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Springtime for Ponies

I'll paraphrase here something I posted in a forum for collectors of traditional MLPs concerning a local cinematic release of a collection of FIM episodes. Some responded in a negative 'Ewww, but think of the Bronies who might be there' way. I said that it should be appreciated by all MLP fans if only for the cinematic experience. Those are very, very few and far between when it comes to cartoons on TV. We live in a fortunate time and should make the most of it while it lasts. Being a part of other "dead" fandoms, this one is special right now for being so very alive and expanding. Sure, that can bring problems, ie. the worst excesses that are being attributed to "Bronies". But it's better to have a growing fandom than a shrinking one which can only play  'remember when....'
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6 years, 1 month ago
" Some responded in a negative 'Ewww, but think of the Bronies who might be there' way.

Sounds like those people are not aware that we Bronies are drawing a clear line between 'Brony' activities and artwork, and the 'Equestria After Dark' things.  For those who may not understand the distinction, use the 'old time video store' analogy (from the era before the big-name chain stores took over).  The local video store had all sorts of videos, and everyone knew what sorts of videos you'd find if you went past that curtain into the back room.  Those who did not want to see 'those' videos simply avoided going into the back room, and EVERYONE worked to keep the kids from peeking behind the curtain.  

We don't deny that FiM is getting Rule 34'ed, but we all agree that 'Equestria After Dark' topics and artwork are not for the kids, and and we shield them from that stuff as much as possible, bot even talking about EAD when the colts and fillies are within earshot.
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