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Flat tires, a dead cat, and new art

It's time for a new journal. Bunnies, rainbows, and Robin Williams, ho!

Another month has gone by and the weather is FINALLY getting colder but not enough to snow. It's been really mild this year. I shouldn't be complaining though, last year was really tough on my car and the snow and ice make it much tougher for me to get back and forth. I was trying to get back to Professor Awesome's house a few days ago and one of my front tires blew out 7 miles from my house. I had to go to one of the nearby residents and call home but no one picked up. I ended up walking home only to find everyone there stricken with sudden deafness. Couldn't find my spare tire but it turns out my eldest brother stole that and gave it to his girlfriend so I had to use a donut tire. Put that piece of crap on my car and start back to Professor Awesome's house (whom I probably should have called in the first place but he doesn't own a car though) and the donut EXPLODES further down the road but I didn't wreck luckily. Me and my dad went into town later that day and bought a new tire for my car. I still need another three but it will have to do. It got me out of my house so I'm thankful.

Me and Professor Awesome found and applied for some gas station jobs last week but nothing else prior to that was successful but one of them I'm pretty optimistic on. I'm still unemployed since last journal but
it's helped a bunch making sure that none of my family get in between me and any interview calls. I haven't had any more problems now that I've taken every precaution to make sure they don't have even a chance to hang up on any calls for me.

In other news, both my brothers have moved back in. So much for my dad giving me the authority to kick my eldest brother out. Once again, no backbone at all. So they are both living at my house trashing the place again. One is looking for drug money and things to hock off and the other CONSTANTLY whines, bemoans, and is so damned dramatic about every stupid little thing. My life ain't peaches and cream either but I don't just go up to someone and insist on holding them verbally hostage to rant and repeat said rant over and over and over again about how life sucks so bad for them. Hell, my middle brother who does that doesn't even have a high school diploma or a driver's license and he wonders why he can't get a job but he can't see anything through (like bailing on getting his GED). The economy is in the toilet (and probably going to get much worse in the next 4 years) but at least I have a diploma, a driver's license, and even a car. On top of that, I can pass a drug test and can go for more than 5 minutes without thinking about how I'm going to get some more pot unlike my brothers. So yeah, they are both moved back in and want handouts from my parents. I should be more angry but I feel like laughing at how they are getting close to thirty and in an even worse situation than I am for the dumbest of reasons.

My mother had heart surgery last week. She got a pace maker put in successfully and has been doing well. She may be physically weak but she is still pulling the same crap as before but I wasn't expecting anything different. She hasn't been working much at all due to medical problems for the past few months so I don't know why my brothers think money is in store for them here.

The worst thing that happened this month was that my cat, Zuko, died. It was my mother who finally caved in on taking him into the vet but it was too little, too late. I couldn't round up enough money in time to take him myself and he ended up dying at the vet. He wouldn't eat and combined with all the fleas out here, my parents pretty much let him starve to death. I still feel terrible I couldn't help him but to them he was just an old cat (7 years ain't that old for a cat though the road claims them much sooner most of the time out here in the country). It really blows being financially dependent, it's practically slave shackles. I made Zuko the best coffin I could and buried him after retrieving his body at the vet. I hope he's in a better place than here.

The only silver lininging, and a grim one at that, is that Zuko was the last non-financial tie I had to my family and my house. With him gone, the only binding force left is money. I need to eat and I need gas but I can't support myself yet. Keyword: "yet". My parents can no longer hold me hostage using Zuko and nothing is keeping me from having any attachment to my home except needing food to survive and gas and other expenses for my car (and I really need that up and running, especially for interviews and eventually a job again).

So how about some good news? All this week I'm going to be able to work on art and have already started. I got about six drawings ready to color, two sketches that need to be finished, and DD70 should be done this week. Also, I'm going to be starting up a little project where I do a week or two of art with a big focus on a particular Demordicai Diamonds character. These next few weeks I'm going to be doing some Juna art. in addition to some other stuff I need to finish up and color. Expect a bunch of art this week! Woo!

Me and Professor Awesome have been working more on the "DDDD" (essentially a Demordicai Diamonds based tabletop RPG game, like Dungeons&Dragons) project but still haven't come up with a better name for it yet. Lol, that aside, we have made more progress on crafting it. The core drakune race is pretty much done but just needs a little tweaking to fit in with the weapon proficiency system that we put together today. The drakunes racial tech tree is about 1/3 done and the basic fighter and rogue classes are close to completion as all they need is their tech trees finalized and balanced and their core mechanics are pretty much developed. The other two starting classes, pilgrim and scholar, still need some work. I don't feel like going into all that for this journal but I may make a separate journal for all that sometime later. It's still not quite playable yet but it's getting pretty close to being at a beta stage.  

Besides all the usual crap, that's about all I have for this journal. I'm still alive and you'll be seeing more art out of me soon, like probably tomorrow soon.

Also, I really, REALLY suck at playing Disgaea.
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Added: 6 years, 3 months ago
6 years, 3 months ago
Sorry to hear about your cat Zuko. That is a pretty nasty event to have dropped on your lap, and hopefully Zuko rests easy at least knowing you did what you could for Zuko's sake, even if the others were indifferent. Of course, a vet can be expensive if a cat has serious health problems but it still seems cruel to just let Zuko pass away so.

The matter about a tire sounds again like there are at least some in the family that need a swift kick to the crotch. Someone selling or handing out a perfectly good tire that the car would need seems a bit much. Ok, if their girlfriend really needed one, maybe in an emergency, but then they should have replaced it with a similar tire swiftly. Of course, I'm just stating what I think is right, and the circumstances are different perhaps. Still, my sympathies and hope they'll keep their hands off your property now on.

I can't really say much on the DDDD, not knowing more about it, but I look forward to reading through some of the material sometime if you need betatesters, though I figure you can find them closer and in real life easier. Regardless, good luck with your project.
6 years, 3 months ago
It's still rather lonely not having my cat around. Just takes some time getting used to not having him greet me or lay around like the lazy cat he was.

As for my stolen spare, I know it wasn't used for any emergency. My brother's girlfriend just didn't want to spend her own money on getting a new tire for herself so she had my brother take mine for her instead (more money left over for her to spend on drugs of course).  At least I got a new tire, still need three more but it will do well for now.

Sometime I'll get to formatting all the material I've got on it into something more presentable than just disorganized sheets of notebook paper. It's been coming along a little slow these past few days but it won't be too long before I have at least a good, solid chunk of it complete.
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