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Art from Others in This Gallery

I think I will address this issue, not because I have nothing better to do (which I have things to do), but to "perform housekeeping".

a lot of the pieces in this gallery come from other artists.  it this bad?  no, not really.  because unlike many, who have galleries that have only art of this manner in their galleries, or in seome cases empty galleries period, RUInk puts in pieces done by your friends/hellraisers of RUInk:  there is talent put into the gallery from self-stormed ideas.  yes, folks have said that I "need to do more art", it's in process, but I'm not gonna be a biggot about what is here and what will go in here.

some people who skim through the ruink gallery find eyecandy of my associates and they don't like me for that.  I won't say who they are, since I'm not a dick, but I already knows the folks will be mad.
other people who skim through the ruink gallery and credit me for the stuff that wasn't drawn by me (including comic pages that I only wrote and not drew), I let them know this person did the art and to tell them how you like/hate/love it.
the rest of the people who skim through the ruink gallery just want to know why I put stuff in it that I don't draw.

so here's how my gallery sums up:
stuff that I pay for will go heare because it is money well spent.  so hell yeah, I will place it here for folks to see; stuff I get from streams goes here because it's how I not only inform people of certain artists that you don't know about, but also to promote artists that I said I would.  I keeps my word and makes it so that I don't lose face; any of my jointventure works will go here because I had my hands in the ingredients, adding or preparing the dish.  I'm involved in it, so of course I'm gonna do that; and finally, the stuff I do goes in here because it belongs here for you to see, just like the rest of the stuff.

"TL:DR" you say?  that's sad.  people should read more anyway, it'll help you spell better sometimes.
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Added: 6 years, 5 months ago
6 years, 5 months ago
Money well spent it is. Once the art is your, you can do with it as you like, and if that means publicly displaying it, then by all means - share!
6 years, 5 months ago
i for one am humbled that you took some of my pics and colored them =)
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