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First of all, warm congratulations to my good friend Jaus who is now a mommy!

Let's see. I saw Ms. Mantis again. She's still living in the cluster of bushes and such over by the shed. Once again got her to crawl on my hand, except this time, she went around onto my back, up my neck and onto my shoulder, and then down my arm again. Then I returned her to where she lived. I've spoken to my mom about possibly getting an empty fish tank to keep her in, and feed her with bait shop crickets, to keep her over the winter, as we don't want her to die in the cold. Do mantises hibernate? Oh well.

We're getting our kitchen remodeled. We're gonna have the ugly wallpaper that's been there for twelve years painted over, new cabinet doors installed, hopefully, and definitely a new floor put in. Another issue is the flourescent lights. They blew a long time ago, and new bulbs don't work, so apparently the problem is with the light fixtures themselves. We're looking to have those fixed, too. It's gonna cost a bundle.

We picked out the new floor at Lowe's. The Lowe's guy is coming tomorrow to give us an estimate as to how much installation will cost. As for the painting, we called two guys for estimates on how much it'd cost last week. The first guy came out with some other guy, and their estimate was about $140. The second guy who came later that day said $600 (!). Guess which one we're going with? The second guy also said he'd do the lights, but a call to the first guy confirmed he and his friend would do the lights, too, for about $460. This would also be $600... but the lights would be included in the cost, so it's $600 for the whole shebang, whereas the second guy was charging $600 for just the painting. Ouch.

So, yeah, we're definitely going with the first two guys. However, since we still want to throw some business the other guy's way, if the Lowe's guy charges more than $600 to install the floor, we'll hire him to do it. He warned us Lowe's would rip us off... which is ironic considering he is ripping us off with what he tried to charge for painting! Still and all, if he can beat Lowe's price for floor installation, we'll hire him, dishonest schmuck or not.

So anyway we've been cleaning up the kitchen and so forth, getting it ready for the guys to come and paint and for the Lowe's guy to come and measure and give us an estimate. We're sore from it, since we had to move the fridge and stove to clean behind them. We've since put them back 'cause we kinda need them. But when the painters come, they can move those monstrously huge appliances to paint behind them. No way my mom and I are lugging those things out again! My arms still ache!

And finally, in other news, we have some new neighbors, and they have yappy little dogs that bark at me every time I go outside and also chase our cats. I despise them already.
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Added: 6 years, 9 months ago
6 years, 9 months ago
Ugh, yapping dogs, just as bad as my neighbor's roommate's dog who is openly hostile towards me...
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