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Allow me to apologize...

I do owe everyone a long past due apology.
I have been a burden on all of you lately.
I dunno if it was me letting my insecurities get the best of me, or my newly realized homesickness, but I have not been the best of people to be around.
I have been worried a lot about nothing, and I now see this.

Mixy is my mate, and he drug me 3000 miles from my home, even refusing to leave without me.  That should show that he does love me more than anything in the world.  And I've not made it easy, since we have been together a long time (5 years), and things were "slowing down" for us, which may have helped feed my insecurities.

I was far from my home, and my family.
I let it all get the best of me, and took it all out on you all.

For that, I am sorry.

So, apparently I'm extremely homesick, and missing my mother.
Being on the other side of the country from her has not been easy on me, and her sending me something - which included a photo of us - brought my homesicknes to light.

My ex broke up with me, after basically using me for 2 years.
It has been no help in my fears of losing Mixy the same way, since we have been together over 5 years now.

But I need to realize that he refuses to leave me, no matter what.  Just like he refused to leave me - even for a short term - to get things situated in our new home.
He would not do that, for he feared I would not come to him.  He constantly tries to prove how much he loves me, and due to my own ignorance (and/or arrogance) it gets ignored most of the time.

So the times he spends online to relax and stuff, I have taken as his attempts to get rid of me.
But why would he do this after literally dragging me over 3000 miles from where I grew up?

I mean sure, my ex moved me across the lake from my mother before deciding he's had his fun with me and to end it....
and now I regret not going back to my mothers after that, it was the one place I felt safe.  The one place I felt secure.

Mixy also has not filled the void left from me not being close to my mom, so it has helped feed a lot of fear and insecurities into my life.
Making me a bitter, over-needy, and dowright terrible person to be around.

I will admit I have always loved getting attention, perhaps a bit too much at times.

I am sorry for my behavour, and do intend to improve upon myself.
It may not be easy for me, and I am asking for, and welcoming your help.


Onto something website related:

I have been made aware of, and fixed, a couple small issues on TNSC.

First, a user has apparently uploaded or done something to FreeImageHosting.net - which hosted a couple of thumbnails on the Features Section of the TNSC Homepage - that has led to Google calssifying the service as a possible source of malware. In turn sending out warning to users of our site through Google Chrome, simply because we had images hosted on their service.

I have removed the images from our site for the time being and will continue to moniter the service.  I had run several scans using various engines and came up confused.  Almost all the engines only showed the Google report as the reason to be wary of the service.  One service I scanned the site with twice - the first time it came up like the others, with the Google report.  The second time, it showed the service as clean, and showed a completely different Google Report.  (Well, the only difference in the report was the first sentence on it, claiming the site was not a malware site.  Which in the first report - it claimed the site was a malware site.)

So, I have discontinued use of that service until further notice.

The second issue rose today.

Somehow, the footer of the main page of TNSC was somehow tampered with.  Removing all the banner exhange adverts and our Skysa Bar - along with having 2 copies of the footer menu and Copyright on the page.  So somehow the code got truncated, causing the footer of the site to be defaced.  However, no other changes were made to the page in any way shape or form.  I have fixed this and will be monitoring it.


On a side note.

 I'm seeking artists!!!

 I am seeking more artists to post to TNSC, and especially looking for artists willing to draw Header Images for TNSC.

 So if you would like a challenge and help improve a smaller community site, you can submit to TNSC and/or draw Header Images for TNSC!

 Header Images need to be 960 x 200 pixels in size and can be of anything.

 So come help TNSC out:


 TNSC Art Contest - December 2012

 The latest winner is:
 Locker Room Posing - https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=326221
 by tsaiwolf - https://inkbunny.net/tsaiwolf

 This Month's Nomination Theme:
 Love Scenes - Characters in love...

 This Month's Voting Theme:
 Girly Bois - Art of Girly Bois or Crossdressers.

 Nomination and Voting Deadline:
 January 1, 2013

 Come Nominate Art and Vote at http://tnsc.thrill.to
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