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Recently Weasyl, the latest furry oriented art site, has allowed users to start inviting their friends to the website. I'm very happy to see the big push to go to a better website. It gives me faith that society might accept better universal standards to make things easier in the long run. Although with a push this big there is some resistence. Some people say it's just a fad. But if everyone (or even 90%) from FA joins, it won't be a fad, it will be the future. I'm glad I got an account. I look forward to using it regularly. (also sofurry doesn't get enough attention, but the website is getting a lot of updates now.)

A good way to look at it at first is not a switch, but an extension. Having accounts on multiple art websites is fine. It's pretty easy once you get used to it. Plus, the more websites you're on, the more people see the stuff you upload. Keeping journals on all the websites takes a bit of work, but I use the "open multiple locations" add on for firefox. Currently this journal has been uploaded to:
Rooster Teeth
So yeah. A lot of websites. I understand it's a huge pain for artists with a big gallery to upload all their stuff again, but maybe someone will write a script or weasyl will start allowing bulk uploads. Anyways, I realize that I have stuff to upload and I still need to cut my story up into txt files.
(and yes I'm still in college. Thankfully this is a rare slow period so I have time to do all this internet stuff.)
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