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The concept of a School Days RPG

I've gotten quite a lot of mixed responses on this idea and concept.  For the people who are against it, I understand that the characters of School Days might have trouble fitting into the concept of an RPG, especially when it gets to the yiffy parts.  I do want to continue the idea of a point and click adventure game but I've been building up my skills to make an RPG.  And now that I have the ability to make a full fledged RPG, I really want to expand my knowledge and skills of it while I have the ability.

I have an original story and concept penned out already but I still have a lot to learn to perfect this craft.  It would probably be wise to make a game based on an established franchise first before doing something original and in depth.  It's no secret that I absolutely LOVE the School Days comic.  It really isn't the comic itself I like, but whole concept, characters, and the fact that it really can fit in almost any situation.  With the way it's grown I could almost compare it to the pokemon franchise in sheer size and popularity.  And for the past couple years I've been trying to make either an animation or game dedicated to it.

In all honestly I believe School Days can fit in either a point and click adventure, RPG, Mario like Platformer, Party Game, and dating sim.  Right now though I'm in the mood to make an RPG, especially something based on School Days.  The thing is though, I'm kind of out of ideas at the moment.  Plus I don't have the artistic resources for this game as well to cover the things that would need to be covers.

Here is a short list of everything that I would need to make this an awesome game.

Sprites of all the characters that would be involved - For example, something at this level of detail: http://www.spriters-resource.com/psx_ps2/lom/sheet/6303 but it wouldn't have to have that wide range of animated movements, just the basics to cover walking and showing emotions.  I was thinking of tracing the sprite in photoshop so they wouldn't look too pixelated but that has been a bit of a bust.

A story line to tie everything together - To me a story is always important to an RPG.  I had some interesting plot ideas in the past but I'm at a total loss for what the story would be about.  I'm also at a loss to wither the game should involve sex or not.  I totally okay with naughtiness in the game, especially when it could come to the attacks, but lately I've been wanting to do something more where people actually play it for the interesting story rather then the kinky sex.

I can imagine the game itself taking place within the confines of Pouncefield.  I remember seeing several maps people drew of the city and thought it would be an interesting place to explore and set up an adventure.  At least that's what I have in mind so far.

Music to motivate the battles and exploration - I have a huge list of videogame music but it would just suit the game better if it had it's own original score rather then using generic tunes everyone has herd before.  I have received a couple offers from artists to make music but I need to find the tone to the game first before persuing a soundtrack.

Those are honestly the three main things I would require to make an RPG based on School Days.  Art, Story, and Music is also kind of the reason I have so much trouble finishing any other project I've started.  The only reason why the "Babysitting Cream" game has been so successful is because of the support of not only a wonderfully talented artist, but extensive fan support as well.  Chances are though that this concept or idea isn't going to get anywhere near the support Babysitting Cream gets so chances are this concept probably wont get past the conceptual stage.

However if you are still reading this, and are interesting in providing support to see the game be made please drop me a line.  If you're a good writer, can make character game sprites, or compose music and are interested in making a game please give me a heads up.  I really think we can make this work, it just needs the right amount of TLC from the fans.

Thanks for listening and I hope to hear from you all soon.  ^v^
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Added: 8 years, 1 month ago
8 years, 1 month ago
Didn't you wanted to do a snowed in and a halloween storyline? Did you abort those?
8 years, 1 month ago
Hmmmmm....perhaps this RPG could be a prequel to Snowed In. Maybe detailing how the said snowball incident that Edna and Edward caused came about. Just my opinion...
8 years, 1 month ago
I'm a pretty good writer (nothing published on the internet, as I haven't gotten around to doing it, or typing it), I'm a not have bad artist (Main style is "Anime/Manga" but I am able to copy anyone else's style as well), and I am a musician (I've been playing quite a few instruments since early childhood including [but not limited to] Guitar [primary instrument], piano, Alto saxophone, Tenor Saxophone clarinet [secondary instrument], Violin, Viola [only some, as it is different from the violin], Cello, Bass, and Bass Guitar, just to name some. I have had lessons in 9 of those instruments, and enjoy every minute of all of it. I would like to contribute to story or art mainly.
8 years, 1 month ago
The story could tie into the snowed in plot where more than just Edna and the boy she'd like to yiff get trapped in the school and they try to survive against a group of older students being lead by an insane math teacher who is trying to take over the school.  The primary part would be trolling the school restoring the power and finding a lock the teachers master key can't get into so that they can keep him from shutting the power back off, finding food, and at one point finding a way to reach the outside world.  Hardly a pulse pounding RPG, but it would be a good chance to develop a few characters.  As for the 18+ aspect, if Edna is the leader of the missions i'd recommend you give her a chance to interact with other team members with her when in a safe room and check on how they're doing with the possibility of unlocking a fun little scene between Edna and the character she has the strongest ties to.

But that's all a suggestion.  You could also make it a hub-based mission layout where the tutorial mission is calling for help and finding out when the local forces can rescue you, and from there work on a variety of small missions to survive until they get there.  Or you could scrap that, make it a generic week of school leading up to finals time, an RPG with stat-building but no real battle similar to what you're making with Aval0nX, and present multiple endings based on how well you balanced studying, flirting, and just playing around.
8 years ago
hmm i dont think youl need sex in it because i find it entertaining just because it will be an rpg but adding sex in it will be a very interesting addition all in all i hope you do well and make a great school days rpg!
8 years ago
Short steps Avian, one at a time!

