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Turkey Based Journal

Well. It's the day where USA citizens sit around our houses, make and eat lots of food, and say what we're thankful for. (And the next day we kill each other to acquire inexpensive things we don't have in a deadly ritual called 'Black Friday' XD) Time for a journal.

FINALS ARE OVER!!! FFFFFFFFFING HONORS CLASSES! Word of advice: don't sign up for multiple honors and AP classes unless you have absolutely nothing else to do like chores and such.

So, besides that... Other stuff. Tuesday I was pressured to audition for a performing arts thing. I did so, and now I'm in. I didn't even try, really ^^; But due to the swim team and other things, I know I will have to decline them.

Speaking of which, swim season starts Tuesday the 27th. Practices are from 4 to 6:30, meaning I won't be on before 7 pm earliest 4 days out of the school week. Wednesdays I plan to go to the morning practices that happen from like 6 to 7 am. Yeah... I hate how all the water sports at our school happen in the freezing winter so we have to exit practice wet in to the icy world outside. (Not THAT kind of water sports, BTW!)

So... In some other news, I think I found my patron saint: Padre Pio. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Padre_Pio I'll need to look him up more, but if my mom likes him, then I will trust her. Mayhaps I will pray to him for an answer if he wants to be my saint.

Speaking of religion... Remember the thing about the church and my abilities? Well, I had no reason to fear. They just want me to make sure I will only use them to do good for Him and not let satan get a hold of them. Well, those weren't their words, but that's the oversimplification. Also I'm not allowed to use them during religious church functions and in holy sites and all that, but I already figured that.

Anyways, on to a different subject. Here's an awkward moment from yesterday. Two girls are discussing something and I'm there minding my own business with music, and they summon me over. I'm like: "what's up?" And one of them is like: "Settle something for us. Are you gay?" I just death stared her for a second, and was like: "No. Why does it matter anyway?" And apparently there's a list of people who have heard slash spread a rumor that I was. They're incorrect on my sexuality. The follow up question was if I was straight. At that point I just left.

And another awkward moment from a week prior. I'm admiring this girl's shirt, the design, and she slaps me, thinking I was staring at her chest. I was a bit angered, but cooled down quickly and calmly explained I was just admiring her shirt's graphics. She covered her front and asked what was on it, and I answered with accuracy. She then asked me some other questions about clothes to see if I could be trusted to observe clothes without being pervy. She apologized for slapping me, told me I have an interesting understanding on women's fashion. and we had a minute conversation on clothing, and now I know a new clothing store exists in town (with clothes for both genders)

Hmm... These two may be correlated... But is it causation? :shrug: who knows.

Anyways... Trimester 2 is starting Tuesday as well. Classes include: stats, psychology, bible lit, music theory, and stuff. It's going to be an easy an fun trimester. I mean, what better a class for a person of my skill set than these? If there was a biology based class, this would be the best trimester ever ^^

Now for some other things. Um... My mom and stepdad are better towards each other and now I no longer get to ignore him. But due to swimming starting soon, I no longer have to cook all that often. Did I call it or what?

What else?... Also... My house is clean for the first time in months! It was a constant effort throughout the weak by everyone, but it's clean. All in time for my cousin to come last night ^^ And my stepdad did something I never thought he would do: finally repair our couch. I was out all day since school ended yesterday helping him finish it.

Also... Does anyone know if there are addictive chemicals in upholstery adhesives? ^^; if so. I think my stepdad should monitor his new employee. Cause he overuses glue and such, even on jobs where it isn't necessary.

ANYWAYS... My cousin is here. As well as my brother's godmother, her husband, and my little cousin who LOVES thomas trains, is 4, and is more bilingual than me TT.TT I wish I could speak both English and Spanish. But, I'm stuck sucking at both languages... Well... Could be worse. I could be unable to understand any languages.

Well... That's pretty much it... Finals over, music, swimming, religion, awkward stuff, school, family, work, other family. Want to know more about the goings on of my life? Well, I'll tell you maybe other times. Well, I am out.

P.S.: I realized how little I draw Gabriella anymore ^^;
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Added: 6 years, 6 months ago
6 years, 6 months ago
quite an eventful day~!
6 years, 6 months ago
Yeah. Quite.
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