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5 Year Anniversary with Kep

This is something that I don't think either of us ever expected to happen. Especially in the beginning with how things were going. We were even joking a little while ago that it hasn't been that long because both of us block out the first few years of our relationship. ^^; But at the same time I know both of us couldn't be happier. We were even talking about a bunch of these things last night while we were playing Black Ops 2 and MW3 together. Though a lot of that was also comprised of me bitching. ^^;

But it's just still funny how we just happened across each other on here and things just clicked since the beginning. Then less than a week later we got together and things just rolled from there. He still tells me how I'm really the only reason why he rolls out of bed every day. And I know we both say we're both the reason we still go on every day. I know we've both had our problems, even if we don't admit it, but at least we've worked though most of them. Even if we still drive each other crazy. ^^;

The main thing that I know surprises a lot of people is that we're still doing the long distance thing after all this time. Though as I've told other people I'd still rather plan this all out than just jump at it and screw both of us over. Though that chance may be finally coming up in another few months. By the sounds of it me moving into that house is more or less a sure thing. And once I'm settled into that I'll be working on getting things set up to get Kep here. Right now from what I've been thinking it would probably be easiest, and maybe cheapest too, to fly him and do the POD thing to get his stuff here. If that ends up being what we do I'll fly down there and help get things set up. Then I'll fly him and his dog back, along with me, and ship his stuff here. Either way when it gets to that point I'll be asking if anyone would be willing to help donate to it. Because I know it's not going to be a pain on several levels to do it and I know I'll need all the help I can get.

But till then at least we still have each other and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm glad I have someone that I can love and trust. And I love him more than anything in the world and would never leave him. Happy 5 years babe.
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Added: 6 years, 4 months ago
6 years, 4 months ago
That's sweet. Veda and I celebrated our 5 on the 3rd of this month. We just bought a house together last month. It's been a trip, but I can't picture anyone else. We will save our money so maybe we can help a bit. We've been looking around and working on characters so we will need to find some good peeps for commissions. Maybe you can help point us in the right direction and we can work out a donation for your advice?
6 years, 4 months ago
That's the tricky thing with this fandom.  I'm not honestly sure there's certain people you can go to for things like that.  A lot of times that sort of thing mostly seems to be based off of popularity.  Because I've tried doing commissions for several different things before and nothing really panned out as far as that goes.  Either way though congrats to the both of you too. ^^
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