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Alright people, I just can't keep quiet any more.  

Back on FA, there was a section for poetry.  I am not big into poetry, but I appreciate the arts, and tried to look above the common unappreciation for poetry, but VERY often I was disappointed by many people just vomiting vocabulary all over the page.  I try not to attack people who try, but many persons who poetried lack the understanding that poetry is about the creative organization of emotion through words not the schizophrenic disorganization of yelling about how pissed, depressed, or in love you are.

This is a problem I have seen in music as well.  I really don't remember when I started listening to furry music on sites, but I think it was after I bought Sub Level 03's Elements of the Paw album.  I didn't expect the majority to be as good as them, but I certainly didn't expect the near complete lack of creativity in musical selection.  Why is it that the majority of music on this site are remixes quickly followed by techno?  I like techno, but trying to bust my eardrums with mind numbing beats is not techno.  I like parodies and mashups, but these remixes are pathetic and very dry to say the least, and worst of all for the majority of musical submissions, there is no voice, AND all of the instruments are horrifically synthetic.  

I believe the problem in both cases are that people are not giving their whole self to their art.  I have written ONE poem that I have released to the public and I worked on it for over a week to ensure that every line was exactly how I wanted it to be and invoked the same emotion even when I was in a different mood.  There are many artists who do not need to enter into the refining process, but their ability to jump to the finished product comes from practice not impulse nor the diluted high of finishing a work.

I would love to lash out at each of these low level artists with the same statement, but on the off chance they get over themselves, I don't want to have said something that would make them quit, but still It's frustrating trying to enjoy the broad spectrum of the furry arts when for the most part the purity of effort deteriorates the further it branches from the focal point of drawing.
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Added: 8 years, 1 month ago
8 years, 1 month ago
I'm not that much of a poetic reader myself, but I can understand where you're coming from.  It seems that most of the music now a days are, as stated, focused on techno styles and odd mash-ups that probably won't work together.  However I'm not sure if any of these poets and musicians have a big ego about it.

As far as I know on FA I can possibly think of one "Over the top" music techno artist and he's not on IB.  He use to have really good remixes of video games, mash-ups, and sincere originals of his own despite the style.  But now it's just a totally different style that I just can't follow anymore.  There's also another one too, but he's a cool guy though regardless of his silly acts on youtube.

As this kitty's is somewhat a musician himself, I normally think of interesting mash-up or funny music memes just to be silly.  I know that I may lack the fullness of some of the songs and remixes, but I can take some critique.  As far as the n00bs and low level artists go, I say give them some advice on how they can make music and poetry actually mean something.  Unless you know they're complete pricks about it. ;p
8 years ago
It used to be that I would comment on everything I saw: art, poetry, stories, and music, and for something I didn't like left a critique.  Multiple "artists" got very upset at me for not loving their works for what they were.  This happened so often that I asked many of my friends to view the work themselves, explain how they felt, and tell me if my comments were inappropriate.  I was told there was nothing wrong with me, but that these people just had their heads up their asses.

The worst part is one such "artist" had been talking to me for months then said, "hey listen to my new techno" and somehow this guy managed to make a nice soft rock sound into a ten or less word bass-raped ear drill.  I tried to explain this blasphemy and he hasn't talked to me since.
8 years ago
Yeah, reminds me of this past MFF.  Most of the dances were awesome but there were a few that the base was blaring through nearly that major section's walls of the convention.  It'll probably be some of those artists too.
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