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Kitty Rambling Update: Frostcat and Other Stuffs

Long time no read everyone.  I know it's been a good month since I've last posted anything here.  I've been also trying to post a few things on my tumblr and twitter too.  Unfortunately it's been a bit silent for everything.  I also have a few things that has been on my mind for the longest time now and I feel that I should share it before it rattles my mind further.  Keep in mind, this is going to be a LONG post.  I hope that you'll be able to read it all.  First off...

Fandom Comparison and Getting Known/Out There

A week or two earlier on Facebook, I've read an interesting post from a fellow fur against Anime and Bronies.  If I guess at it, it says: "If you think that you Anime geeks or Brony fanboys think that you are creative in anyway then you are wrong.  In the furry fandom we create our own characters and have our own original ideas while you base your creativity on a single thing."  Or something along those lines.

That got me thinking really hard on that.  First of all, even though the Anime, Sonic, and MLP fandom are based on one focused thing, it at least gives them a chance to make a creative idea and meaning to their fan characters.  Now of course there will be failure recolors out there and wannabe fakes out there.  Some standing out more than others.  But for anyone that has a strong and solid background behind said fan character that makes sense to the main story, then that's awesome.  Which beings me back to the furry fandom, the getting known part, and my update to that all in one.

The furry fandom is a self created based group of people that have their own individual character or characters along with their own unique "features" if they choose to have those.  My only problem with that is the setting and relationship with those around 'him/her' their actual selves IRL etc.  Meaning their friends or confidants.  Sure anyone can make a character and have him or her be the from the most coolest, to the most beautiful furry in existence.  But that will amount to nothing without being well known.  There are many ways too.  If you got a talent, get it out in the open...unless that talent can only be used in the bedroom. =~_^=  Another this is fursuiting.  Have a good looking suit weather it's silly or smexy?  Act the part well and you will get the attention needed.  But whatever you do, don't get desperate unless you know the outcome will be.  Another cool thing to get known for is art.  If you have solo artwork, then you can slowly make your way for who your character is and what he/she can do.  Another character might work out, except one thing which is important.  Role Play.

Having your character art with a well known character is an awesome thing because not only will it boost your character being known but if it ties into your personality, then you can definitely be talked about here and there.  But you simply can't get art with said known furry without their permission and you can't simply ask out of the blue either.  Most art done with other furry characters are either well known friends of each other or apart of an interesting RP session that happened.  Now how do I fit in this?  Recently, I haven't gotten anything done online lately because of two things.  One being lack of money.  Granted it's going for keeping the apartment and net and such, but trying to save can be totally annoying.  Especially if you wanted a certain artist to do a wicked commission during the artist's special price deal.  Another thing is that I can't just have art of say.....
with me out of the blue.  I would like to get to know the person behind the character first for either chit-chat or role play.  Unfortunately, I only have one laptop to work with for a while until mid spring I hope and I really want to get to know more cool furs soon.  I can also be at my full game and concentrate too by then.  Maybe I can get back to my Vision of Fate that I've started all of those years back.

Conventions of 2013

In case you may not have known, I will be attending Midwest Furfest this year.  I know that I'll be having a blast there now that we can finally have a room and registration on our own after years of being helped countless by our friends.  My only thing now is planning on going to different cons for myself.  One of them being FWA.  A couple of reasons why I want to go solo is one, it's been a long while since I've been at a con by myself, especially out of state.  Adventuring on my own will be a really cool experience for once.  Secondly if I get this info right, the hotel is also the home of DragonCon.  Another convention that me and Blazger wanted to go this year.  Now sadly, we won't be able to go to AnthroCon next year.  It's getting a tad too crowded and expensive.  So we're taking a break for a while.  There's also another convention that
advertised called Biggest Little Fur Con. in the beginning of May.  I'm not sure if it's a first furry con in Nevada or not, but it seemed to be an awesome way to kick a new con off in Reno.  Not to mention that the con rate and room stay is just awesome to start.  Just don't gamble over there. =^_^;=

Master Chief for President

I WISH!!!  Another thing that I can't wait until is the 6th of November for the release of Halo 4.  I was getting a little tired of Modern Warcrack 3 having being the only supporting player have more points than the top prestige players.  However, it's also the same date as the presidential election.  Now here we go with the whole who to vote for, why did you vote, why didn't you vote BS.  The reason why I'm saying this is because of the 2004 election promos.  You see, I use to vote and stand by who I voted for because it's so "important."    But for the first and second term votes of George Bush, I believe that they were both fixed.  I have yet to hear that they need to "recount" or have a "ballot malfunction" in Florida during the first term and the same nonsense in Ohio during the coming of the second term.  So here comes the 2004 ads and here are all of the highly famed talented Hollywood actors saying sarcastically "Don't vote.  Why even bother?"  and other nonsense.  That just ticked me off because that's a good way to encourage people to vote too.  And yes, I'm aware that Samuel Jackson did his "Wake the fuck up!" part in this year's election.  But I'm still going to stand by this day that I decide not to vote.

Now before going down my throat, that has already happened in the 2008 election because of the fixings of Bush that I believe in.  Someone else said "If you don't vote, then you don't have the right to complain about the President in office."  And you know, he's absolutely right.  The reason is because I knew that the US was going to be messed up to begin with and more so after the 2004 election.  Now here in 2012 we have two runners in which everyone have mixed feelings for the two.  On one side, Obama has made the confirming order to kill Bin Laden cold, even though there's no pictures of his dead body.  For all I know he might be still alive somewhere in US soil or something.  Secondly he did a LGBT support for a LGBT month and having most of the states allow gay marriages.  Then you have Romney who from what I hear wants to try to take that all away.  Seriously, I feel like we're doing the Hokey Pokey with this shit.  Then again, a few of my old friends who barely talk to me now can't stand Obama and all praise Romney despite all of the anti-gay campaign.  Then again, it's all he said she said nonsense to me.  As far as I'm concerned, J'm still not "rocking the vote."  If Obama gets his second term, then we have four more years of what normal lives we have left in my view.  If Romney wins the election, then armageddon is sure to arrive sooner then we thought.  Whatever happens I'll just be here for the ride.

Let me be blunt here.  Should I even vote, what ultimate difference will that make? If you really want to change something, if you want to make a mark on the BS that's been screwing up our country, you need to have a massive group of people that are willing to follow you all the way and that are prepare to actually die to fight for what you and everyone around you believe in.  That's how you can actually "Change" things around here.


So in closing, I'm gradually preparing to make an awesome name for myself to say that I am back and better than ever.  But with only having limited funding going to rent and utilities, that may not dully happen until mid spring at the latest.  I do want to get back on writing storied and creating music, but until then, I do have two more weeks until Halo 4 so I can easily get my Spartan legs back.
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Added: 6 years, 3 months ago
6 years, 3 months ago
Its good to know that you're getting back in the game. I actually enjoy the stories you write. I do have to say that I didn't know that you created music. But anyway, can't wait to see you back in action.
6 years, 3 months ago
Good to hear from you again, Frosty. You need to get on more! :P

Wish I could go to MFF... another year people would rather have me fucking rot at home...

Also, I'm gonna play Borderlands! :3
6 years, 3 months ago
I was thinking of going to that May nevada convention,it all depends on finances of course. Too bad you wont be at AC thats the con I look most forward to since I have family nearby and make it into a combo family visit and con trip.
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