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I must be some scary RP elitist. :x

Today I did one of the most terrifying things that any public role-player can do.

... I told someone I wasn't interested in RPing with them.

Now, this particular situation is different, because this person wanted to RP with me for a long time. And gosh, the character had everything I'd want, right? Big boobs, beautiful body, height, a somewhat interesting back-story... It seemed neat! And I was like, "I wouldn't mind RPing," and oh did I think I wouldn't mind!

But in the end... I dunno. RPing with this person was... boring. Something about it just didn't snag me and make me want to continue. They had all this character to bound off of, but part of the problem may have been that they didn't. They had all that back story just sitting in their profile, and nothing they ever did had any relevance to the character's origins or how that should have affected their lives at all.

But I think the big offender might have been what brings me to this point: I don't like being handed full control.

If I'm gonna RP at all, and someone gives me the reigns and says, "Here, we can do what you want," then... that's great. For them. They get to be lead along the whole time, and surprised by things. But in doing so, they're taking that same thing away from me. The action-reaction thing becomes little more than just the 'action' half for me, and that's just not fun.

I want to be surprised too. I want to react to the things you might make happen at any time as well. Many role-players have a barring idea that this can't happen in a single 'scene' - that control can't change hands at the drop of a hat. But it can! Oh God, it can. There's absolutely no reason why it can't!

I think it's why I tend to avoid completely dominant characters, or completely submissive ones. Or obvious rape bait. They want a scene to go one obvious way, and I find it too constricting. When playing with a total sub, when do they get to decide anything? Or DO anything that might make me go, "Ooh, that's neat." Likewise with a dom, when do I get to do these things?

Role-playing is a collaborative story effort. You do, at any time, have a say in what might happen. Just slow down and think. A reasonable way to make something come about will reveal itself to you pretty easily if you just think, "I want this to happen. How and why will it happen?"

... So, in the end, I told this person that I'd tried so hard to play with that they just didn't interest me, despite all efforts. Role-players are always so, so content to just sit there and not answer someone when they send a message simply because they don't want to tell someone the truth. I did that too. And I'm betting that the person in question can read this, and just might! So to them, I'm sorry. We just lacked that spark... and if we can ever find it, I'd be ecstatic.
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Added: 6 years, 3 months ago
6 years, 3 months ago
Tis understandable. It can be rare to find one thats on the same page and so on.
6 years, 3 months ago
Oi, I know that feeling.  Another thing that gets my goat is when people want to rp, but they don't have their character described anywhere.  Then THEY get disgusted and leave because I want to know what I'm dealing with.
6 years, 3 months ago
I like to think that's rare. o.o;;
6 years, 3 months ago
Hazards of trying to rp over Yahoo Messenger.
6 years, 3 months ago
That almost sounds like the character was 'ghost-written,' the desc and backstory designed by someone other than the player, and then handed over.  That's why I stopped helping so much with other peoples' desks back on the old MU*s; I realized that the text description was also a 'writing sample' of how the character reacted and responded in Rs, And I was giving other people my style when they did not know how to use it like their own.

I also agree about the back-and forth, that's one of the reasons this bird is somewhere between 'mad scientist' and 'wacky professor,'  That allows for power and focus to be passed back and forth in the scene as experiments/potions go horribly wrong, or terrifyingly right.

(Sekkrit msg for the mousie, I wanna go shooting up the borderlands with you again.)
6 years, 2 months ago
This is actually why I prefer literally collaboratively writing a story to rping.  Rps are fun for when you want to do little random things, and some people know how to make an rp entertaining (personally I wouldn't consider myself one of those--I have no clue what I'm doing half the time x.x x.x) but what entertains me most is making a polished story with the help of someone else.  It's a bit less immersive, yes, especially if there are things when someone ends up saying "I think that would work better if it had happened -this- way" or "Try rephrasing that, it sounds confusing," but in the end, it makes a product you can be proud of, rather than a one-time thing that's fun for a while but ultimately ends and is (usually) never thought about again.
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