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Retail Companies Ruining Holidays

People wonder why those that work in retail are so miserable and hate their jobs so much. Though granted it's a combination of a whole bunch of things. No carrier path, shitty pay and hours, shitty customers and coworkers. Though one of the big things for me is how they tend to ruin holidays. And for me I basically loathe Christmas anymore with how things tend to go at my job at Target.

Now granted Walmart has been opening up earlier and earlier for Black Friday and they tend to basically never close. But now the company I work for is essentially trying to beat them out on all of it. Even though they still like trying to say they're better than Walmart. ^^; Well I found out last night my shitty job is opening up at 9pm on Thanksgiving day. Though I couldn't help but roll my eyes when the manager told us because she was all happy and excited about it, while everyone else basically just glared at her. Of course she's saying it gives us more payroll for hours and lets us get more money for working! =D Yeah the payroll thing doesn't matter because the company makes a quarter or a third, don't remember exactly how much, of their yearly sales on Black Friday. That and anyone working for the company, especially just as a regular employee, don't really see any of that. Of course my main thought that came to my mind was who in the world is she trying to fool and is she really that brainwashed? Because she always acts like this. So I can't ever figure out if she's that stupid or thinks we're that stupid or as I said the main reason she's a manager is because they can use her.  Though I know what's just as bad is the fact there's a lot of stores that are actually opening a bit earlier than this and as I've said before it's going to just keep getting earlier.

I still know the only way things like this will every stop though is if people don't go out for Black Friday shopping. Though I know that'll more or less never happen. Even if 99% of the things that are on sale people don't really need. It's mostly things like TVs or game systems or things like that. Hell if I can pull a fairly nice tv out of the trash and it works I'll do it and I have. ^^; But I know people in general are stupid and will go out and shop no matter what. Even if they start opening store for Black Friday at 9am on Thanksgiving day.

So if you end up going out and shopping for anything on Black Friday don't go to these stores that are opening up at midnight and especially those that are opening up at 9pm on Thanksgiving. Because all that's going to do is promote these companies to open earlier and earlier and it's not going to stop till most of the big companies are open year round 24/7. And people will be more and more miserable and the state of the country will just slide another notch down. Because things like this will just make people get more and more pissed off and cause problems with other people which just creates a big cycle. And I know most people that have never and don't work retail don't understand how it is or it feels. Though at the same time I've come across some people that do work retail and are stupidly oblivious to things and have called me stupid for bitching for things like this. ^^;
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Added: 6 years, 7 months ago
6 years, 7 months ago
I remember someone dieing on black Friday at a walmart back then... i dunno if its a year or 2 ago :o

I think the guy got trampled to death :o
6 years, 7 months ago
Yeah I think something like that usually tends to happen just about every year.
6 years, 7 months ago
I worked for Target for 5 years so I know well what that's all about. I agree that people should just stop participating. It's madness, and you don't really save anything when you consider what you have to go through. I'm so glad that Cracker Barrel (where I work) isn't doing a big Black Friday sale. We are however open for regular hours (6am - 11pm) and we also are open regular hours on Thanksgiving. Still, my shift is only 4 hours and I don't give a rats about Thanksgiving anyway anymore. You can appreciate your family, stuff your face, and be thankful for things any day of the year.
6 years, 7 months ago
Yeah the one thing I'm happy about is Petco isn't making me work and when I used to work for Petsmart they didn't make me work that day either.  Though I don't think it's easy to save up money at any of these companies really.  At least unless you're management anyways.  That's why I've wanted to quit Target for a while now, but if I'm to make this move I'll have to stay with them. x.x
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