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Full Name: Xavior BraveHeart
Artist Type: Writer, Photographer, Traditional Pencil Artist


'Ello! Name's XaviorFolf, most just call me Xavior or Xavie.
First thing's first... I'm shy as hell towards most ppl, especially if I don't know them. I do however try to reply to all comments I receive.

About me:
I am essentially a writer of 5yrs and a photographer of 12yrs, but on occation I will draw (1 1/2yrs exp.). The art I upload here is mostly of canines - my favorite critters ^.=.^ (though i have been known to draw sharks (non-anthro) snakes (non-antho) and one cat).

Quick facts:
Relationship Status: Single (kinda looking... not really)
Sexual Orientation: Bi Male Pref
Sex: M
Birth Sign: Virgo (all the way ^^)
Chinese Birth year: Horse
Species: Arctic-wolf / Arctic fox hybrid
Age: 22yrs irl, 0-5yrs IC
Country: USA
State/Province: CA
Operating system: PCG Stealth Beta (not out to the public) (PCG stands for Personal Computer Gaming), & Win Vista Home Premium
Personal quote: Helping others brings piece and happiness to the sole
Favorite quote: Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole
Music type/genre: Game OST, techno/trance, dance/rave
Favorite movie: All Disney movies (If I have to choose one... I'd say Balto)
Favorite Online Game(s): Maple Story & Mabinogi
Favorite Games: Portal 2, Oblivion GotY Edition, Skyrim, Portal, Orange Box
Favorite game platform: PC, x-box360, PS3
Music player of choice: iTunes
MP3 player of choice: iTouch 2nd Gen, Ipod Video (aka clasic) 120GB
Favorite artist:
Favorite animal: Canines (mostly wolves), felines, and Scalies
Favorite food: Mongolian food
Is usually always nice unless you provoke him - Don't do it.

I <3:

Gift Art
Video games
Fur Affinity
Glowy things
Being positive

I </3:

Narrow Mindedness

Art Stuff:

Commissions: closed
Trades: closed or I'll ask you.
Requests: Not usually!

Thank you for visiting my little corner of InkBunny. I appreciate every watch, fav, and view so very much. Please feel free to comment anything! I don't bite (hard) and respond to most comments.

Ok if you wanna know anymore about me all you have to do is ask [PM/IM would be prefered]. I'm very open and will tell you just about anything I feel is apropriate for a spacific subject. As a bonus if it's a popular subject or something about my character i forgot to add, i'll post it in a journal!

PCG is © Aelrondragonlord (XaviorFolf) and can not be redistributed, copied, sold, modified, or reproduced in any way
Any violation in the agreement above will result in me taking action by using the full force of the copyright law as well as patent laws.
© All Rights Reserved
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