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Tablet is now Dead... Icons Canceled PLEASE READ!

So. Got some bad news. My Tablet finally died. It no longer works and won't come on for nothing. It took me 30 minutes to get it to work somewhat lastnight to work on a warm up icon before I started Streaming... Well For a quick 5 minute added detail and fast coloring. It stopped working completely... And I had to finish up the picture by Mouse.

So due to my Tablet dying. The Icons have been canceled... And I was REALLY looking forward to working on the new icons.. So what does this mean?

Well... First. To those who had commissioned a Icon will be Refunded. Unless you want a Traditional picture. Or I can give you the file to work on it yourself. Cause I can't do no Digital art now til further notice.

As for the Raffle? It's canceled.. I am sorry to those that had entered. Your prize was gonna be examples of the new icons. But there is no point in them now. I may hold a mini raffle to make it up to you all.But instead of 9 winners it will only be 1.

The Auction will be done Traditional. So that means it will be redrawn. It will be the same. Just Traditional.

To all the rest. I am sorry. I am doing what I can. But I will still do Holiday Commissions. Idk. Either that or just Preposes and auctions. Cause I don't want to over work myself. But I still want to do something for this year. So yeah.

Again I am sorry. :< And Idk if I will be getting a new tablet now. As what Sam told me. Ones he's finding is quite pricey. And if that's so. There is no way my parents will be able to pay for one. But if you read his comment on the last Journal: https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/4100947/#cid:30351692 Idk if ya want to help. I suggest to go speak with him and see what ya can do.

I got enough money to get Christmas for my parents~ So I want to thank those who had helped (Even though I may be refunding some) and on the two people I need to fix your icons for. I'll see if I can get someone to fix them up for ya.

But even though I got the cash. I still have some stuff to pay off XD Like my Feet Paws. I totally forgot about them and need to pay the other half for them  So I may still take some small commissions to pay those so I can get them mailed to me <3

So yeah. I think I can make Traditional Icons? Idk. But I'll give it a shot. If it works I'll do that then. If not. Well hey be a Test. But I guess this is all now. Gotta go to church. I'll link people here who have ordered a icon and give them a choice of a Refund or the File sent to them. Thanks for reading. And again I am very sorry..
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