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Alrighty, ladies and gentlemen... It's time to discuss the EPIC SONIC READTHROUGH I'm doing...  And tell you how it's going.

As the title suggests, as of the writing of this journal, I am on issue 134 of 241 (last I checked...  There might be more issues. o.o;;;).  Overall, my impressions have been positive...  With some MAJOR negatives here and there.  I'm gonna talk about some stuff that stuck out in my mind from what I read.

First off...  Issue 101 had two sequences that I noticed...  The issue involves reality being altered over and over, giving glimpses of other versions of Sonic's world...  And two of these stuck out.  The first was a cameo of the Sonic the Hedgehog Anime... Not Sonic X, but the one with that annoying-as-heck Princess Sara.  Interesting lil' tidbit for those who had seen it.  Then the other thing... Was an alternate ending to Sonic Issue 50 (considered by me as the BEST ISSUE EVER!), where Princess Sally was REALLY dead instead of in a coma.  That was a nicely placed emotional punch to the gut there, really well done.  Glad it didn't come to pass in the REAL universe.

Second, the Sally and the Source of All plotline.  Hypnosis is always positive in my book, particularly when the victim is someone as hawt as Sally.  That's all. ^^

Hearts Held Hostage was the end of the Sonic/Sally/Mina triangle... and I'm going to say something now.  I was wrong.  I had always been under the impression that Mina had initiated the breakup between Sonic and Sally, but now that I've read the arc, I know it's not true.  I'm letting go of my fanatical hatred of her character.  Make no mistake, I still REALLY dislike her, but I'm no longer wishing her death every five minutes.  Besides.  She gets her heart broken and then shot in the back at the end of the arc.  I feel that was revenge enough.   Sadly, there's still plenty to hate about her, with her overly cheerful manner, cutesy behavior, and the fact that she's a total, relentless CHORE...  But I'm giving up on my utter, near-insane hatred of her.   ...Oh, and the story was great too.

Third, the death and return of Robo-Robotnik.  It was... pointless.  Robotnik was a better, and SCARIER villain as a robot than as a human.  Killing him off only to bring him back four issues later?  Not even SLIGHTLY worth it.  I KNOW the Sonic writers can do better than this.

Issues 124 and 125 were AWESOME, some of the best issues I've ever read (not least because it pays HEAVY Son/Sal fanservice).  However......  It was too fast-paced.  They packed an entire plot arc that in any other comic would be a full year's worth of stories into two issues.  Revealing that planet Mobius is Post-Apocalypse Earth was a welcome relief, even if it had NO impact on the comic at large...  But sadly, it just felt RUSHED.  Events unfolded too fast and should have been played out over time, rather than in one big smash-packed issue.

Sonic in Space was...  forgettable.  If it weren't for the fact that it changed the status quo by having him gone for an entire year in comic-time, it wouldn't have had much of an impact at all, as far as I'm concerned.

And finally.... Home.  Sonic's return to Earth...  I have a LOT to say about this.  The arc itself is SPECTACULAR, debuting a lot of the character's new looks and/or personalities... but again, it MOVES TOO FAST.  Sonic literally crash-lands on Mobius, and then is instantly back to fighting Robotnik.  There's no time to slow down and contemplate.  No time to show how characters have changed in the year's absence.  It would have been nice if they had just slowed things down a little and took their time with this arc.  

But then again, we have quite possibly the best Son/Sal moment in the comic's history, possibly even rivaling Sonic 50's Sleeping Beauty kiss. *Swoons.* Ohmigod, AWESOME.  Yes, I admit it, I'm a Son/Sal fanatic to the end and that moment made my day.

....Too bad it was F***ING RUINED FOUR ISSUES LATER!!!  

Issue 134 was the last issue I've read so far... and it's a good thing I'm not paying for any of these issues, because I'd send it back to Archie demanding a refund and never purchase another again.  This issue made me MAD.  First, while the art is SPECTACULARLY cute...  I've never seen such a horrible mismatch between the tone of an issue and the artwork.  When you're writing an issue dedicated to the breakup of the main romantic pair of your comic, DON'T MAKE IT F***ING CUTE!!!  Treat it with the respect it deserves and make the art more serious!!!

Then let's go into the fact that the breakup is because Sally wants Sonic to retire from being a Freedom Fighter because she's afraid he's going to die fighting Robotnik....

....Did the writer of this issue even READ a single issue before this one?  Princess Sally has fought robots three feet taller than she is with her bare hands.  She routinely sets explosives and escapes seconds before detonation.  She risks life and limb on a daily basis.  And she has no superpowers.

....And she's scared that her boyfriend....  The fastest thing alive...  The greatest hero Mobius has EVER known...  The master fighter, supreme adventurer, and all-around coolest guy on Mobius...  is gonna die?  And she wants him to RETIRE?!   ....Did I mention the fact that Princess Sally and Sonic are the FOUNDING MEMBERS OF THE FREEDOM FIGHTERS?!

This issue only works if both Sonic and Sally suffered devastating brain injury before stepping on-panel to do the comic, because both of them act so out-of-character, so stupid, that I refuse to accept this issue as canon, even though it is.  There's no WAY this BS happened.

*Sighs.*  I could rant for HOURS on this, but I'm gonna be honest, I'm just so p***ed off that I can't even pay a lick more attention to this stupid comic.  I'm not quitting the readthrough, and I'll continue tomorrow, but tonight I'm taking a break.  Sheesh.

Get your sh** together, Archie Comics.  I expect better.  I've heard things GET better, but right now, I've gotta say that issue's one of the worst of ANY comic I've ever read.

As for the backup stories, I've been scanning them, but skipping them.  I only read them if they have something important to contribute to the main plot or star characters I'm interested in... but the fact is that almost every single backup story has been completely inconsequential and/or boring, so I've been skipping most of them.  That includes the ones starring Knuckles.  I hate to say it... but I'm not a fan of Knuckles comics.  He's not as interesting as Sonic. ^^;

*Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiighs.* ........115 issues to go.......

In other news, I'm back to writing, having gotten some inspiration.  I'll post more news later.  Rock on, guys and gals.
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Added: 6 years, 5 months ago
6 years, 5 months ago
I'm glad to hear you're back at writing! I hope I was able to help at least a little with that!
6 years, 5 months ago
Thank you very much.  You DID help... and also a sudden burst of inspiration also helped too!  Hope you're enjoying my writings. ^^
6 years, 5 months ago
I'm about to start in a few minutes, actually. I'm sure I will enjoy them!
6 years, 5 months ago
Ah, you're knee-deep in the big writer shuffle era. Stick with it, it'll pick up again in a while.
6 years, 5 months ago
Working on it.  Oh, god... am I working on it. ~_~;  Thankfully, the Sonic Encyclopedia arrived today, and it is AWESOME, so that should keep my spirits high.

Also, hope you're working on a submission for my contest!~<3
6 years, 5 months ago
Ditto on the encyclopedia (came in yesterday), it's so good at tying everything together.
I am working on a submission; just finished my outline. All I need now is the time to get it done.
6 years, 5 months ago
Looking forward to seeing the outline and what you get done~<3
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