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The Vampire's Rage, Part 2

Previously on the Vampire's Rage, Part 1:

We received word that Shadow was turned into a vampire after he passed out. What will be his outcome? Let's find out.

Now, time to begin "The Vampire's Rage, Part 2."

Sonic wondered if Shadow would wake up. After hours of unconsciousness, he came to. "Rrgh...what happened to me?" he mumbled.

"You are mine, faker~" Sonic whispered, happy with his result.

"What's that?!" Shadow suddenly jumped up and looked around. He turned to see Sonic. "...Oh. It's you. How did I get like this?" he asked, still confused about what happened.

"Oh, you'll figure it out~" Sonic replied, still smirking.

"What-- don't tell me you're-- oof!!" Shadow had been tackled by Sonic. The "blue blur" stroked his face, and the two met with eye contact. "You...You did this to me, didn't you...?" Shadow asked, his voice suddenly with an outlook of confusion and fear.

"Yes...you are mine...~" Sonic replied, and pulled the "black blur" into a kiss. Shadow joint the kiss, and the two locked lips. Sonic felt down Shadow's body with his hand. They finished the kiss and the "blue blur" asked, "Do you...want to go for it...?"

"Why wouldn't I?~" Shadow replied.

All righty!~ Will the duo go for the love, the lust, and the sex? Tune in next time when "The Vampire's Rage, Part 3" comes on next!
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Added: 6 years, 2 months ago
6 years, 2 months ago
Who will be the uke(submissive), and who will be the seme(dominant)? You choose!
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