 Babysitting Cream didn't happen overnight, as you well know. I know you're amped up to make an RPG, but don't overwhelm yourself!

 First thing, you need a storyline.

Then you need sprites and the finished game engine.

Then you need Music.

The storyline is the hardest part. Coming up with something so detailed as an RPG is going to have a lot of issues with being true canon and realistic in universe. I'd suggest teaming up with Karavan himself for help.

The sprites aren't that difficult. Again, Karavan could help you with it, or several other artists here would be able to take care of what you need.

The game engine itself is more of a challenge, and it's what you should probably focus on most right now. You need to get a smooth running system with the ability to have detailed and complex interactions, where one event or interaction may change other variables that affect other events. Once you have the story planed out, you'll be able to map out your playing grounds, the sprites needed, the dialog, powerups and developments that happen, and you'll be able to stage them on the game engine more or less in order to make it easier to compile and troubleshoot. You really have to know what you're building before you can start laying bricks everywhere...

Music is the last part, and is more of a finishing element from your point of view. You can add it in pretty much any time it's ready, you just need to figure out what you need, and subcontract it out to be made while you're building the rest of the game. Basically, you really just need to find out what the story for the game is first. Everything else will fit together easily once you have the blueprints.

8 years ago
Well an RPG or dateing sim would fit this game perfectly so...why not do both.

Build and RPG game with dateing sim elemetns Hell persona did it very often, though I disliked the heavy time limits in the game. This will allow you to design a simple RPG engion and let the charicter development carry more waight in the game.

As for a story line I cant make any promisses but I could try a Paw and whiping something together.

As for naughtyness/not naughtyness. If you want to make a clean game make it with something else. Sex is a big part fo the spirit of SD and even fi the game focus on somethign ELSE it should be not only present but something you can participate in. ^^
8 years ago
It never hurts to ask the original artist krezz caravaan himself if he'd like to draw up some art for you for a game. I'm sure he'd love the attention this game would generate.

Also, the game is definetly going to need sex, seeing as the comics themselves involve sex.

So theres my 2 cents, take of it what you will
8 years ago
I am a fan of games like Robozou and multiple endings, but this of course means more work with several possible endings. A RPG combined with a dating sim work really well. Its just a question of the balance followed by a good story line. Once you decide what balance you want to aim for example 20% dating : 80% RPG or conversely 80% dating : 20% dating or what ever in between will pretty much govern the story line, size of the map and content and possible ending or endings including possible sexual content.

IMHO BSC is 95% dating/sex scenes : 5% RPG to find the extra content. Once we know what you are looking for then I'm sure plenty of your followers will be chomping at the bit to throw suggestions for a story line at you. (myself included)
8 years ago
So what you are saying is that you only need, Everything!
I'm sorry dear, but in all that you are lacking, it would be easier to state what you have.  What you have is the drive to make a game, I can respect that as I have been there myself.  Unlike me, you have moved past RPG Maker 2000, and are making them in flash, but still, your total game creation skill is equivalently "code monkey".

If you want to make a game and be able to call it yours, you need to come up with the key elements on your own.  One game creator on RPG Maker 2000 made an entire game by himself using stock music and only lightly modified sprites; I say he takes ownership because the story and uniqueness of the game play was his own creation.  

I told you before that I like School Days, but I can't realistically see it as an RPG, because the key to an RPG is the development of the story line for which the comic is directing, and would not seem new unless you splinter it, hard. If you insist on making a school days game, make it, but not as an RPG.  However, there are many half-stories out there where people come up with parts of ideas involving the same chars, but not a direct story as to how they came to be that way.  Kiffen for example has this whole world for which we can see on paper, and snippits of story that happens over time, but not a clear understanding of how it progresses.  Also you could continue stories that were never officially finished like Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars.

Many musicians, would love to have their music featured in a game where they are given credit.  I seem to recall a pool entitled, "Free Gaming Music."  If you put forth the effort to look and ask around, you might find musicians who would even write something just for the game.  

As for sprites, well... Aren't you an artist?  If not, you're not going to find someone who is going to do all that work for free.  As a flash programmer, you might want to consider learning this skill.  Quite honestly, this is the exact problem that eventually squashed my interest in game making.  I know it's not fair to have to work so hard on both programming and art, but that is why game makers are so rare in the fandom.  On the other hand... There may be some artists who will team up with you in exchange for your programming soul (as in, they will want games and/or favors for their work), but again, you are going to have to go looking for them.  Try searching for game sprites on IB, and you may find the artists you need.

To sum it all up, you can't rely on everyone else to do the work for you and expect to remain in charge of the project, take the initiative, and put real effort into your work.
8 years ago
I can assist with the music score if you need some. I know you have other offers but I'm just throwing my advertisement out there for a shot. ^^

Amateur at best, but I think you'll like some of my works, if you are interested :3
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