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Mario Project 4 + Q&A

Well everyone, the Mario Project train has reached its midway resting stop, which means that it's time to start planning ahead for Mario Project 4. So as the passengers enjoying the ride get off the train to stretch and stock up on snacks, oddities and doodads, it's time for me to open the floor to the various questions and comments that you lot have at this point in time. questions/comments about Mario Project can be tame or untame, granted it is directed at the Project so far, or even about MP4. but before you ask, I gotta deal with the previously asked questions first.

Q - how far along is the script for Mario Project?
Each episode of Mario Project has already been written, but the task is to convert it from story form to script form and this will take place within a few hours.

Q - what abbout that summer vacation deal I pitched to you?
It is still on the table, being overlooked by the RHC... no progress on its ideals has been mentioned at this time.

Q - why does it seem like a bunch of random events with no plot?
Believe it or not, all of these "random events" are taking place in light of a festival that is currently going on in the Mushroom Kingdom. Soon, you will see how it's all tied together.

C - I would love to see a 100 page Mario Project in the future....
Well, that's a lot of pages, hopefully you will help pick up the bill on it. However, I will say that MP4 is going to be long.

asks - The GUTS?
The GUTS is a contest that takes place in Mario Project 4; its name is an acronym for The Gestare Union of Two Sentients. Meaning that this is a couples competition. If you've been paying attention, you'll notice the couples that have been forming. well some couples will compete in The GUTS

C - so many obscure couples....
The Marioverse has many characters that need love, and why not pair them up with specific characters?

C - I normally wait until each one is finished before reading them.
And you have every right to. However, keep in mind that these take a lot of time to complete. Mario Project 3 was done in 10 months at its small 30 something pages. Personally, it's better to read along with the updates, because waiting a year for something to be done should only apply to videogames, not comics.

and now the floor is open for your questions and comments, so ask away  
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