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Review: Wreck-it Ralph

I went with my sister Dariane to see Wreck-it Ralph last sunday (thanks to her friends who got us free tickets) and I loved it, I loved every single minute of this Disney Gem. I shall happily explain why now.

Story: Heres the gist. Ralph does not want to be a video game villain anymore, so he goes off to try and proove that hes a hero and get a medal to show off for it so that he can get respect.

Characters: These characters are just full of Personality. Wreck-it Ralph AKA Ralph (John C Reily, Chicago, 9, Stepbrothers) is an old video game villain who wants more then to be the bad guy, he wishes to be a good guy and get respect that he so deserved for the past 30 years, his rival Fix it Felix jr (Jack Mcbrayer, Irving from Phineas and Ferb and Kenneth Parcell on 30 Rock) is the guy who gets all the glory for defeating Ralph in the game and basks in the glow every minute, but is concerned for Ralph when he tries to leave the game. Sergeant Tamora Jean Calhoun (Jane Lynch. Sue Silvester from Glee) is a tough as nails officer of the game Hero's Duty and has an attitude to boot for it. Vanellope (Sarah Silverman, the Sarah Silverman Program) is a cute little girl who wants nothing more but to race but is denied that privelage cause she is a glitch.

Animation: Its got a very whimsical feel to it. plus, the animation for the video game characters is incredibly close to the original designs. from Bowser, to Zangief, to Eggman, to Sonic, its all done perfectly as if the companies were working on this film too.

Music: The music was nicely done, with a bit of a retro feel to it thanks to Henry Jackman (Kick-ass, Winnie the pooh (2011) Monsters vs Aliens)

all in all, this film gets a 9 out of ten. This may be the first time (In my opinion) that a Disney film puts Pixar's recent film (Brave) to shame. This is a great film for people (young and old) to watch. youll laugh at all the little game cameos as well.
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