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A Pokemon mystery dungeon fanfic

Okay so i was thinking the other day and i thought of a good idea to make a pokemon mystery dungeon fanfic where people who would want their OCs to be in it would be raped and of course what would happen to them would be of your choice for anyone interested PM me in this format
Subject: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Fanfic

Chapter I want to be in: Chapter #

Additional fetishes of my choice: (Choose from the additional fetishes in that section's list.)

Sex of Partner and Partner Species: (Please name the sex and kind of Pokemon your partner is or choose from a provided list if section requires. Partner refers to the Pokemon raping or otherwise violating your character, the badguy.)

Additional input: (You can use this to go into further detail about how you want the fetishes to play out for your character or anything else that might need clearing up)

Link to the character or provide a well written description of the character.
Anyway this idea came to me when i saw the comic idea FallenArts was making and well some of the parts here come from the journal entry he posted and im thinking of adding my own wants into the mix as well.

anyway here are the chapters
1 The Beginning - Jenny a young pink female riolu decides to go out on a walk in the forest to pick some berries,as she is picking berries. a machamp takes notice of her and walks towards her and tells her that he has better tasting berries back at his cave,little does she know that the machamp has some dark intentions towards her. being an innocent minded child however jenny belived the machamp and followed him to a place where she would regret going
(this chapter the fetishes are- begging [either for mercy or for more], humiliation, cum inflation [orally or anally], bukakke, cum bath [who's cum - your character, sex partner or both], eagerness[clearly enjoying what they're being put through])
and with the choice of the characters its all up to me whose characters are in here

2 The Tentacles - after being taken deeper into the cave jenny sees many other pokemon. pokemon in there capable of molesting others using tentacles those pokemon being the sex partners with their victim
(fetishes in this one are the same as the first chapter's fetishes with a few additions those being - all the way through[tentacle going in one end and out of the other], blindfolded by tentacles, stomach bulging due to tentacle penetration and hanged upside down)

I will update this on the last 2 chapter on a later date however and also you may also choose a fetish that may not be on the list for the chapter i may approve it depending on the chapter your chosen character will be in
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