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Art Envy

I know these people, trained, worked and practiced for years, but It does my self confidence, and patience, no favors when I practice my drawing while watching one of my fave artists stream. Even more so when my art decides to suck right then. I have books and torrents enough to start my own library. And look at where I still am. I know I'm not supposed to measure myself to said artists, but I feel so dwarfed- it's like "why even bother". I mean yesterday, every doodle i tried turned out golden- for me And the next day, everything is just... OFF. And I know I'm WAY better than when I started, but it just feels like I'm taking baby-steps in random directions. Any professional artists who'd happen across this post, any practice regiments or anything you can suggest?
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Added: 6 years, 4 months ago
6 years, 4 months ago
Hun, you are a wonderful artist. The only thing my roommate suggests is just to keep doodling and sketching whatever the pencil decides. Just let your art flow through you like water through a stream.
6 years, 4 months ago
A thought from a sucky artist:
Think about the people your Great Artist (the one you are envious of, want to be, or just someone who makes you feel bad by being so awesome) would admire or envy. If you cannot, then you've created an idol to which you will never measure up, so why bother? If you do see some way to be better than the artist you like, at least in theory, you have a way to make progress--so, concentrate on those points. Just remember--in general, artists are human, and they get their inspiration and ability from somewhere. Follow their example, and you can get at least as far as they did.

From there, all you really need is creativity and persistence--traits even my talentless butt notices are present in you.

With people who seem successful, I've seen no single Great Practice, no wonderful method of getting better. They looked to their Great Artists and learned. A few were lucky enough to experiment with just the right combinations to be successful, but most had to find what made them feel like what they were doing was great stuff, and keep on finding it.

*shrugs* Just my thoughts. Please no killy.
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