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For anyone who's able to, I need help.

Once more, I loathe doing this sort of thing, but it's not without something in return. Let me explain.

Two years and and a month ago my parents, whom I was living with at the time, left NY State to move to GA due to my mother's work, so it was just her and my stepdad that moved. I stayed in NY and moved in with a friend in October. That lasted until December when him and his girlfriend had relationship issues and split up, leaving me homeless. I was able to stay with two different friends for a combined time of a month or two while I got on Social Services and was able to get my apartment, start doing workfare, and looking for a job. Well, last year at the end of May I packed up my things, shipped them out, gave up my independence and moved back in with my parents in GA because of my stepfather's health as he's a diabetic and on disability. Thing is...he was nowhere near as a bad condition my mother said he was. She guilt tripped me. She made me feel like complete and utter shit to the point I had no choice but to give up my independence and move in with them to take care of my stepfather when he was in no worse of a condition from when they left.

Within the first month of me moving down there I got 3 calls for job offers back in NY that I had to turn down due to obvious reasons, and several more calls over the next year as well while looking for work down there to no avail. Due to the course of events with my sister and her husband, the house my parents left from they gave to her to live in, she didn't pay rent for several months, was evicted, and destroyed the house on the way out. So now, after moving back to NY a little less than two months ago, we're living in the destroyed house, trying to repair it with little to no extra money after bills, while I'm attempting to find work. Let me expand on this. My hometown has less than 10,000 people in it and far less jobs, most of which that are available require 2-5 years of experience in each field and many with 4 year college degrees, which I have none of that for. It's becoming too much with them thinking I'm worthless and not trying to where I'm yelled/screamed/demoralized at daily from it.

With that said, finding a job is horrendous here, and they're wanting at least $200 a month from me to help cover some of the costs, but with no job, it's a little hard. Today was another straw that snapped and I broke down inside and out from it. I'm feeling comfortable with my art again, as with it that's the only way I can escape their constant torment and criticism, and thus, I come to you, friends and watches...this is what needs to get done.

I need $200 a month, if not $150 a month, to help cover costs for food, bills, remodeling as well as my time helping with what's needed. What I'm offering are:

$10 Flats
$15 Shaded with Background

$15 Flats
$20 Shaded with Background
(Currently none)

As well as I'm offering my normal coloring/shading which you can find here.

I'm opening up for 10 slots right now. For anyone who can manage to help out with this as I look for a job, I shall and forever will be eternally grateful to you. If you wish to donate, then by all means, that only helps me even more, but as the individual I am, I would rather want to give something in return to do so. Once more I hate making journals like this...but when I become broken as I have, there's little else I can do with the economy as it stands.

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