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A dream roster for mvc3

Now I'm very satisfied with what we got, But I can't help but feel that they could've done better. In fact the title "Fate of two worlds" it only used half a world of CAPCOM and half a world of MARVEL, I figured they use alot for each. Anyway here's my list of characters that could've been added in MvC3. Most of these names i won't detail futher because i know most of you know these characters. Or just look them up.


1. Leon .S. Kennedy (RE4)
2. Krauser (RE4)
3. Sheva (RE5)
4. Dan
5. Sakura
6. Ken
7. Megaman X
8. Guile
9. Soki (Onimusha Dawn of Dreams)
10. Nero (DMC4)
11. Vergil (DMC3)
12. Lady (DMC3)
13. Bass
14. Rush
15. Sigma (Maybe as a alternate boss because all 3 games always has a marvel character as a boss)
16. Strider Hiryu
17. Strider Hien
18. Nemisis (RE3)
19. Cody
20. Sieg Wahrheit (Chaos Legion)
21. Victor Delacroix (Chaos Legion)
22. Gene (God Hand)
23. Azel (God Hand)
24. Raven (Beatdown Fists of Vengence)
25. Sanada Yukimura (Sengoku Basara X)
26. Falcon (Power Stone) (I mean seriously! what does it take to get this character into another vs game besides CVS2 as a background cameo?)
27. Cammy
28. Frank West (Dead Rising)
29. Chuck Greene (Dead Rising 2)
30. C.Jack (Street Fighter EX Series)
31. Sagat
32. Protoman

And now MARVEL.

33. Venom
34. Spider-Girl
35. Omega Red
36. Nick Fury
37. Punisher
38. Beast
39. Cyclops
40. Warmachine
41. Rouge
42. Juggernaut
43. Gambit
44. Mr. Fantasic
45. Thing
46. Human Torch
47. Dr.Strange
48. Blackheart
49. Carnage
50. Silver Samurai
51. Ghost Rider
52. Iceman
53. Cable
54. Pyslocke
55. Silver Surfer
56. Sabertooth
57. Thanos
58. Green Goblin
59. Sandman
60. Abomination
61. Toad
62. Marrow
63. Blade
64. Shadowcat

This should be debateable. If you guys have any better ideas, be my guest.
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Added: 7 years, 11 months ago
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