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Team Acorn Xmas Contest Final Days to sign up!

In two days the sign ups will be officially closed. So if you wanna join the contest, now's the time to sign up!!!!!! Info below.

Okay guys and gals! It's time for the second official Team Acorn art contest! We hope this time around it'll be even bigger and better! Here are the rules:

What: The second Team Acorn hosted art contest. Again it's to draw Sally, naughty or not, whatever you prefer!

Theme and Bonus: The theme is obviously Christmas. Draw some snow, a Santa outfit, whatever you can come up with to make it feel like Christmas! You don't have to have the Christmas theme if you don't want to, but it will help a LOT to include the theme. The bonus this time is a lot more flexible than simply tentacles from the Halloween contest. To earn bonus points to your overall score, you have to include toys. Find interesting and unique ways... to implement toys(sexual pun intended, but isn't limited to adult toys :P You can use kids toys too...). The more creative, the more you earn. :)

When: Again, this time around it'll be a little different. Instead of simply submitting your artwork when you're ready, you're going to wait till the due date to do so. Applying for the contest begins now, the 15th/16th of November, and ends December 16th. Then, the submissions will be accepted from December 20-25.

Applying: To apply, say you're applying in the comments below, and you will be entered into the contest with your name placed in this journal below. After that it's up to you to get your art done in time! If you wish to be an anonymous entrant, send me a note that you're entering but don't want your name public.

Submitting your entry: On December 20th, I will make a new Journal for your contest submissions. You will post a link to your submissions there, that's it!

Rules: Just like last time, there aren't many rules. Nothing too vulgar, no gore or shemale Sally. Yucky. You can draw other characters, even fan characters. The more effort you put into it, the more score you get, so go nuts! Just remember the main focus is SALLY ACORN. :) Also I would like to address a couple of issues we ran into the last contest. As of this contest and onward, you are not allowed to simply post Sally art that was never intended to be an entry to the contest. We had a couple of people the last time, make some Sally art and decide to enter it into the contest for the heck of it. Sorry but that isn't going to cut it this time. If your submission isn't for the contest, do NOT submit it. Also, you CAN work as a team for a submission, but it counts as one entry only.

Judging: The way it works is a points system I developed, which gives score to several categories ranging from effort, to backgrounds, etc. So give it your best, and you'll do fine.

Winners and Prize: What's a contest without prizes! Like the last time, there will be 3 winners. The 3 will have their submission posted on the Team Acorn website. The number 1 winner will get to cherry pick their prize between money, free art from the Team, or free art from yours truly. :P

Any questions? Note me and I'll get back to you soon! Good luck! And have fun!
P.S. Any returning artist from previous contest receive veteran status, meaning they have been a part of the old contest.

Our first entrant is from both FA and IB:

Our second entrant is from FA:

Our third entrant is from both FA and IB and is a Halloween Contest Vet:

Our fourth entrant is from IB and is a Halloween Contest Vet:

Our fifth entrant is from FA:

Our sixth entrant is from IB:

Our seventh entrant is from FA and is a Halloween Contest winner:

Our eight entrant is from FA and is a Halloween Contest Vet:

Our ninth entrant is from IB:

Our tenth entrant is from FA:

Our Eleventh entrant is from IB and is a Halloween Contest Vet:

Our Twelfth entrant if from FA:
Slashy Smiley

Our Thirteenth entrant is from FA:

Team Acorn website has been updated! New art in the Team Acorn section from some of our members! OUR FORUMS ARE UP!

The team is accepting commissions! Particularly our very talented Squirrel_amazing. Here's what he can do. :P https://www.furaffinity.net/view/9323819/ If you're interested in getting a commission from Team Acorn, note me! Or note squirrel_amazing.
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6 years, 3 months ago
I'm afraid I won't make it, sorry guys I wasted your time, perhaps next time!
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