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Christmas Free Art Contest

Well its that season again, sadly I much spare to give gifts to friends and family, but I do have time to spare to give some gift art for all your amazing support these past couple of months.

Since I cant give everyone free art, I'm going to have a contest! Winners will get a free illustration done by me. So this chance to get some custom artwork all those who normally can't afford to commission me.

How do you enter?

In the comments section below, simply choose one your own original characters, then pick one my original characters, and then add a paragraph or two describe scene and why would be awesome for those two characters to pair up. Make sure you pick one your own characters and not copy righted one, also make sure the character you pick from me is one my original and not commission of someone else character.

You can enter more than once, picking a new character each time.

To make it easier to read please use the following format

Your Character's Name (link to image if you have one)
My Character's Name (link to image)

Descriptive text of scene of the two characters

Descriptive text of why that scene would be awesome


December 2nd, Sunday.


For every character of mine that has at least ten entries, I'll pick one winner! Also I'll pick one winner among all the entrees for characters with less than ten.

If you like to share this contest in journal please free to do so, but its not required in order to enter.

Here are some my characters that you choose from

Estrid Pool Wallpaper by RisingDragon
Estrid Pandra by RisingDragon
Want to play? by RisingDragon
Preferences: Adult males and shiny gems
Current Number of Entrees: 8

Jane's Sleepover Party: part 1 by RisingDragon
Jane at the Beach by RisingDragon
Preferences: Male and Female, cub or adult. Jane tends be more in control with cubs, but submissive with adults.
Current Number of Entrees: 6

(no submissions...)
Preferences: Male or female, anyone that both be dominate with
Current Number of Entrees: 3

Sventar by RisingDragon
Sventar, the Dark Dragon  by RisingDragon
Sventar and Daughter by RisingDragon
pool: Sventar
Preferences: Strong females capable of breeding, that he could potentially submit.
Current Number of Entrees: 1

[smallpool]13778[/smallpool] Preferences:  Anyone who would enjoy exhibitionism, not necessarily sex.
Current Number of Entrees: 2

Characters with only one entry so far:
Aldrasya, Mia, Midori, and Trya

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Added: 6 years, 5 months ago
6 years, 5 months ago

Jane and Kailee get it on for the first time in a theater (scene alluded to in Jane Interlude)

Why would this be awesome? I'll be honest. I really, really want to see Jane on Kailee's big horse dick. Cubs are nice, but they can't fill a girl up!
6 years, 5 months ago
It's a good idea. Unfortunately my current character isn't exactly on the same page about what others would consider to be a good time.

I've got some other character that are currently in the planning stages, but they're all human unfortunately...
6 years, 5 months ago
arineu name  

Estrid name
Estrid Pandra by RisingDragon

arineu and Estrid are playing twister
Peeled arineu penetrates her with his penis
making the game more enjoyable

by twister that would be fantastic and fun ja
imagine with the two naked in a hot scene fantastico!
that if the world did not end! hehehehe
6 years, 5 months ago
ops maybe the world does not end XD

obs :  Twister is a game of physical skill produced by Hasbro.
6 years, 5 months ago
Liontaro https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=110780
and Tyra https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=255426 OwO

maybe liontaro forced to pleasure her doggystyle pulling him close by his shirt her mouth widely open and her tongue hanging out telling him "is that all you've got?!" or something like that xD
both still wearing their clothes, maybe a little bit ripped apart looking like they had a fight (that she won lol)

why? Tyra looks like a tough fighter girl and there isn't really a picture that shows this dominance that would make her so sexy pretty well. It would be a shame to see such potential wasting away. We need more pics of her! xD
and also liontaro has a thing for tough girls >w>
6 years, 5 months ago
only one of mine damn XD gotta think who would be best..
6 years, 5 months ago
Jewel https://www.sofurry.com/view/466469
Estrid https://inkbunny.net/poolview_process.php?pool_id=11621

Estrid waking him up on christmas day with a very special gift, and getting one herself.

I'll be honest and say that i Jewel loves kids a bit more than he should and that i would love to see how you would draw him.
6 years, 5 months ago
I might have a few, depends on what i've got on my mind.

but i'll post in different bits, see what tickles your fancy.

My Character:Min-Lei https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=89440 (Not a image, just a description... Wish i had an image or two. :D)
Your Character: Estrid (obviously. such a cute little draggy)

"Usually, Min-Lei is a total bookworm and seemingly a recluse. But she does like to hide up in the attic, and dig around in some of her fathers old stuff. To better learn who "he" really is.

Imagine his surprise when she ditched her usual look to look like John Lennon, with his flowing hair and dark glasses. Seems like she found a friend in Estrid, who was apparently was doing a similar Idea..."

