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Updates on Uploads, Discounts on Commissions

Hello again, everyone. I mentioned several things before, so I thought I'd let you know the update about that, and keep everyone in the loop. If people are interested solely in the commission deals that I mentioned at the start of the journal, scroll down to the bold and underlined DEALS further down. If you're interested in the updates as well, read on.

1. As you can see, I've been keeping up with a lot of writing lately, and the only reason that I haven't posted more stories since the last Skyrim one was because I was doing a couple of exclusive stories over on SoFurry, sort of a give-away thing for those people that had been watching me on the site I'd been on the longest. If people like, they can check out my gallery there for the three stories that were posted for images there. I'm currently working on a gift story for someone, for the Christmas season, but after that, I'll get back to posting stories here.

2. Right now, I'm debating between doing another Skyrim story, coming up with a Krystal (from Star Fox) story and doing that, or doing another Bowser chapter, or perhaps something else. Anyone has any input on that – or just has something to say about the stories in the series one so far – let me know. Hell, if you have suggestions of something you want to see, let me know. I'm even considering a chapter or two of a CoC fanfic (flash game by Fenoxo, if you don't already know it, go try it, it's awesome). Ideas, ideas, too many ideas, but so many fun things to do.

3. I haven't heard a whole lot of feedback with the number of stories that I have been putting up lately, and I wanted to make sure that you guys are still liking them. If you're not, what would you like? If you are, what do you like about them? Also, I realize that I have been uploading a lot of stories a lot faster than I used to, and I was wondering if you guys think that I should stagger them out a bit more, so it's not so overwhelming when stories are coming up several a week, which I have been doing. I've seen others doing stuff like that as well, and I don't know if it bothers watchers or entices them to see uploads that fast. Art, I know people like quickly, but stories do require more attention and time, so I don't know what the deal is with that. Please let me know if you read this.



I'm going to try something from now until the end of January. Prices on the stories will remain the same, but depending on what you get, you can get some free stories as well. Here is what I'm offering to you guys at this point in time. If you don't recognize the terms, you can find the definitions on the order sheet, here: https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=326825

Buy 1 Porn Short Story, Get 1 Snapshot Story Free.
Buy 2 Average Stories, Get 1 Porn Short Story and 1 Snapshot Story Free
Buy 1 Novella of $60 worth or higher, Get 1 Average Story Free and 2 Snapshot Stories Free

And for Average Story length or less, there is also a deal of Buy 3, get the 4th free.

I hope that this is something that you guys can enjoy, and I hope it sounds good to you.

Give me some feedback in the comments if you don't mind.
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Added: 6 years, 2 months ago
6 years, 2 months ago
Nice offers there, I might take you up on the "1 short, 1 snapshot free" one ^^
6 years, 2 months ago
Glad you like the offers. Maybe spread them around? I don't actually have any commissions right now, and not many seem to respond or look.
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