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Character Biographies

These are the Character Bio's of my Fire Island Squad
Alpha: Mostly serious, doesn't play around a lot or at all
Beta: Very serious, plays around sometimes
Delta: Split between Playing and Serious
Epsilon: Plays a lot, not very serious
Omega: Plays way too much

Maxamilion the Fox: Red two tailed Fox with Brown eyes, 5 Bangs, Grey Racing Goggles, A Brown Scarf, Purple and Red Knee high Boots and Fingerless Blue Jean Gloves [With the back of the gloves missing].He is 18 years of age, 5'7 feet tall, Possesses Fire Powers, and is Bi-Sexual. In the winter, in addition Max wears a Black Jacket with a Blue T-Shirt… his Favorite Food is Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwiches.
Personality: Epsilon
Darth the Fox: Black single tail Fox with Purple eyes, 2 Bangs, Brown non-fingerless fore-arm long gloves, and White & Nightmare Purple colored Knee High Boots [The toe part of the boots are Split in two]. Darth is the 19 year old older brother of Maxamilion whom is 5'8 feet tall, Possesses the powers of the underworld… can control lightning and all other weather currents. He's Bi-sexual. He has no other appearances nor a favorite food.
Personality: Beta
Angel the Fox: This Pink single tailed Fox with light-green eyes, 3 golden-lock Bangs, Dark Purple ribbon [in her hair], White T-Shirt [With Crescent Moon], Blue Jeans with Brown Stripes, Green wrist Bands, and Red Sneakers with Purple Stripes and a Grey seal on top of the foot. Angel is the 17 year old Girlfriend of Maxamilion whom is 5'6 feet tall, Possesses Spiritual Powers [Ability to heal and to kill], She straight… has no other forms or favorite foods
Personality: Delta
Sabrina Wolf [News Reporter]:  She’s 19, she’s 6 feet tall and she’s spunky news reporter known as Sabrina Wolf. Sabrina Wolf is lead street Anchor for News 12 Long Island. She’s very smart and hits hard and cracks down on the dirt and mysteries of news reporting… She’s Darth love interest in the series despite the fact that he doesn’t entirely feel the same back… She has Purple hair, with Red fingerless gloves, Black Jacket with blue bra, Brown eyes, black jeans and black sneakers with red sneaker nose
Personality: Delta/Straight
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