Why this scene would be awesome? Rock and roll, for one; has never faded in my eyes. And as the world moves forward into a distant age, I seem to find a strange sort of peace in the good old music. Second, i don't have a lot of... anything, really; to display my characters with. Third, i think this would be a pleasant experience, to find out if you like doing something different.

I hope to hear back from this, i'll post a few more later, if that's acceptable.
6 years, 5 months ago
Charles the Vampire Wolf




Jane Doe

Charles really want to have some fun with Jane, Since he do love deers and I Charles to accident drop in On Jane durning her matting season since she trying find a mate. So I want her riding Charles wolf cock.
6 years, 5 months ago
Sventar and Alyssa

Sventar and Artemis

or Kael and Estrid ^^
6 years, 5 months ago
Your Character's Name - Majin ( The bat eating the apple https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=315868&p... )
My Character's Name - Shila and Siku https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=326813

Majin strayed to far from his own tribal grounds and ended up wandering into Shila and Siku's territory. Seeing that he would be too clever to fall for many of their traps they simply added a piece of fruit to bait a pitfall trap. Majin who is a sucker for fruit, finds the baited trap but realize that there was something odd about the formation of the leaves. Being cautious, Majin latched onto the tree branch, reaching down for the piece of fruit and snagging it safely. With a grin, the fruit lept off the tree and landed safely but his victory was caught short as the twins pounced the unsuspecting bat as if they expected him to evade the pitfall trap. Tying some ropes around his wrist and to his back, the two took him a bit deeper in the jungle but they stopped suddenly near a big tree. With a devious smirk Shila offered him to please her in exchange for his life, however he had to preform well otherwise the deal was off.

She turned to sit against the tree while Siku hooked a claw into Majin's tribal garb, ripping the side so it would fall off. It was now life or death for the young tribal bat.
The scene pretty much is Majin thrusting deep within Shila with his arms behind his back but at the same time Siku is pushed inside of Majin not allowing himself to be denied pleasure as well, pretty much forcing Majin to thrust into Shila by using his own less than gentle motion.

I don't see many tribal themed things nowadays, there are some but not many at leas to my eyes. XD I just thought it would be interesting to see the two get mixed with each other. While Majin is a skilled hunter himself, to those two he's still consider prey and this is one of those moments where Majin let his stomach get to the best of him. As a result, he's being taken advantage of by the two against his own will, being used as a little batty toy when all Majin wants to do is go back home.
6 years, 5 months ago
Ten year old Popi
Roxanne (Lilly can join too. Or just watch.)

Popi and Roxanne laying on the ground rubbing slits together, each with a flush face with embarrassment. Lilly sitting near by, blushing and watching with her hands over her mouth.
6 years, 5 months ago
My character Ryuki


And Jane Doe.

Jane was set up to meet a friend of one couple she babysits for in the park. Once they meet, Jane quickly finds out that Ryuki isn't female...but a herm. And a gifted one at that. They head to a secluded spot were the doe is "forced" to suck Ryuki's cock, right in the middle of the park. The thrill of getting caught spurring them on to soon have Ryuki balls deep into Jane's ass for a start. Both moaning hotly as the doe was rutted harder than a feral in mating season. And to Jane's shock, and pleasure, Ryuki's cock seems to get thicker, really stretching the woman's ass. A devilish smirk comes onto the dragon's face since she knew one thing that jane didnt once more...she can change her cock size to suit her, and her partner's, desire.


This would be an awesome one because not only would Jane be fucked in a public place, but get to have her limits tested by a size altering dragon cock. That alone would make a size queen such as herself quiver.
6 years, 5 months ago
my character J https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=143636  together with Estrid.

Every year little J helps out to bring presents around the town to all the good and naughty cubs. Since Estrid was a very good girl she is getting a big present.
Estrid is riding on J's cock, taking hold of his gear, which is wearing. In the back is what Estrid allways wanted for the whole year, but never did get it, because it was said to her that she would be to young and to small for it. She is smiling very happy, enjoying not only the ride but also the fact of the awesome present that was given to her. J looks quite exhausted, but is holding out. His fur is a total mess.

This would be awesome because it shows how deep the joy of Christmas can go. Also it shows that Estrid can hold out longer then some would expect from her.
6 years, 5 months ago
Lets try this combo.

Ryuki https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=157602



A sulking Ryuki is forced to babysit her neighbor's child, Estrid. Sighing she goes over, having had to cancel her date with a very promiscuous bunny girl. She had saved up her cum for a week in preparation for this, but now she would be pent up. She had no idea that Estrid would be just as naughty as the bunny. After about an hour of watching the little girl, Ryuki had to go relieve herself...and not of urin. She goes into the bathroom and strips her pants off, freeing her already hardening cock. She begins to stroke herself, moaning and rubbing her heavy balls, not knowing Estrid was watching the obscene sight.

