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Things I'm greatful for!

This has been a pretty crappy year so far, witch is sad considering there’s less than two months left of it!

Yet even in a crappy year there’s always SOMETHING to be happy for!

So here goes in no particular order!

I am thankful for:

My Van still running!
I am serious I bought this poor old beast off of Craigslist two years ago for 400 bucks, and it has over 300,000 (It’s gone around once sense I’ve had it!)  and when a new car is something that the idea of affording is right up there with winning the lottery, the fear of a vehicle breaking down is down right scary!

Still having a place to live:
I have been staying with my sister WAY to long, and the sheer fact she and her family have the patents to deal with me is a blessing with in it’self!

Family in General:
My family has always been there to help even when they are all over hundreds of miles away some how we always seem to help each other out!

I don’y know why but it always takes years to make friends in new places, but I have met more Furrs this year than any other time I’ve been up here in Washington, and the other thing is most of them are pretty cool and hang out at the drop of a hat… when they can LOL.

My Girlfriend:
Yeah this is the first time I’ve ever gone as far as saying “ok you are going to be called my girlfriend” and while things aren’t always easy (reality can be a horrible little bitch sometimes) I still feel that some how I’m little more complete just for knowing someone so awesome! I mean I think she’s pretty cool she’s into My Little Ponies, Pokemon, and Avatar…

So she’s indeed pretty awesome!

Selling Art:
Even thought money has been the tightest it’s ever been for me I have sold MORE art this year than almost in my 8 years of posting art and four of selling commissions, I am the closest I’ve ever been to actually making a living with my art than ever before!

Every one!

Yes Every one! All people From My Mom, and close family. To friends and my GF who have given me rides to Fur meats and have been close and helped me, to any one who’s even bought a silly cheap sketch, or an ATC, to even any one who’s so much as given me a supportive word…

Thank you all I know that I may not act appreciative but I truly am,

                                 A person who truly dose not deserve the kindness the world hands out
                                               But is still really happy to know he can still receive it!
                                                         Aaron Renk A.K.A.
                                                          The Burning Donut
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