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I HATE Windows 7

Once again Windows 7 has proved my theories of fucking up Hard Drives as my laptop is now sent to those people to replace it anew.

And now Windows 8 is here to give us more shit to fuck our computers with, I can hardly wait!

So it will be a long time before I can upload anything here, and now more since I cannot even use my damn tablet until I get a scanner to upload what I have piling up on my closet.

Speaking of which, I found a Fedex where I can use a flatbed scanner t oscan some stuff, but I don't want to spend money on it every time I do, therefore I will just scan what I've been commisioned to draw and wait on the rest. Of course that will happen after I get that stupid laptop back again.

Speaking of crap to deal with:

There comes a time when life is not exactly going as planned and you just want to unwind by playing games or whatever. When you find out you can't even do so because your controller is a cheap piece of crap knockoff Game Stop gave you when you got your refurbished PS2, then its time to just let it have it for not letting you enjoy your gaming time you rightfully earn after a day full of crap you endure every day.

The controller itself was a Pelican brand with the hideous GameStop lettering on front letting me know I could never get the good stuff from buying from them. The D-Pad was always being tricky, never letting me go up or down when I needed it the most, and the gums on the analogs completely dissolved into nothing without me ever tearing on them when playing.

When the shoulder buttons refused to even function as I was trying to spar in order to advance in Fight Night Round 2 Career Mode, I lost my sh*t. I took a deep breath, calmly unplugged said controller from the PS2 and went to my bathroom. In there I wistfully looked at the bathtub I been meaning to scrub for weeks now then slammed the cheap knockoff to oblivion.

Needless to say I buoght another one from a Pawnshop but it was a REAL Sony PS2 controller, not a knockoff.  So I am still gaming.

I will come back online when I get that stupid laptop running again.

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Added: 6 years, 4 months ago
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