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Sorry, no stream tonight

I thought I could do it from my laptop but my laptop sucks too much.  I'd stream on my main computer but with the impending storm about to butt fuck my state I'm keeping that off and unplugged for safety.  I was showing off a tech demo of something I've been fiddling around with in Game Maker Studio.  I've been wanting to make an action adventure platformer RPG for a while and tried to do it in flash, but with no luck.  Flash over and over again has proven itself to be too much of a resource hog grinding most platformers down to a halt, even if you have it on the lowest quality.  So disillusioned with flash I've been learning how to use Game Maker.

It's very easy to use, though it's kind of hindered by it's own simplicity.  I try to get fancy with the text, hearts, and other things, and it gets really complicated and repetitive really fast, but it's not impossible to pull off what you want to pull off.  Now as I write this I'm sure some people are wondering if I'm still going to work on my flash projects.  Yes I will.

Knuckles' Winter Getaway is going along strong.  Game Maker is great for action gaming but when it comes to visual novels or point and click games I'm sticking with Flash.  I'm also gonna do a lot of the sprite animation in Flash and Photoshop as well so I'll have stuff to post eventually.  Anyway that's just kind of an update on my life and stuff.  Hopefully I can do a stream soon.
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Added: 6 years, 6 months ago
6 years, 6 months ago
Seen that storm on the news. that's just gonna suck big time. and can't say id blame ya for keeping your main computer off. payed $1,500 for mine and i do the same. :/
6 years, 6 months ago
I'm currently in a flood plain and the area is is getting ready for 'historic' flooding. Last year it was about 6' deep so this year I can only imagine... Maybe they'll open up the damns in MD and keep them open so it doesn't get as bad here.
6 years, 6 months ago
Hope you come through ok. Best example Ive seen on how totally crap Flash is, is that I have severe trouble playing ona  Flash based game on a very large game makers website, and yet on teh same machine, I have little trouble playing on Second Life.

Thats right boys and girls, these days a fully 3D real time generated freeform enviroment takes less processing capacity than sliding a couple of cutouts around on a 2D image.

6 years, 6 months ago
Keep at it my friend...
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