Sadly Ryuki can't cum, something was just missing. Estrid knew exactly what the older dragon needed...a nice warm cunt to pump her seed into. The little dragoness slowly crept into the bathroom as Ryuki was distracted. She grinned and stripped, hopping onto her lap. She was shocked but soon moaned in pleasure as she felt a very tight pussy wrap around her cock. Needless to say her lust takes over and she begins to fuck the child with earnest. This soon leads to Ryuki pumping a heavy load into Estrid's pussy, making the child swell slightly from the sheer volume of the load. Both are sated...for now. Only time will tell what the rest of the night holds for them


This would be a good one because Ryuki has no problem with cubs. She has been with her share of them, cubs to her are just people who like to enjoy themselves. But of course a cub like Estrid would be a real treat since she doesn't have sex with other dragons as often  as she would like. Plus..this gives Estrid the chance to be the one in charge.
6 years, 5 months ago
Cassandra and Carrie:https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=332939 (another description, sorry/Prefer to just use Cassandra, unless you want to put Carrie in as well.)
Shila and Siku:https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=326813

"Being a Herbalist isn't easy, especially when you need the right stuff to help the right people. Sometimes, you are forced to go to the farthest places to get the right medicines. Unfortunately, no one ever expected to find a cure for anything out in these seemingly prehistoric lands..."

Cassandra gets scared by a large snake, and she tries running away. She trips over a exposed root, and begins cowering for her life, when a net springs her up into the air. Turns out the snake was actually Shila and Siku, getting crafty. They bring her back to their camp, and put her in a primitive cage, cutting the bonds on her hands. She tries speaking, but it doesn't do much. She then uses some primitive sign language, which they get... for the most part. She explains being a "Healer", able to help people. She suggests a trade: Having their way with her body and helping their sick and wounded, in exchange with free passage and herbs from the Isle.

(And if you decide to get Carrie in this as well, he gets roped by his feet trying to attack the snake; and "Helps" seal the deal with Shila and Siku)

Reasons:Not many, mainly just an idea off of my head. And hopefully agreeable.
6 years, 5 months ago
Ed - http://sofurryfiles.com/std/content?page=367784 -
Estrid - https://inkbunny.net///files/screen/341/341572_RisingDr... -

 Now as much as I'd like a sweet yiffy pic of me and her I think I'm going to go with something just sweet instead. Since this is a X-mas sorta give away , Me sitting with my back up to the foot rest of a couch or something and Estrid seated between my open legs. I'm leaning down a bit & giving her a soft kiss on the cheek saying Merry Christmas as she holds up a necklace like this -- http://www.solilor.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/i... --
Xmas tree or fire in the back ground XD if theres a back ground

 I think this would be a cool idea to do because it show estrid in the light of what she is , a little girl , rather than just a little vagina attached to a body XD. I like her , not just the fact shes cute and sexy. So I'd like to have her shown a good time without needing to fill her void, I mean that may come later , but for the pic I think a nice X-mas morning of gifts & warm cuddles would make her happy. then we can go play in the snow XD
6 years, 5 months ago



Zoe hiding naked behind the counter of Mitzi's shop, eating out our beloved shop owner ;)

Poor Mitzi definitely has a thing for cubs, but she's always been meticulous and careful not to do anything that could actually bring the law down on her. That is, of course, until your little red panda sneaks her way into the shop and figures out a way to help Mitzi with her.... frustrations. Two characters that both deserve a little more time on the canvas. Public lesbianism. Nudist cubs. What could be more awesome?
6 years, 5 months ago
Changing this entry to:
Young Mitzi
Young Jill

Awesomeness was established in chat. ;)
6 years, 5 months ago
My Hans Bernerholdt + your Jane Doe

Christmas morning, Jane comes to visit, and Hans just has to show off the sexy, girly clothes that Melanie and Ryan got him for Christmas! Naughty Jane shows the cross-dressed boy puppy unique ways to enjoy using overly large candy canes on each other! (With the plastic wrap still on the candy canes. I seem to recall peppermint sticks and sensitive tissues don't mix well.)

Jane is always awesome, especially with a cub to play with.
6 years, 5 months ago
(Pic with Hans and Jane)
6 years, 5 months ago


Mia (Jerboa girl)

Cherry and Mia in the pool, with Mia's bikini pulled out of place as Cherry fingers her. Cherry is nude, bikini floating nearby.

As with Mitzi/Zoe, a great opportunity to give two girls with only a single pic some more canvas time. Little Mia seems shy, and Cherry is just the sort of openminded girl to introduce her to . . . new experiences!
6 years, 5 months ago
My Ryan Kelley

And your Jane Doe

Jane helping Ryan to put the star on top of a Christmas tree - by having the puppy girl stand on Jane's shoulders. And Ryan is not wearing panties, and is in such a perfect position to lick!

