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Okay.  Last time was ROUGH.  Between badly written plots about Anti-Sonic...  The HORRIBLE Mobius 25 Years Later...  And....  TITAN TAILS....  

*Pulls out a pistol and starts shooting it into the air.*  TITAN TAILS?!!!  I'LL KILL YOU!!!!  I'LL KILL ALL OF YOU!!!! *Runs out of the room screaming incoherently and shooting.* GYAHHHHHHHHH!!!!

....*Comes back looking disheveled.* ...I apologize....  It's...  kind of my own version of the Bat Credit Card.

....*Ahem.*  Anyway, after all of THAT... I was getting worn out.  As I said last time, Love and Loss was one of the best comics I've ever read, PERIOD; and the Nicole story-arc is sweet and funny, but frankly... It wasn't enough to keep me going.

I LOVE Sonic, it was the first comic I ever read, and it was just getting so bad.   Then...  Something happened.

I read Sonic issue 160, the first issue written by Ian Flynn... and it was GOOD!!!  REALLY, REALLY GOOD!!!  ...and so was the next... and the next!!!   And the one after THAT!!!!!  It was like a breath of fresh air, like the comic had gotten its second wind!  Things were fun again!  I was having FUN actually READING these, rather than having fun picking them apart!!!!

There have been some bad things, but unlike the last batch of comics from 135-153, it was mostly positive!!!  You guys told me things got better, and heck if you weren't right!  SO!!!  Without further ado, let's get down to the nitty-gritty and talk about what was so good about it.

First off, Songoose part 2.  As previously stated,  SEVERAL TIMES, I don't hate Mina Mongoose any more, but I still dislike her with a passion and I want her written out of the comic because she's featured too darn much.  As much as Ken Penders TRIED, she is NOT a main character, and she does not contribute to the ongoing plot, so she should not be featured except in backup stories or side-plots.

There's also the fact that her new boyfriend Ash is a massive douchebag.  I RARELY use that term to describe people, because I feel it's vulgar and beneath me to do so... but he's such a massive jerk that I can't help but call him that.  Frankly...  He and Mina deserve each other.  

Anyway, the Evil Antoine storyline concluded.  As I said before in my last journal, the ONLY thing issue 150 accomplished (outside of making me bleed out of my ears from sheer hatred and nerd-rage), was revealing that Evil Antoine (Patch) had replaced the real Antoine... for no apparent reason other than to be eeeeeeeeeevil.  *Rolls her eyes.*

Actually, in all honesty, this plotline was REALLY good.  It further showcased that Sonic and Sally still were deeply in love with each other despite the breakup, it had some great action scenes, it brought back Elias Acorn and actually managed to make him LIKABLE rather than a weak and ineffectual waste of comic space...  and it presented a very dramatic plotline that would lead to one of the saddest moments in the comic (I'll discuss this when I get to it).

System Shutdown was an okay plot.  It furthered the ongoing Anonymous plotline, and featured Shadow, who as I've said, works best when he's a villain.  This story didn't change my opinion on that.  

The Metal Sonic Troopers were an interesting little plot development, and I'm curious to see whether they'll reappear at some point.  Frankly, my biggest problem with Shadow is that he only has two modes: Angst ... and MARIIIIIIIIIIIAAAAA!!!! WAHHHHH!!!   ...Both of which are intensely boring to read.  There's being dark  and brooding... and then there's being emo.  Shadow is kinda right on that borderline.

*Sighs happily.* ...And thankfully, that was the end of Ken Penders' run on Sonic.  Ian Flynn picked up with issue 160, and it was like reading the comic from day one all over again.  Everything was new and shiny, everything was FUN... And Ian Flynn began killing off the bloated cast by the dozens (which is a GOOD THING!!!).  

Birthday Bash reinvented Evil Sonic as Scourge....  and honestly, this was only one of the two big complaints I had about reading so far, and it was more of a layout thing than a bad writing.  They gave Scourge's transformation a single tiny panel, and then it was over.  For such a HUGE thing, they should have given it at LEAST half a page...  Preferably a full-page splash.  Outside of that, this story had GREAT writing and was a HECK of a lot of fun to read.

Birthday Bash also introduced Bean and Bark... who are FUN, and whom I can't wait to see again.  REALLY funny characters.   In the same vein, Sonic's reaction to Croctobot was one of the funniest things I've read in a long time.

The Darkest Storm plotline was rather epic in scale as Mammoth Mogul, Ixis Naugus, and Robotnik engaged in a three-way battle, with Sonic and the FFs stuck in the middle.  It was well written, action-packed, and instantly changed the status quo of the Sonicverse by killing off the Ancient Walkers and setting Anonymous's plans into action.  It killed off Mecha, Robotnik's "daughter" who was completely worthless and uninteresting as a character, so whoop-dee-doo for that.  It also proved once and for all "What's a Paladin?" as Sir Connery SMITES Mogul IN THE FACE!!!

