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I'm back + Commissions available!

I have returned from my trip out of town and now I'll be back home for a few weeks until I go to Albuquerque for Christmas.  Speaking of which...I could really use your help in raising some funds to assist me with getting there, so I decided to open up story commissions here.

Commission Information
(As of 10/14/2012)
NOTE: Since this is the first time I've asked for commissions on Inkbunny, I will have discounted rates for the first five Inkbunny commissions I receive! (This offer is ONLY good on Inkbunny, normal rates will apply if you ask me for a commission thru FA).

Here are some basic rules for any type of story commissions (WARNING: If your suggestion violates any of the first three rules, I may not reply to your message!)...

M/F or F/F sexual pairings only (I will do M/M pairings to some extent, but not without at least one female present.  NOTE: This rule may be subject to change in the future!)
Copyrighted Characters and/or characters belonging to other artists are not allowed! (exceptions: Pokemorphs, Fan Characters (I.E.: Sonic-style, MLP*), The character you want to use is a love interest of yours, or using other people's characters WITH their permission.  Non-anthro Pokemon may be allowed if they have unique characteristics from the rest of their species.)
There are certain types of kinks that I will never ever do (I.E.: Piss, Shit, Vomit, Guro (Mutilation), Vore, just to name a few).  If you are unsure about whether or not your particular kink is among these, ask me first before you make your request.  (I will do Cub, but I will not do young cub.  In other words, if the character is younger than Tails (we'll say 8), don't bother asking me)
While I will try my best to get your story done as quickly as possible, please note that it can be hard for me to think at times and I'm operating on a limited schedule (which is why I'm only doing up to five commissions at a time).  Therefore, it can take a while for me to complete your story.
*: Don't spam me with a whole bunch of MLP:FiM stuff, please!  Just because I would be willing to do it doesn't mean I want to do just that, I want some variety in my story production, dammit!  (Besides, I haven't watched the show nor do I care to.  Plus, let's not forget that the Hasbro characters are NOT allowed in commissioned stories)

Now then, here are some of the things you can ask for.

NOTE: If you wish to be in a story with me, Charlene, Melissa, Hope or Eva you will receive a $2 discount off of the total price. (The story will be told from my character's POV, unless you otherwise state it)
NOTE 2: If you wish to have the story told from your character's point of view (instead of 3rd Person which is the default)...add $2 to any base price
NOTE 3: Since the Inkbunny discount is currently in effect, the "using my character" discount will not apply until the Inkbunny discount ends  Prices shown are discounted prices

Basic Story (Non-linear): $3 for up to 2 scenes and up to 3 characters (normally $5)
add an extra character: add $2 to the base price (limit 2 extra characters)
add an extra scene: add $2 to the base price (limit 2 extra scenes).  WARNING: If I feel that the story is getting too long, I will split it into multiple parts and if this happens I will add $2 to the base price due to extreme length.  I will give you advance warning if I feel like this could be an issue.

Linked Story (2 parts...in case you feel like one isn't big enough): $7 for up to 2 scenes/part and up to 4 TOTAL characters (normally $10)
add an extra character: add $2 to the base price (limit 2 extra characters total)
add an extra scene: add $2 to the base price (limit one extra scene per part)

Mini-series Prices
3 Part Mini-series: $10 for up to 2 scenes/part and up to 5 TOTAL characters + BONUS $5 Story for free upon completion (normally $15)
5 Part Mini-series: $18 for up to 2 scenes/part and UNLIMITED characters** + BONUS $5 or $10 story for free upon completion (normally $25)
add a character (3 part series): add $2 per extra character (limit of 2 additional characters)
add a scene (either mini-series type): add $2 per extra scene (limit of one extra scene per part)
**: Don't go nuts with this, otherwise the story will become too complex for me to work on and I'll have to add $5 to the base price due to difficulty (plus I may also institute a limit in the future).

Mega Series (You can do as many parts to this story as you'd like me to do, as long as I keep getting paid, I'll do it for you!)
Minimum Investment: $12 for the first three parts then $3 for each story thereafter (every third story after the first three will be on the house!)[color=][/color] (normally $15 for 3 and then $5 thereafter...discounted rate will apply to all subsequent stories you purchase with this option as long as you reserve it while the Inkbunny discount is in effect)

What you can choose: In each story you can have up to 2 sex scenes with an option to add a third to any story for $2 more

The Rules...

You can have up to 5 characters in the first three parts and add up to three more in subsequent stories with no extra charge.  If you wish to add a character over the three freebies, you can do so for an extra $2. (there is a cap of 10 characters total in this type of commission)
Payment for the first three parts is requested at the time of purchase...after which, you can keep adding onto the series for $5 per part until you feel like you've had enough.  You pay for individual parts one at a time, rather than in bunches.
After the first three stories are completed, if there are any additional non-linear stories in my commission list that need to be done, those will get worked on first before I work on any additional parts to this series.  So, if there's a line, you may want to wait a little while before you ask for more parts.

How do I make my request?!!

Send me a PM and I will read it when I get the chance.  As long as it doesn't violate the first three rules I listed above, I will get back to you with more information to help find out what exactly you'd like and then send you an estimate of total cost.  Then, once I receive your payment, I will get working on your request as soon as possible.  Payments are accepted through Paypal and I will send you the address to deliver to once I send you the estimate.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Inkbunny discount will apply to the first five commissions I get here (unless there is a lack of interest).  After the five discounted commissions are completed, rates will return to normal unless I decide to have another discount.
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Added: 6 years, 5 months ago
6 years, 5 months ago
Hi again Cprime,

First off, welcome back :D
Secondly, kinda broke atm, else I probably would have commissioned you!
Thirdly, looking forward to what you / other people come up with :P

6 years, 5 months ago
That's alright...if you do get the funds and still want to ask me for something, feel free to let me know.
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