It would be awesome for Ryan to meet Jane, and learn a little about girl-girl fun!
6 years, 5 months ago
My Karl Bernerholdt
(Hans' 32 year old dad)
+ your Jane Doe

After doing a fantastic job of taking care of Ryan and Hans while Karl and Melanie were at a Christmas Party, Karl gives Jane a very personal 'tip'. Just about any sort of sex scene between Jane and the adult male Bernese Mountain Dog, such as giving Karl a BJ in the kitchen, while clutching a fist full of cash...

I'd love to see more pics with Jane and an adult male. That would be awesome.
6 years, 5 months ago
Your Character's Name: Fibonacci - https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=270822
My Character's Name Jane

Descriptive text of scene of the two characters:
It would be Fibonacci sitting with her leg's open with Jane kneeling between them licking at her pussy. Fibonacci would have her tail wrapped around Jane's upper thigh letting it rub against Jane's sex.

Descriptive text of why that scene would be awesome:
Because I've had the idea of something like this since Jacinth's story of Fibonacci with her char Nikki. Since then I've had this idea of Fibonacci tracking down Jane after her fun with Nikki and getting to know Jane better.
6 years, 5 months ago
Your Character's Name: Rakai - https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=270836
My Character's Name: Zoe

Descriptive text of scene of the two characters:
Rakai works as a tutor on occasion. As a special motivation for her current pupil Zoe she'd be between Zoe's leg's listening to the cub answer various questions as practice. Each correct answer would get the cub some licks at her sex.

Descriptive text of why that scene would be awesome:
Just because the Tutor/Pupil scenario is cute as hell.
6 years, 5 months ago
Your Character's Name: Diana - https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=278465
My Character's Name: Estrid

Descriptive text of scene of the two characters:
Diana is an extremely shy mute herm character. I'd love to see a scene of her and Estrid in a changing room at school. Estrid will be forcing herself onto Diana kissing her while they're both in their underwear with Estrid pushing her hand down Diana's panties.

Descriptive text of why that scene would be awesome:
I'd love to see Estrid in more of a dominant role taking charge with someone she likes.
6 years, 5 months ago
https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=312178 Samir's around 7ft tall btw( https://d.facdn.net/art/paint/1313721062.paint_boys.png Giovanni's penis is the only anthro reference i can find for snake penises  as well as this IRL pic http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3425/3236688722_d8a75f6... )  REF

     As far as jobs went, this was an odd one.  Samir wasn't hired to steal something of value, or to eliminate a target.  Hell, he wasn't even to kidnap someone.  He was simply to sneak into this... Well, they call it a keep, but it really looks more like a rough-dug mine.  It's large, no denying that, but it definitely lacks the refinement that one would put into a castle or other structure.  It was no trouble, with the dim light from widely spread torches, for the highly trained and experienced cobra to melt into the shadows, quite literally, by using his family's special magic.  
     His job was rather... simple, this time.  Find the one, Aldrasya, and... ruin her.  Hurt her, beat her, do something.  Someone had been both unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of the dragon Sventar's fury, but fortunate enough to survive.  Unfortunately though for Samir, this person was also foolish enough to seek revenge.

     As Samir explored deeper and deeper into the caverns, the carving and the skill of the construction became better and better, with more and more care and detail.  With the straighter corners of the walls, the lighter colors of the decorations, and the lights, getting closer together and much brighter, his sneaking became more and more difficult.  But... as his tongue flickered, tasting the air around him, it didn't matter.  He had found his target.  The scent of female sweat, young, but strong, sweet, with the signatures of feline but a faint reptilian scent as well.  
     Aldrasya felt the doors of the training hall opening before she heard the heavy slam, and felt the wind at her back.  Her ears flickered back as the faint sound of footsteps move behind her so far away they must be just entering the room.  Swiveling around on her heel she would bump into a huge barrel chest, the steps quiet from skill and not distance.  As she looked up, stunned, all she could see was the gaping maw full of shining white teeth.

    The battle begins.  She punched at him skillfully as her mother taught her, but his writhing body and soft blocks either sent her lunging overbalanced or simply moved her sideways away from him.  He didn't attempt to hit her, just continually used trips, blocks, and a few soft throws, obviously playing with Aldrasya, making her more and more frustrated as their play battle continued on. Finally as he threw her sideways, she found his rhythm, and using the momentum of his throw rolled on dragging her spined tail across his body, gashing through his dull black leather armor, rolling on and coming to her feet behind him to rip at his back with her claws and spines.

     The battle ends.  As suddenly as she gained the upper hand, his foot rose to mule kick her mercilessly, sending her flying across the room and slamming into the wall, landing in a slump gripping her slender chest and coughing, trying to shake her insides back into their proper places.  Through hazy eyes she could see him pulling his belt buckle, which only now she realized looked very much like a handle... and she felt it, the razor blade of his ribbon sword barely slitting at her skin, over and over, making pain like a papercut in dozens of different places.

