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Rant on Phone Companies

My work is on call. My hours are based on events that are booked. Events, of course, change often in size, location, cost, and time. So to be a reliable employee I should be easily accessible, right?

T-mobile is by far the most user friendly company I've dealt with. Their prepaid prices are competitive, most everything can be done online, and THEY DON'T TRY TO SCAM ME. The only catch is, I get terrible reception at home and no reception at work. So it's not incredibly useful because I am at home or work 98% of the time.

Before them I was using Virgin Mobile. The reception was just as bad. The catch is, when I used their web site to turn off the automatic billing, they hit my account anyways. And then when I removed my credit card information, they disconnected a service they had already billed me for that month about 27 days prematurely. No more of my money for them.

I got what seemed like a great deal on a fancy dual-core Verizon wireless phone. I know a guy at work that gets a signal with them. They have the ONLY 4g in the county (probably every surrounding county as well), and what seems like great coverage and competitive prepaid plans. So I buy a SIM for this phone at a retail location and get on the phone to hook this thing up. The service rep tells me that no 4g capable phone on Verizon can be put on a prepaid plan, EVER. I'm a little peeved, but my AT&T internet is down, so I let her forward me to a sales rep to hear about their overpriced contract plans. But before he can even get into pricing he tells me he has to run a credit check. (Background information: I don't borrow money. I don't have any credit cards. I detest the entire CONCEPT of credit. I don't owe ANYONE in the world money. This should be good, yes? No. It is the reason Paypal permanently froze my first account; my name will not show up on a credit check.) I tell him my name will not come up on a credit check and I have zero credit. He tells me that they're gonna want a $400 deposit on an outrageously priced contract plan. HELL no. I want to be a reliable employee, but I don't get paid like that.

After calling Verizon today, I had to get animal feed for my mother. The feed store is only open 3 days a week so I had to buy it from a gas station for a few dollars more. But upon trying to run her card, the transaction stopped. The credit card machine runs on AT&T dial-up internet and the owner of the store was on the phone with AT&T in the back. So I waited. 3 cash transactions occured during this time. I waited longer, and then I was finally able to complete the purchase.

What's the point of this? I have no idea. I'm just pissed. x3 Phone companies piss me off as much as financial institutions.

(Edit: Sorry for the awkward grammar and past/present tense confusion. I probably won't go back to fix it.)
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Added: 5 years, 8 months ago
5 years, 8 months ago
Well for my T-mobile service, I can get pretty good signal everywhere but home XD   For Virign Mobile, never touched them went with tmobile just cuz its the cheapest with 4G internet x3

Why would you want to get a contract? There is lil to no point to get them anymore, even internet now can be prepaid.  Also dial-up for the win XD  
5 years, 8 months ago
I don't want a contract. But there was no information on Verizon's site that said that full price SIM cards and cell phones can't be used with prepaid plans if the model of phone is not approved. When you buy a SIM card from most other companies and stick them in a phone compatible with the company's signal, there is USUALLY the option for a prepaid plan.
5 years, 8 months ago
I believe you have to get a different sim card for prepaid service but im not sure. I looked at the Verizon website and didn't find much, not very organized >.>  That or im used to everyone else XD  

Note:  That credit check thing is complete bs, or maybe its just Verizon idk, but never heard that they needed to do that.  They are probably trying to scam some money off you, at@t trys to every month with us and my dad just bitches till they take it off. x3
5 years, 8 months ago
Credit cards aren't evil, nor inherently bad.  But they 'can' ruin your life quite easily if you're not careful.
Sadly, you need credit to get anything or anywhere decent in the world.  House.  Car.  Cellphone.  Credit credit credit.
The trick is to get one and only buy a tiny thing here and there.  LIke a soda.  Or a candy bar.  Or a video game.  
Don't buy anything else.  Don't buy anything you couldn't afford normally.
Then, when your statement arrives, pay off the complete amount.
Credit card companies HATE that.  
But, they're required by law to report to the credit bureau that you're all caught up and doing fine,  thus bumping your credit up a tiny bit at a time  :)

I was like you,  but I found a way to live with it.
5 years, 8 months ago
My mom owns this farm outright. I own my car outright. My point wasn't to rant against credit. Credit cards help a lot of people out. But why should anyone be punished for NOT taking out loans? I've managed my finances well enough that I -don't- have to borrow money, and it bites me in the ass. I wasn't asking for a loan. I was asking to give a company money for a service. My credit is totally irrelevant. It's like if fast food places started to run people's credit and charged an additional $5-50 fee to your order based on the results. x3 It makes no sense. It's not even good for business. They would make more money taking on new customers without the shenanigans.
5 years, 8 months ago
Sounds like a lot of hassle. =/ And yeah, contracts are overly expensive for what you get, especially if you use your phone sparingly like I do. I've been looking into Platnumtel for a bit, hard to ignore their 5¢/minute & 2¢/text prices. ^_^; May be worth looking into.
5 years, 8 months ago
Maybe... but I have no more money for phone hassle this month. :/ I will be keeping my T-mobile dumbphone for texts and my Verizon Galaxy Nexus for wifi apps. Also, I recently got a tornado warning on the Verizon phone that T-mobile couldn't send me because of their horrid signal. Keeping the Verizon phone handy could be a useful emergency tool as all disconnected phones can call 911 and get emergency bulletins (I believe it's the law, but I haven't researched it.).
5 years, 7 months ago
I'm sure you'll figure out what works best for you. =) Just take care of yourself, Eiko. ^^
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