I gotta say, I was surprised how BLATANTLY they "hinted" that Fiona was a traitor in issue 165.  I mean, I knew going into this what would happen with her... but jeez, they basically came right out and said it flat out rather than trying to be subtle about it. ^^;

Okay.  HERE'S what I REALLY wanted to write about.  These issues were the ones I'd been dreading with all my heart:  Mobius 25 Years Later 2.

......And oh, boy was I WRONG.  WOW was it GOOD!!!  It's like Ian Flynn saw just how horribly crappy that the first M25YL arc was, and decided to write EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE.  First off, the story stars Sonic pretty much from minute one, as well as Lara-Su, the ONLY good character from the first arc.  Second: No echidnas.  Knuckles, Lara-Su, and Lien-Da are the only ones who appear, but only Lara-Su is focused on in any details.  Third: All action, less talk.  THANK GOD!!!  The first arc literally didn't have a SINGLE PANEL without paragraphs of dialogue and NO ACTION!!!!  The focus of both issues of this arc is a bad*** fight scene between Sonic, Lara-Su, and King Shadow.

M25YL 2 was also important to me because it had a LOT of great emotional moments.  When Tails first comes across Sonic, he finds him homeless, beat-up, and in utter despair in an alleyway.   Sonic had literally lost everything except the shoes on his feet: his kingdom, his pride, the love of his life, and both of his children, gone forever.  And Ken Penders might have glossed this over in favor of MORE F***ING TALKING... but Ian Flynn treated this with the sadness and respect it deserved.  He let Sonic be more than a jumping, happy-go-lucky hero, and let him display some honest horror and sadness, actually CRYING at everything that had happened.

Sonic and Sally's reunion at the end was also treated beautifully, thus again reaffirming for the fans that these two are destined for each other despite any hardships they might face.  Kudos to Ian for a GREAT story that in TWO issues redeemed like 12 issues of total CRAP.  Consider me a BIG fan of M25YL and all the others.

Also for quick note, this being me, there's a backup story where Rouge the Bat, Vector the Crocodile, and Mighty the Armadillo get hypnotized by some slot machines.  The story wasn't that great, but as I've said: Mind Control in Sonic is ALWAYS good. :3

The Hedgehog Day backup story was also funny.  But it was content-less, so I don't have much to say. ^^;

Okay.  The ADAM saga.  First off, I've done some reading and apparently, when Ian Flynn came on, he made his VERY FIRST priority to find a way to kill off Tommy Turtle.  As I said in my last journal, I'm not a fan of Tommy Turtle since he was basically forced on us, didn't do anything to contribute to the plot, and was basically worthless kidnap-bait.

So the fact that they killed him off in this story automatically makes it fairly good.  I actually...  They'd been building up to it for ages, I'd heard SO much about it, and I was dying to read it... and I was actually kinda disappointed.

It was kinda convoluted (even Robotnik comments on exactly that during the comic, so it wasn't just me. ^^;;;), and it just didn't seem as epic as it should have been.  You don't actually get to SEE Super Sonic and Super ADAM go at it.  THAT was a big problem.  I wanted a fight scene that would last three or four issues, considering how he'd been set up as such a big threat... and we really didn't get that.  Anyway, what it LED to was more important, with there only being SEVEN Emeralds now, and the Zone of Silence becoming "the Special Zone."

Courage and Honor was a backup story where General D'Coolette (Antoine's Father) dies.  The art is TERRIBLE, but the writing makes up for it.  I almost cried a bit at the end.  I won't lie.  It was that well written.  Very nice, very sad, and got rid of yet ANOTHER character from the bloated cast.  I'm amazed at how many characters Ian's killing off, yet not angry about a single one, because they're all characters that NEED to go away.

Issue 170 was...  meh.  It introduced Feist and the Special Zone...  And brought back Rosemary and Amadeus Prower (Tails' parents), but didn't accomplish much.

Issue 171 was remarkable for two reasons only...  One, Nicole appears in holographic form again for the second time ever, which is a big WOO-HOO!!!  Second, it revealed that Snively is as nuts as his uncle and had a HILARIOUS sequence with him attacking Knothole because Shadow stole his HAIR...  And third, it had an UTTERLY bada** line from Shadow: "I am Shadow the Hedgehog. I am the union of ideals dark and benign but ultimately built in the name of love. I am the ultimate lifeform. I am the protector of Mobius. Run home to your master and tell him. This is who I am."

