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Hey, it's a Journal!

Alright, SO i haven't put one of these up in a couple months. So lets get one up already,ya? this early in the morning? why not, i like just tossing Journals out whenever i suddenly remember to, or am not dead tired.

Got myself a new keyboard.wireless,thank god! it also has a different key layout, and the space bar is tiiiiny.so while i no longer can have shortouts from moving this Uber Light [<3] thing, i can sometimes miss hitting the space bar, as the keys are also quieter and take a bit more force to force an input. It's all good though, this thing is just plain <3 compared to that giant pile of blegh i was using before.

I finsihed a few more art pieces since my last Journal. Garuda & Prishe is already on my profile. I'm hoping to have my next piece, a Reference sheet for one of my original characters, Lenneth Aeronhart by tuesday. Colored her the same way i did for Garuda, though i still have all her metal bits to finish. Will have to think of a way to imply a metallic look, that looks different from the skin and cloth shading i've been using. Already have a plan for that, and either way she's looking GREAT.

Have a few sketch commissions i also need to get to work on.Should have the roughs of those done by sometime today, the actual things done before thursday [that's my personal deadline for them]. I need to find other places to advertise my work around, so if anyone who reads my journals has any ideas i'd be glad to hear about them!

I'm also changing around my pricing list below. This will include no longer truncating my commissioned list into separate categories ,as it makes my waiting list look HUGE when it clearly isn't. This change will also be reflected on my pricing list, explaining prices in more detail, while also showing other prices that i haven't listed on here before. I'm hoping this is one of the last few journals i will ever post that includes this list, as My next personal project is planned to be a pricing sheet, so i can finally stop copy/pasting my little [or not so little] Ad into my own journal everytime i post on here.looks huge and it bothers me that way.

Aside from the Lenneth piece, there are also a few commission and sketches that have been finished, that I never put up onto my profile(s) before.this could either be because i didn't like how the piece ended up, or i felt the piece by itself wasn't sufficient enough as stand alone content, to be posted. This will include random sketches from the giant 20+ piece commission i had awhile back and odds are the majority, if not all, of these won't end up in groups, as they are mostly just very rough sketches that i don't consider to be "complete" in any fashion, outside of the sketch range they were commissioned to be finished within. Although, if you are reading this on any of my furry art profiles, you probably won't see these pieces, as they are almost all involving humans, and as such can't really be posted on other profiles [some of them are on sites that will take down or move my content if they don't involve furries or anthros in some sort of way]. I'd highly suggest checking out my DA profile in that case, as the content on there is vastly larger than anywhere else i post right now.

Aside from all that blah blah stuff, been gaming, drawing stuff.helped a friend move into his house.side note, furniture is HEAVY when 2 guys drag it up a flight of stairs. My father managed to injure himself while rushing to finish building a shed.he's alright but he'll be recovering for the next 5 weeks or so.I'd be more concerned but, it wasn't anything life threatening and like him, i'm stubborn, so i can't really be all sobby over his own mistake. never work on a shed roof when it's raining >.>

That's all from me for now, so with that all said and done, i leave you with my updated commission and pricing lists!

Commission Pricing
-----SKETCHES currently on SALE for $5-----

 -Rough Sketch-$5-This piece will be done fast.the character design will be there but details [primarily hands and feet] won't always be completely finished to conserve time.

 -Sketches-$10- Piece is a sketch but cleaned up and looks more complete.this may be gray scaled based on my preference and interest in the piece.

- Lineart pieces-$20-Piece is a sketch, Pathed over for smoother lines.This piece may also be Grey scaled, or shaded with 1 specific color based on my preference and interest in the piece.This option may also be requested.

-Colored pieces-$30-Piece is linework, fully colored/shadowed to the extent of my ability.

-Character Reference Sheet-$20-A single,large page Showing a character from several angles, as well as zoomed in/focused portraits of various parts of a character. Pages can include up to 3 angles, and 1-3 detailed,zoomed in pieces for anything on the character.this may also include a palette and small description. This is more of a bundled job and as such, a Reference sheet can only involve 1 character, and any background included will be simple. This will be in Full color.

-Sequence-$10 Per Frame- A number of individual images Designed to show a transition or progress over a course of time. "Per Frame" refers to the amount of times i must draw a character/item to show it's progression. Sequences will Generally be stretched over a single,long page,unless asked otherwise, or the piece is to long to fit on just a single page.backgrounds on a Sequence will be minimal as they tend to be focused more on the characters rather than what's going on behind them. a Sequence must be at least 3 frames long,but will be fully colored.

-Comics-$20 per colored page-Generally a number of pages ment to tell a story of events. Each page will be numbered [either with a single number or to show it's order in the set] and will be fully colored as a single colored piece would be. Due to frame sizes a comic doesn't take on extra charges for backgrounds unless they are overly elaborate.

+$10 to any above price per extra character unless otherwise stated.
-In the case of a Sequence this is per character,per sequence.IE a 5 frame sequence of 2 characters is $20 per frame.
-In the case of a Comic this is per page, NOT per frame. IE a comic with 9 frames a page, with 2 characters will be $30 a page.
+$10 to single pieces,and Sequences that request any detailed background.
+$5 per page to comics asking for detailed backgrounds.
+?-Rush Jobs- Pieces that request to be finished sooner, "Rushed".This generally means requesting a piece is done within a few days/hours, and the additional cost is directly reflective upon the amount of hours i am given to finish the piece within.
+?-Requesting subjects on my "NO" list-Despite having a list of things I will NOT draw [See list below], I can be persuaded to draw them if the price is worth my time.this fee won't be cheap.
-I also am willing to write stories for people,though i have yet to find a proper way to price those outs

-Things i will NOT draw-
This is a list of subjects that i will not draw unless paid an additional fee.regardless of the price, these pieces will also most likely not be on any of my pages, or ever mentioned anywhere.Things such as this will also not be on my project progress lists.
-Watersports, Scat, Amputations, excessive gore, vore,things involving underaged characters, beastiality.

---Current Projects---
1. 2 Single character Sketches.-Being started today.
2.TYATB Page 5/7-Being Sketched out.

Current projects list is Listed based on if the project is paid for,and order that i gain said commission,in that order.

-Personal Projects-
1.Lenneth Reference Sheet-Coloring almost Finished.
2.Eva Gaining Sequence-Not yet started.
3.Monster design "Armored Abomination"-Not yet started.

Personal Projects are listed in order of progress currently made.

Plenty of space available for anyone looking for some nice art from someone trying to expand their business :D toss me a note,or message me/email me/kick me, whatever it takes to get my attention,and we can work something out! note-i currently only accept payments on paypal.

 -I will draw almost ANYTHING asked of me to my ability, and given the right price, anything period.
-Aside from fanart of already existing characters, I cannot draw you someone else's character without their permission.
-I will not draw something for you in someone else's style.Remember that you are commissioning me because you like my work, not because i'm cheaper than your favorite artist.
-Commissioning me grants me permission to post the finished product on my page(s), though posted pieces will be smaller and in notably lower quality [also censored when it's required].
-The Commissioner's name will also be mentioned ["Blank" commissioned this], and/or a link to your DA/FA etc will be mentioned,depending on which is available to me. You may request to also be anonymous.
-Unless directly stated to me, I will always presume a project has no deadline.giving me one will of course speed up production of your project.
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