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Fucking Fuck Fuckity Fuck fuck fuck

Piece of grimy shit eating thundercunt.

Now that the pleasantries are out of the way. I'd like to apologize for my obscenity.

It seems that you can't eat pizza if you're having a gout flare up. Which is what I did. And I set myself back another week at least. But now, thanks to ancient Greek Medicine, I'm taking Apple Cider Vinegar thrice a day. And it's working like a miracle.

Now, I'm a religious person. And I thank God that I've finally found something to combat my arthritis. Because this shit was getting rediculous.

I'd like to apologize to all of my loyal watchers. I will be back. Shortly.

I'd also like to thank all of my supporters for their kind words and their patience.

Just please be patient while I kick this ailments ass with my size 13 ICB's.

As always.
~Love and Peace
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Added: 6 years, 5 months ago
6 years, 5 months ago
Yeah...mom has gout, too and has to watch her diet as well.  It sucks big time but whatcha gonna do.  Take care of yourself and you'll be bouncing back soon enough.
6 years, 5 months ago
I've cut back almost 90% of my diet. Thankfully the gains of it are weight loss. But I'm going to miss out on eating all that tasty food. My Father was a professional chef. And now I can't even enjoy his fine cooking. I feel your Mother's pain, bro. Gout sucks.
6 years, 5 months ago
Wish you many health and good! *hugs you*
6 years, 5 months ago
Thanks Nex. I'm gonna come back with a vengeance.
6 years, 5 months ago
You could also try tart cherry juice, that can help relieve gout as well.

Have you gone doctor side for it? Colchicine can be a pretty effective control for gout flare ups, preventing them, but can't be taken during a flare up or it'll make it worse... I've suffered from gout before, but have gone flare free for over year now. ^^

Chances are it was sausage on your pizza that attributed to the flare, most red meats and spicy foods will. T^T
6 years, 5 months ago

It definitely was. Because it was sausage pizza. It was my nephews first birthday party, and we had this huge family thing at Pizza Hut. So I had some pizza and various pastas. (Which is also very bad for gout.)

I've tried tart cherry juice but it just doesn't work for me for some reason. I've also tried allopurinol. But never again. It made my vision funny.. As for going to a Doctor, I'm unemployed, single, and I have no children. So I have no way to get any medical insurance. The doctors around here are quacks, anyways. They'd want to send me to some kind of rheumatologist. And I just can't afford to travel..

Thankfully my grandmother is a wizard. And she was the one that told me about the Apple Cider Vinegar. And it knocked it out of me in only three days.  I'm waiting to save up some money so I can buy / build an Alkalizing water ionizer. It's basically a cure for gout to drink this water every day. And it hooks up under your sink so you never have to see it. This guy has one on youtube, and he's been flare free for over six years.
6 years, 5 months ago
Apple Cider Vinegar? What are you supposed to do, drink it?
Just curious. I have this lingering pain on my right hand that is driving me nuts.

Also, I'm sorry to hear you can't enjoy pizza. Life can be cruel in ways...
6 years, 5 months ago
I can still eat pizza when I'm not having a flare up.

If you're going to buy some Apple Cider Vinegar, make sure you look for a brand called Braggs. They sell it raw unfiltered uncooked with something called "the mother." That's the good stuff. It's like little bits of spider webs floating around inside. Those are protein and enzyme strands that are what's good for you. Should only be about five bucks a bottle. (And one 16 ounce bottle should last you a few weeks.)

Be warned, that it's extremely bitter. And do not drink it straight. Mix eight ounces of water with two tea spoons of Apple Cider Vinegar. And to sweeten it, you can mix in two tea spoons of honey. ( I drink it without the honey, though.)

Drink two to three times a day. I drink one glass in the morning when I wake up, and then again with dinner so it's about twelve hours between each dose.

Honestly, ACV changed my life. I don't have to fear my gout now. It's good to be free. Lol
6 years, 5 months ago
Can I mix it with a salad instead?
6 years, 5 months ago
Yes, actually. Salad is very good for gout. I don't know if you have gout, though. But there are TONS of recipes you can get for making Salad dressing with acv.
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