Otherwise the issue was a Shadow issue... and I don't find him interesting except when he's a bad guy.  Like I said.

Now...  Another thing that I want to talk about in a fair amount of detail...  Fiona Fox's betrayal.  I knew this was coming, not JUST because they said it flat out in an earlier issue.  I gotta say, they handled it REALLY well, setting it up so that if you liked Fiona before (I didn't, but only because I knew what was coming), you'd hate her with a passion for what she does to Tails in this issue.

The fight scene in this issue was SPECTACULAR, showing just how much damage Sonic can do to the environment if he fights all out, as he shatters boulders just by jumping off of them.  I admire someone who can write and draw a great fight scene!

There's a great moment where Scourge pulls the most famous line from Batman: The Killing Joke.  He says to Sonic:  "You see, it'd only take ONE BAD DAY to make you just like me..."

Sonic comes back with an AMAZING retort: "No, you've got it wrong...  It would only take a little selflessness, a little basic decency to make YOU like ME!!!"

I'm also going to make it official.  Ian Flynn writes Amy Rose better than anyone I've read.  Her devotion to Sonic is so total and complete that if she can't have him for herself, then she wants him to be happy with the girl he WANTS.  She'd be perfectly happy if he lived happily ever after with someone other than her, just as long as he WAS happy.  It's a REALLY interesting way to write her, rather than the jealous fangirl trope.  Kinda reminds me of this song by the band Vagiant:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbMTvay5Di8

The marriage of Bunnie and Antoine was perfectly done.  They laid it out romantically, kept emphasizing over and over that Sonic and Sally would end up together in the end, and gave a perfect tribute to the Southern Belle and the Swordsman.  I'd say more, but frankly, it's just pretty much perfect.

....Which brings me to Sonic #175, where I'll leave off for this journal.


Now, I mentioned that Sonic 150 was one of the worst comics I've ever read right?   Not just because He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named was in it.  It was honestly a TRULY badly written comic, and not worthy of the numbering it got.

...Yeah, THIS should have been 150 instead.  It deserved the vaunted Milestone number.    I mean, WOW.  REALLY WOW.

Sonic gets beaten down worse than he has EVER been beaten by Robotnik.  His family, friends, EVERYONE are kidnapped and placed in the Egg Grapes.  He is faced with all of his faults and failures.  He is broken physically and pushed to his limits.

...Speaking of "limits."  ...Um...  Yeah, there's a sequence in this comic that shows WHY speedsters are some of my favorite superheroes.

This was a battle of EPIC proportions, and a fight like this would have been two pages long during the Ken Penders era.  I'm TRULY impressed, and I can't WAIT to read the next twenty-five to see what happens....

And that's it for my EPIC SONIC READTHROUGH UPDATE!!!!  

In other news, I'm working hard on that Chaos Croc story, I've posted some artwork to http://supersonic250.tumblr.com for my ASK ME ANYTHING blog... And I'm about to start Thanksgiving break, which I'll spend mostly on final projects and on working on new things for you guys!

And with that folks, I bid you adieu until Sonic 200.  Only 70 more issues until I'm caught up.   Rock on, guys and gals!!!
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Added: 6 years, 5 months ago
6 years, 5 months ago
I did hear Flynn was a fanboy like us before becoming a writer for archie. I guess it shows when you have actual passion for what youre doing.
6 years, 5 months ago
More than that, Ian Flynn was also a respected and talented fanfiction author back when I was getting started and when that was a much bigger thing. If I'm not mistaken, he wrote the excellent Sonic fanfic Other M.
6 years, 5 months ago
Other M? That name does not ring well in my ears. I do hope it has nothing to do with Metroid.
6 years, 5 months ago
It has nothing to do with it. It's a well done alternate universe Sonic fic.
6 years, 5 months ago
I gotta say, he's writing this comic better than anyone else has since I was a little kid.  I'm REALLY impressed with the change in quality.  Plus, Flynn isn't insane like Penders is.  Really, Sonic's real name is OGILVIE?!  He actually thought Sega would let him do that?
6 years, 5 months ago
You're going to find Shadow incredibly boring from now on, because he is firmly, and undisputedly, on the side of the Angels now.
6 years, 5 months ago
I most assuredly will. *Sighs.* Way to ruin a good villain, Archie. ^^;
6 years, 5 months ago
I love that Nicole gets some serious character development from that point on.  Also Bean has the BEST lines! Almost, and maybe better that, my fav villain Fawful.
6 years, 5 months ago
Yeah, I'm QUITE impressed with the Nicole story-arc so far.  Dying to keep reading and find out how she develops. ^_^
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