     "WHY ARE YOU PLAYING WITH ME!  FIGHT OR END IT!"  She screamed, defiantly, hatefully at her anonymous attacker.

     The snake would just smile toothily as he began unbuckling his armor, letting it slap the ground as he dropped it in pieces, and she realized finally, that he was rending her clothes with his sword, and she was left now completely exposed...

6 years, 5 months ago
I could see the picture either picking up at this very moment, where she's looking up at the naked, looming figure, or have it be where it's right at the end, right before he orgasms with both his hemipenes inside her pussy, presumably breeding her(that's the method he intends to fulfill his mission).
6 years, 5 months ago
Second this!
6 years, 5 months ago
Characters would be: Coldpaw. & Midori (both are in the same image.)>> https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=281646

Image Description

I know i had already got a request whit her but still i was so pleased whit it I desire
a second time out whit her, this is my main idea: she already had me cowgirl pose
so I'm looking forward to have her on the doggy style lets make this a night scene
her pretty flat chest pressed against her bed, wearing her pajamas as her pants are
pulled down all the way to her knees and her pantie also but a little more up just so
you can see it also, as I'm over her standing pressing the hard arousal against her
(anal or vaginal is ok what ever) holding her by the hips she looks over her shoulder
whit a pleasureful expression on her face, while I'm whit my tongue hanging from one
side of my muzzle looking down at her whit the same pleasurable expression on my face,
pajama colors and bed sheets color are under your choice also, maybe put some
plushies over her bed or make her hug one tight as I'm mounting from behind.

why would the image would be awesome?.
Common who doesn't like doggy style?
its the most epic yiff pose of all time in the
furry world. also if i won a second time
that would be so freaking awesome too.

hope to win a second time i don't think I'm that lucky but still
and if i don't well keep it up and keep it kool!.

thanks for all.
6 years, 5 months ago
This one is for a new Andrewsarchus( http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_tG7iGI46Vfk/TKpCr63hBYI/AAAA... ,  http://www.bluelion.org/images/Andrewsarchusartforweb.jpg ,  Typically 12 feet tall at the shoulder, so i imagine he'd be huge lol) character, Tapiwa(African name means Pillager/Ravager) to be with Shila and Siku.  

     The twins stalk through the jungle, checking their traps here and there, as they always do.  Unfortunately, for the past few days all of their traps have been tripped, but woefully empty.  Well... Woe isn't EXACTLY in the repertoire of prehistoric emotions, but more like.... A ragey frustration every time they see the bloody mud underneath their nigh destroyed traps.  As they come upon only the latest sprung-but-empty trap, Siku runs up blatantly, and stops at the ground, yelling in their language at the tree angrily, almost as if blaming the trap itself for allowing itself to be robbed.  Shila laughs at him as he stabs at the tree with his spear, punishing it futilely for its indiscretions.  

     In the blink of an eye everything turns upside down for Shila as a trap similar to theirs grips her ankles.  She growls and yeowls at her brother, who turns and laughs at her, pointing at her.  He ignores her cries for only a moment, before everything goes black.

     When Siku awakes he is hanging upside down by his ankles, his wrists tied tighlty to a heavy rock, holding his body outstretched as he sees the largest, most terrifying beast he's ever seen with his whole maw wrapped around his sisters body, hanging from her wrists with her legs sticking out the corners of his mouth as she screams for help.  


     After Tapiwa had knocked out Siku, he had tied Shila's wrists and drug her by the crude rope through the forest to his lair, the mouth of a rather shallow cave.  He thew her down, leaving her to watch as he suspended Siku from a tree branch, and walked over to her, licking his lips hungrily.  She could see as he squatted before her his immense balls hanging below his loincloth, and still peering through his legs she could see a pile of carcasses.... THEIR CATCHES!  Shila glared up at him and began jumping, spitting, biting at him even as she was tied, yelling to him giving him every curse they new for the giant thief.

     Tapiwa only smiled as she struggled, enjoying a more lively catch for once.  He gripped her wrists and lifted her up, watching her thrash and spit at him like a wildcat as he tied her up to another nearby tree and stepped back, wondering what to do with her.  A chill ran up Shila's spine as Tapiwa's long tongue washed over his huge white teeth, the smallest of them being as big as their any spearhead.  Then he looked at her, a grin growing on his long wide mouth, as he walked closer to her and took her legs in his hands, spreading them wide and wrapping his maw around her, his canines landing right at the bottom of her sternum, and his tongue grating roughly across her tight lips.


