrorists".  Weather I believe in a god or not I do believe there are people in this world out to hurt, and I do not currently know a better way to stop someone bent on doing harm to the point of killing themselves.
So please do not hate our military TOO much..we ARE trying to do better
8 years, 2 months ago
I don't want to get into a political discussion here, honestly... ^^;  I suck at debating, I'm terrible at getting my point across, and without a doubt, I'll offend someone.  All I'll say is that civilian funerals should be treated with EVERY BIT as much respect as military funerals.  It's not that military funerals deserve less, it's that civilian funerals deserve more.
8 years, 2 months ago
True :) and I wasnot looking to debate or get political and you can offend me all you want I promise not to be offended :)
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