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Cheap internet provider suggestions

So one thing I know I'll end up having to do once I move out is getting our own internet service.  Instead of doing what I'm doing now and leeching off of someone elses'. ^^;  But I was asking Kep about it last night and he said there's is 7mps and I figured we'd need one that fast or even 10 mps.  Because we don't need anything all that fast and need it mostly for getting online on the computer, downloading things and playing games on the 360 and PS3.  So I don't need to over spend on some kind of super fast internet that we're not going to need or use.  So I was wondering on if anyone had any good suggestions on what to choose.  He found a website that listed some for PA and most of them are big name companies of course.  The main thing is their whole thing on how it starts out fairly cheap until after 6 months or a year and then they screw you over.  Though if I went with some random company I could just get screwed over with service in general.  Also so people know it would be in Hanover, PA and it would just be out of town.  So the area would be considered the country.

Also the same thing goes with any tv providers.  I know you can bundle and such, but it's not all that much cheaper.  Along with I know being in the country like that again causes problems.  My uncle said past people would just use a satellite dish for everything.  Which that would work as long as I can get it for cheap enough.  Because all I would really need is basic cable channels.  Nothing fancy with that as well.  So like I said if anyone has any suggestions on either it would be much appreciated.
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Added: 6 years, 3 months ago
6 years, 3 months ago
yoll need to check around in your area and see whats available. for instance here in Grants Pass i have access to CenturyLink and Charter. We have 7mbps for 80$ and 1.5mbps for 40$ (standalone) through CenturyLink and Charter has an "upto 30mbps" plan for about 60$ a month. I personally like the idea of DSL as it is a dedicated internet connection _BUT_ at my cabin i am 1.1miles from the nearest DSL intersection point so i cant go faster than 1.5mbps. with Charter i'm right at the end of the connection loop but it is cable and have to deal with the network traffic of the neighborhood. So needless to say I'm with Charter since i'm at the end of the loop.

I also dropped my landline and switched over to NetTalk VoiP >.> its awesome if you have a router that can do QoS controls for a specific ethernet port (otherwise you get lagtimes).
6 years, 3 months ago
Yeah I know one thing I wouldn't get unless I really had to was a landline.  Because I have my cell phone and that's all I really need.  But my other half has CenturyLink and they said they arn't that bad.  That and they seem fairly cheap too.  A lot of people have of course been saying Xfinity as well.  I'm just seeing what other people have had luck with and with something that won't kill my pocket. ^^;
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