     Siku can see his sister struggling against Tapiwa, trying to kick or pull her way loose, but the beast digs his teeth into her belly and back, making her whince in pain and relent her struggle as he continues to tongue, his buldge pushing his loincloth to the side, where only Siku can see what his sister is in store for.  Yelling, fighting, struggling against the ropes, Siku can only watch as the massive Andrewsarchus prepares his new toy for his massive member.

     Hearing the boy's struggling and fighting behind him, Tapiwa can only wonder, "what's he fighting for?  I haven't even started on him yet..."
6 years, 5 months ago
kevin https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=289663

with Jane =p

Kevin is blushing and has his boyhood all tied up with a red bow. He's offering it as a present to Jane. She is trouching it or has just finished licking it, and little Kevin has just started to climax for her. Possibly into her open muzzle.

This would b e a cute pic because it's a sweet gesture of Kevin, since he knows how much Jane likes to enjoy young boys.
A reverse of this if you prefer could be jane offering herself, kevin could be sucking her right or left breast while she paws him off or while he humps into her cunny.

with Estrid

A similur scenario only Kevin Breeding Estrid missionary style, she has her legs wrapped around him and her claws on his back. while they do it under the Christmas tree or beneath he fire. Ribbons and bows are optional. This is a sweet pic idea beocuse it illistrates the both of them giveing each other a special gift.

Alternatively if you prefer a pose that shows both faces off perhaps a bit better Estrid could be rideing cowgirl style on top of Kevin. Still infront of that fire by the tree of coarse. I still think gift wrapping is a nice touch here.

6 years, 5 months ago
OMG man!  This is such an awsome idea. But I'm gonna bow out. None of my charecters have artwork for them since as far as artistic talent mine is sadly totaly confined to words. Can't even draw a stick figure worth a crap, lmao. Besides most of the charecters I've dreamed up for the sotry I'm writting are nothing more then names, only a few even have a species or colors chosen yet so youd have little to nothing to work with.

But will still be watching to see how it goes. Love the idea, congrats in advance to the lucky winner and good luck to all.
6 years, 5 months ago
my raccoon girl paired up with estrid. i think you already know my story but if you want ill post something here. oh and my alex is the only girl in my gallery so far so yup XD
6 years, 5 months ago
sure go ahead post a snippet, like the scene you would want illustrated the most.
6 years, 5 months ago
oh and if more than one entry is allowed ill enter for sventar the dragon as well.

Estrid started to laugh a little bit as the guy she was on top of began  to moan  and work his way in deeper exclaiming how much fun this was.  she even told Alex that if she didn't feel up to having sex in front of her she didn't mind taking her guy from her to let her relax.

Alex, while still annoyed that one of the guys were more interested in the kid she was babysitting felt a spark of competition ignite in her at the words the little dragon said and pushed her buy on his back starting to ride on him faster and faster causing her small breasts to bounce a bit leading the guy to reach up and start to rub them and pinch the nipples getting a moan to escape from her lips while she moved her tail  between his legs to tickle his balls while she made sure to do everything she could to beat the little dragon at the contest she had construed to exist in her mind.

as for sventar i have a little bit of a different idea. once again only if allowed.

Sventar looked upon the wreckage of the building that had collapsed a few days ago. the small island didn't have people coming to it regularly so it had been left for three days in the heat of the sun before he decided to take a look at the results. He could smell it almost right away. the smell of death and decay, but there was a little bit more. he smelled fresh urine in one small area of the rubble. it seems that someone must have survived and he intended to see who it was. even if it was just some worthless building worker surviving the collapse proved in his eyes the persons strength and if it was a female he saw no reason not to take her as his.

it didn't take long for him to move away the rubble and find a barely concious raccoon girl under the rocks and steel. her cloths was ripped and bloody and soaked in the smell of urine. she looked up at him and started to thank him for saving her, but he cut the words short as he ripped off the tattered remains of her cloths. he informed her that she had survived and proven her body strong. she didn't seem to comprehend what he was saying until he ripped of her pants. she tried to get away, but between the three days she had lived through and his natural strength she stood no chance. right there on top of the rubble and corpses of those she knew she was raped. the apartment that she had thought kept her safe and sheltered her was now gone and in its place a beast who sought nothing more than to use her body to breed his offspring. a reward as he put it for being strong enough to survive.
6 years, 5 months ago
Lots of good entrees so far, I already have a few favorites but I'm going to resist commenting on each entree, until after the contest is over. I'll still answer any questions that pop up.
6 years, 5 months ago
cinder the orange fox https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=316951
 with jane
cinder wearing a santa hat  useing a candy cane shaped vibrator on jane and licking her clit

why awesome its Christmas themed
6 years, 5 months ago
my cub self Antonio Daysleeper (Ant):

