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Lets write a cub story

Lets write a cub story just for fun. ill start it off.

Diego stands in the locker room alone. toweling himself off after still wet from the shower. as he finishes up and puts on his undies, he hears a noise.

Where would you like this to go next, you guys decide. post what you want to happen next. once you post, the next person continues the story from where the most recent comment left off. i don't plan on really doing anything with what we come up with, i just thought it would be fun to see what yall come up with. oh, also don't make your entry too long, you'll know when you may have typed too much :3. take care. and enjoy your holidays.
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Added: 6 years, 1 month ago
6 years, 1 month ago
his best friend Randy enters the locker room n sees his buddy Diego in his undies "oh hey Buddy" Randy saids. Diego blushes hard for the fact that his best friend saw him in his undies.....

I'll stop here :3 (btw I written cub stories if u want to read them ill send u a link to them if u want :3 )
6 years, 1 month ago
Diego sees three boys from his class, Rejinaldo, Thiago, and Braulio standing, nude already, and looking at him.  Thiago looks down on him from behind the other two, the tallest of the three and probably the tallest in their grade.  Although obviously some type of feline, no one could really tell what Thiago was; with pointy inward curls on his eartips making him always look slightly malevolent, and a slight mane around his neck in a very dark brown that contrasted against his tan fur.  Although it would be easy to say he was a lion with weird ears, he was quite tall and lanky, with toned lithe muscles.  Thiago looked down at Diego with his piercing yellow eyes, licking his shiny black lips as the buldge in his sheath twitched.

Rejinaldo was smiling toothily, his webbed hands tightening and loosening in anticipation, light beads of anxious sweat dripping down his slick oily fur, and his tail whapping the tile floor slightly.  His grey-blue eyes glistened hungrily at Diego, his tongue wetting his lips suggestively as a hand crept forward to cup his own sheath and stroke slowly, just enough to show Diego his impressive(at least in his mind)  size.  "Hola, chico guapo!"  He would elbow Braulio's arm and smirk sideways at him, chuckling out, "Apuesto a que no puede esperar a que nuestro pequeño regalo!"

Braulio, didn't seem as enthusiastic as his little friend, though.  The middle-sized member of the group, Braulio was broad, not near as tall as Thiago, but normal for his Bordoga heritage.  His Mollosser lips and droopy ears always made him look somewhat melancholy, but his tail always seemed to give him away.  Though staying quiet, trying not to look SO enthused as the little otter, his tail still whapped his thighs.  He would quietly say, "¿Tiene que ser así ... directa?"  

"Sí Braulio, Rejinaldo es correcto. No queremos que la niña se confunda, ¿verdad?"  Thiago said calmly as he walked up to Diego, who backed up away from the intimidating(if only for his size) feline.  That is, backed up until a metallic clang told him he had hit the lockers, and he could only look down a the floor as a shadow enshrouded his body.  "Vamos a tener un tiempo muy divertido, ¿verdad Diego?" Thiago would whisper down at him as he pressed his body against Diego's, his well developed(despite his age) package pressed against the smaller cub's chest tightly, it's scent wafting into Diego's nose slowly, making him blush slightly, and swell a little bit in his briefs.

"Sí Thiago! vamos a tener un montón de diversión con la putita!"  Rejinaldo cheered his larger friend on, just before Braulio smacked the back of his head, almost hard enough to make him fall.  

"Cállate, Reji ..."  Braulio growled out quietly, as a hand reached down to his sheath to stroke himself unconsciously.

Rejinaldo smirked, looking down at his canine friend's sheath.  "Estás pensando lo mismo que yo, perro droopy ..."  He pointed down at the dog's crotch, looking up at the cieling innocently as the dog growled at him and snarled a little in frustration.  

"Al menos sólo ser agradable sobre él ..." The dog would quietly growl out in defeat as the otter rolled his eyes.

 "Sí Thiago! vamos a tener un montón de diversión con la putita!" Thiago heard his over-enthusiastic otter friend cheering him on from behind, and his long tail would swish behind him as he ground his package against the smaller boy's chest.  "Vamos nena ... darle un beso ..." He would purr/growl out, his voice seemingly making the whole world shake, at least as far as Diego could tell.  

Diego could see the tip of his cock pressing from the sheath, and he felt large fingers running through his shaggy hair and pulling his head down toward the bare glistening flesh.  "Yo... Yo... no..." Diego would whisper, mostly to himself, his cheeks blushing bright and the scent making his mouth water.  His mouth would open, almost on their own, and wrap around the glistening flesh, slowly pushing his own h
6 years, 1 month ago
head down to unsheath the spined feline cock.  The taste was... overwhelming, to say the least.  Despite his size Thialgo was still an 11-year-old, with an 11-year-old's hygiene.

Feeling Diego trying to pull up, Thiago held him down, growling deeply at him, "Límpielo ... el mal gusto va a desaparecer pronto y te va a encantar ..."

Diego moaned and growled on Thiago's cock as the older boy's precum flooded his mouth, washing the sickening bitterness away, leaving him with the salty taste of male flesh alone.  Diego purred and began bobbing his head, letting his small tongue lap against the spines and tease them.  

Thiago was losing it already, his balls beginning to tense up, Diego's teasing and suckling lips feeling better than any girl he's felt before.  The he felt two little soft hands begin sliding up his thighs slowly, tickling his sensitive body, then dissapearing.  For a moment he felt nothing, and just as he began to notice they were gone, he feels two soft hands cupping his balls, squeezing lightly and tugging, massaging his sack.  

Diego smiled around the thick meat in his mouth.  Knowing that in a couple of minutes of oral, this cat so much older and twice his size was at his mercy.  The final touch, he would push his nose into the older boy's crotch, breathing his scent in a deep breath, taking the spiney cock down his throat, and doing the impossible... purring... Vibrating Thiago's cock from the inside out.  Then he felt it.  One, strong, large pulse, from the balls pressed against his chin, pulsing past his lips, over his tongue, and down into his throat to his belly.  

Feeling that purr sent Thiago over the edge.  He felt his orgasm shoot from the soles of his feet pads to the tips of his ears, his legs trying to come out from under him like he was just tackled by Ronaldinho Gaúcho.  He would grip Diego's hair roughly and yank his cock out, spraying his thick seed all over the cub's face and in his beautiful hair, roaring into his arm as he ground roughly into Diego's soft face, rubbing his cum into his cheeks and shooting a few more weak shots into his curly hair.  

(just read the instructions and realized im a complete derp.  do you even want me to cont?  i'll do so in a sub or a note if you want.  Im sorry i fucked up this journal ^^;;;;;)
6 years, 1 month ago
6 years, 1 month ago
I knoooooooooooooooo ;n;  I suck.  Im sorry i didnt read.  you can delete these if you want, and repost the journal.  Im sincerely sorry.  also, happy turkey day.  *gives stuffing*
6 years, 1 month ago
no, i enjoyed it very much.
6 years, 1 month ago
Would you like me to try and finish it, and post it as a submission?
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