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Game Loyalty

I might upset someone by this (on a journal where I talk politics and opinion all the time, go figure).

There is no game that's better than any others when you announce it by saying, "In my opinion..."

I've been contemplating this a lot recently. I've been a member of a few different guilds on several different games/mmos. I've seen the gamut of games and have my likes and dislikes and the things I'm okay with putting time and effort into. Not to mention playing a game with people who actively remember I even exist (thank you Wake of the Horde for showing me how NOT to do that).

I play games to have fun and enjoy others' presence. If I don't want to play a massively multiplayer online game with a group of people, it's likely because I'm either not having fun or feeling completely overlooked/left out. I may have written a journal on this "not one of us" feeling I've had about things that are popular in the past, but it's still there; it's devilishly hard for me to play a game that I know friends are playing AT that point and they want little or nothing to do with me or are busy with their own friends. Not that it's really any fault of theirs (some of the time, anyhow), but I...don't really just want to be yet another number in the roster.

I *do* want to matter some.

That being said, I understand that people are loyal to their games. That they feel a pull to some genres/franchises that isn't there with others.

But I also fully know that you can never say "My game is better than yours," without having played mine either and have it hold credibility.

When you come right down to it, many games these days have commonality between them. Things they do to hook you in or keep you playing. The allure of that next level, that awesome piece of gear you've been jonesing after, that really sweet challenge you've worked hard for, or even just beating the damned thing in the first place, even if it's with someone else watching and is for their benefit. What IS a good conversation is stating how things are different. What is NOT is stating how those differences automatically make your game better.

This is only said to establish dominance and superiority over others. Yes, it can be said in jest...but I'm lousy at understanding when someone is pulling my leg. Likewise, I'm lousy at getting others to know I'm pulling theirs. That being said...

Your game is not better than mine. Mine is not better than yours. Have all the reasons in the world, but in the end, they are simply being used to fuel your opinions. At the end of the day, I play or don't play something because I am either having or not having any fun. And the same goes for you, whoever you are.

Maybe I'm just tired, but I'm kind of worn out from gamer superiority stemming FROM game loyalty. It's stupid. Battlefield or CoD. WoW or GW2 or TOR. Solitaire or Pinochle.

They're just games. Like, don't like, your choice. But your choice isn't automatically better than mine. Mine isn't better than yours. Get it?

Yeah, I'm tired.
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