Shila and Siku:

the couple caught the young winged fox roaming around at night seeing the kit roaming around without clothing like how I usually am they figured to have some fun with him and force him to pleasure them as punishment for being in thier area without anything on (was thinking of being sandwitched between the two.. unless you dont think Siku wouldn't like humping young male kits butt then I guess he can have him blow him like have me pinned to the ground Siku straddling my muzzle making me gag on his member and Shila can be riding on my bone)

why... I think a night humping pic would be awesome, haven't seen them with any males.. preditory cats do some of there best hunting at night :3 and I dont think I had gotten art from you. Lets take advantage of me! wee! hehehe :P
6 years, 5 months ago
Lestria: You have my F-list Refs ^^
Aldrasya: https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=323802

Falling into the room like a loosely lobbed snowball through an open window, the squirrel pops up to their feet and briskly brushes the layer of snow off their fur before it can melt. Other than scent and dim light, the black stranger was lost in the snowstorm, driven to the trees for cover when it started. Aldrasya, overtrained by her mother -again-, awakes exhausted. And, expecting surprise training of some kind, she rolls off her bed naked, obviously young, still in a fog, she tries to strike a defensive pose with an apparently numb foot or thigh as she wobbles there. "This is stupid, after sparring untill I faint, half a meal for losing, now you're just dropping in to beat me some more, and they insult me with a weak assailant, you pissant squirrel!".  The squirrel seems to take a good moment of thought, looking the girl up and down and finding she's fit and pretty, but truly worn to a thread, she had no intention of doing anything except saving herself from the blizzard, but all rodents are opportunists. She sweeps off a long leather cloak to reveal her rapier and pistol, which are also tossed aside with her belts, a little wary, but not surprised that she's not attacked since the whelp thinks this is 'class'. "Hardly a pissant in your state, right? Your teacher thinks you could have done much better, from what I see I think they're abusing you. But My opinions don't matter when I'm sent by someone else, I'm fast and acrobatic and win through repetition. Frankly, I'd rather just spend a few hours in here, and say we both fought to exhaustion. You need rest the most, in my trainer's opinion, I'd rather sleep with you comfortably than have to rape you after a beating. Without being told who you are, I have to assume you have rank over me, it's your choice? I truly can embarass you in your strate, I don't understand the purpose of it, but you can tell me to carry-on, I wouldn't mind trying sex with what I see. As a hermaphrodite, I imagine the insult is doubled.", the squirrel crouches and brandishes her claws, "And truly, I'd rather just warm myself against you."
Aldrasya, now a little more awake, seems to detect that something is faintly amiss with a strange squirrel that has no idea of the mark she wears on her lower belly, not particularly dumb herself, she would like to guess it's a complete stranger who was only looking for heat, but she can't understand why you'd climb a wall in a storm to a third story window. "You had me untill rape, 'lady', my lord would have you and my mom slain over that much." Still steadfast in her stance, the offer not to fight could have been a bluff. But the squirrel relaxes to bow deeply with a showy flourish of her tail, "Lestria, and I am guessing now it will be easier to believe that the snow's so bad I was traveling though the boughs of trees, I could smell then see the firelight  in your window. I'm glad I hit tapestries instead of glass." Aldrasya doesn't relax much other than to put her paws down, only realizing now it's a blizzard outside, "You travel by tree boughs in the dead of night with a storm for cover and happen to find the -one- tree nearby tall enough for you to vault yourself into my bedroom? I'm dreaming or you're some daredevil ranger with a death wish." The squirrel actually brightens and bounces on her big feet, "If you drop the death wish part you're almost spot-on, but truly, if you look out the window, you can't see the courtyard below. Once lost, I just keep moving rather than freeze to death. I may be trained, but I'm not for hire, so since I don't know you from a hole in the snow, I've no ill intent towards a pretty crossbreed girl with some kind of owner's mark. Unless the offer to lay with either a slave or owned wife could be seen as a threat?"

Awesome 'cause you can go to a rape after a fight scene or near romance in bed from here?

6 years, 5 months ago
Yes Please! Tell us more.
Keep in mind Aldrasya can't simply let a intruder go unchallenged, even if their not hostile.
6 years, 5 months ago
Can we give you a general idea for the scene and let you have control over how it is executed because I would like to comical Christmasy death scene?
6 years, 5 months ago
general ideas work. Though if don't feel the theme fits for the my character I I won't consider it.
6 years, 5 months ago
One last question does the second character needs to be defined at all since it would be a death scene with Tyra? If they don't have to be then I was thinking of Trya building a Christmas theme Rube Goldberg death trap of some sort. Maybe it works maybe it does and the guy dies in some other silly manner that just pisses her off.

Tyra https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=276640

6 years, 5 months ago
One more idea:
My Melanie Kelley with your Jane Doe.

