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To those few people that actually look at my journals, I want to let you know that I have still been writing. The reason that there haven't been many uploads here lately is because the commissions and other stories that I have been writing involve humans in sexual situations – no under-aged humans, just humans – and that's against the rules to be posted here on Inkbunny. If you want to see them, stories that include werewolf transformation, a mansion that transforms intruders, and a few others, then you can check out my Furaffinity and SoFurry galleries. The SoFurry one has a good bit more stuff to see – since it doesn't have the restrictions that FA does – but FA still has a good bit of my works.

Anyway, closer to the point here.

I am going to be continuing my writing, and since I've been able to put out stories every 1-3 days depending on length, I can pretty much guarantee that at least some of them are going to come here. If you want to influence just what kind of stories are going to be written, you can commission me, as I'm almost always open, and I have very little on my commission list right now.

If I don't get commissions, though, I am going to keep writing anyway. The question is, what?

I have two big options once I reach the end of sequels that I can do for non-commissioned works in my gallery. I may have explained them here before, but I'll do it again in case I didn't or the journal was too long ago to remember.

The first would be called Skyrim, Arga's Story. It would be following an Argonian playthrough of the game Skyrim, a good bit naughty at times, but still with a series of continuity and a decent plot. Considering calling him the Shoeless Sorcerer, but that's still just an idea mulling about in the back of my mind.

The second would be called Winds of Steam. As you might guess, it's an episodic series of adventures in a Steampunk furry world, usually following this small group over the skies of the East Coast of the USA, the Atlantic, and Europe. The world is a good bit different, and the maps have been re-written. It would be less naughty than the other, but still occasional bits of it.

So, hope this updates you all, and that you can give me some opinions on which you'd like to see.
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