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Just some thoughts...

I figured I'd post a journal here since certain circumstances and mental wanderings seem to merit the afore mentioned actions. Also I'm bored. :3

Some of you probably have noticed a little bit of change in my art direction. I have as well, however subtle it may be, though I think I'm going to keep following it and seeing where it takes me... Granted, it's probably going to disappoint my usual watchers I dragged over from FA (sorry y'all, but that place is ass-on-head retarded lately) since alot of my content tends to favor a certain kink you've all grown fond of, and where I may be heading seems to cut out alot of that. Though fear not, It's still very much a part of what I do, and I still very much enjoy doing it. I just feel it's about bloody time I expanded my artistic repertoire into a more flourished and diverse form of its current self. After all, a happy artist means more art, and what's not to enjoy about that?

In other news, and primarily gaming news, some of you might remember the wonderful, yet horribly plagued MMO 3rd person shooter made from the folks in the now defunct Realtime Worlds, All Points Bulletin. For those of you that missed it dearly and begged for a return, you're very much having your wishes granted. Starting tomorrow, (Feb 15) the F2P company GamersFirst is taking the game and firing off a closed beta, these guys have noted on a great number of fixes and changes that never got to make it back to the original release of the game, so those of you reeling from the poorly engineered balancing issues and the plethora of other faults can now sit back at ease, as well as not fear an empty wallet. No idea when it'll be out of beta, but it's good to know that this excellent game will be free upon its release yet again.

And on a more personal entry, I often get the feeling that there's never enough people online to get a game together for whatever reason, so for those of you that feel inclined to, I've plopped my steam ID down in the contacts section here on IB. If you ever need someone completely haphazard and reckless to shoot mans with, I'm your wolfox.

I'm also pondering about venturing off to the ever-so-popular AnthroCon this year around, as I've never been further east than Minneapolis, MN, and I'd like to drop in and say hi to some of the east-siders I call friends. Though much of this hinges on me acquiring a new place to live this summer, as well as being without its inevitable time constraints I've come to dread so readily...curse you work schedule. Another part in play is not having a suit to hail under, and this depresses me greatly. I've not once gone to a convention without a fursuit I can remember, and I'd very much love to try and pull something together. It's a work in progress, lets just leave it at that.

This just in, Monster energy drinks hate me.
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