For a picture of Melanie, start with her daughter Ryan Kelley (who you've already drawn)
, and then make her a 22 year old adult, with her hair in a pony tail and an adult size of 5'3" tall, 115 pounds, 38-28-38 figure, with firm C-cup breasts. Melanie's markings are the same as her daughter.

Any sort of Lesbian scene between Jane and Melanie would be great. Possibly the two of them in a 69 together, in front of a fireplace, with Christmas stockings for Melanie, Ryan, Hans and Karl hanging from the mantle? I'm thinking that Karl and Melanie, who celebrated Yule with their family and got handfasted on Friday Dec 21, might well hire Jane to babysit on Sunday, Dec 23rd, so they could attend office Christmas parties at Karl's and Melanie's workplaces. (In fact, I'd like to make that plot idea part of an upcoming chapter of The Secret). When they get back, Melanie thanks Jane for gently teaching Ryan about girl-girl sex play.

This would be awesome since I don't have any art at all yet for Melanie, and it could also illustrate another scene for The Secret.
6 years, 5 months ago
My char. Mark Jameson,  8yo bernnie pup, just discovering his sexuality. no link, no art yet but i doubt youd have problems with him.

your char. Jane Doe  (who else could it be?)

scene: well like I said he is currently your basic garden variety virgin, just now exploring sex (though in story line with boys first, haven't gotten to the girls yet.....)
so pretty much a blank canvas for ya.


why would this be awsome;

1st, would actualy give me some art for the little guy,
2nd, would make a good tie into the story line ( oh hell, i gotta pitch that idea to RD)
3rd, ....... oh to hell with this, pick someone else, I gotta go and do a rewrite for the possible intro of girl/boy sex to mark to see how i'd work this idea in, laterz.
6 years, 5 months ago
Estrid and Talon
My Fursona Reference Sheet by talon2point0

Talon and Estrid at a bus station in a less populated area while it's raining. Estrid had been sitting there for some time till Talon walked by, trying to warm herself with her breath. Talon sat down to accompany her and has her sit in his lap to stay warm. Estrid pulls up her skirt and asks her to "make me warm down here." And pulls out Talon's cock enough so they can have sex without rousing suspicion.

This is awesome cause it's more then a little naughty,  having a little girl ride your cock out in public.  Also,  it gives insight to how lonely Estrid can be when the weathers bad and no one is around to shelter her.
6 years, 5 months ago
Popi (ten year old)
 and Zoe

Popi had been playing in the park. Her sister Ross had taken her and her sister to play, but once Alex showed up Nini had no more interest in playing with Popi. No one on the playground wanted to play, so she wandered off onto the trail. She skipped along, not really going anywhere in particular till she saw a pair of clothes neatly folded off the track. She herd a girl giggling, and investigated to find a red panda climbing a tree. She asked her why she was naked, maybe not to get her clothes dirty? The Red panda responded, saying that was part of the reason but also it felt good to be naked in public. She told Popi to try, daring her to catch her. Popi eagerly agreed, and stripped down and scurried up the tree. The panda climbed from tree to tree till they ran out of room, right near the path. Popi caught her, and they both laughed. Their laughter attracted some teenagers who tried to stop them,  but Zoe mearly hung upside down from a branch and teased them. Popi grabbed Zoes legs to make sure sheexh didn't fall but also spread her legs to show off her pussy and stuck out her tongue.

 Exhibition, flashing, public nudity, teasing, and two innocent and dirt covered girls. What could be better?
6 years, 5 months ago
I guess I'll give it a shot..
it would be me (Shadow)
and Estrid (Edit: or Tyra).
I'm not going to win, so I'm not going to put the details, though I do have an idea of what I want to happen.
6 years, 5 months ago
Saiya https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=262092
Shila and Siku

The young kitten, Saiya, ventures out on her own finding herself admiring the venture. On her little adventure, she spots herself a tasty morsel along an abandoned path, a peculiar looking lizard.  She pounces but to no avail it skitters off into some rather strange vegetation. Curious the little kitten peeks inside and to her eyes a gleam finding herself a new, or rather prehistoric jungle. Pushing herself more into the vegetation she realizes that the drop down was rather higher than expected, and unfortunately she has found herself in a hole, full of leaves. Strange you may ask, cause on further examination it would be known that this is a rather common trap, but without any dangerous spikes and in its place a soft landing.

Moments later she hears a purrish growl, as a shadow envelopes what little light she has left. She looks up and sees another cat. One strangely defined, with rather large canines, it hops down. The saber cat grabs a hold of Saiya and on further inspection she realizes that this cat is male ready to do something naughty, he turns her around and holds her closer and begins feeling her nether regions, his penis pressed up against her back.  She looks up and sees another saber, smiling. The male saber lowers her shoulders and presses her to the ground, raising her butt into the air. He begins prodding her pussy, then soon he penetrates.

I'd love to see two tribal type kitties going at it.
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