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Umm...Hi~? ^w^ Introduction Post, I Guess...~?

Hellos, everypony...~ *squeaks* My name's Fluttershy, but you all can call me Flutters if you like~ ^^;;

If you're not somepony I already have close to me in my life, you really shouldn't be here...~ I kinda want this as a place to share with only those I trust the most~ I am not an open pony and my whole entire life is under the highest level of lockdown unless I choose to let you in or unless you already here~

With that, I'll share a little about myself~

We kinda make our own reality~ I'm one of those super-creative people who does nothing but revise~ I can't look at anything, be it model, design, societal system or way to do something and not think of how I could make changes to it or reinvent it~ I'm open-minded yet very stuck to my principles of love and validation~ I'm about as Hippie as they come and you simply cannot get me to hate anything or anyone, no matter how badly they've wronged me~ I am incapable of hate~ I've tried to hate and all I can do is look at their situations as well and realize that they are causing themselves pain just by acting this way, even if they dun realize it~ My energy is purely altruistic and I think ponies feel that may either be too good to be true or that I have an ulterior motive~ No matter, for I already have those that know and love this about me~<3 I will listen to everypony and keep myself close to my heart unless I trust the pony implicitly~ I see my own place in this life as one part of some phantasmagoric abstract~ I feel and I exist in this vein and my place is at balance with the cosmos~ I'm about as guru as you can get and you can't pull my head out of my heart~  ^^;

At this point in my life, I've dropped out of school~ Nobody has the power to hold me down and I became disillusioned with the façade of making money and a career~ I also became disillusioned with the regurgitation of mindless facts back to teachers, feeling as if my creativity and critical abilities went wasted~ I am currently self-searching and self-learning, looking for work in any small job I can do where I dun get paid a lot and I dun have to lead anything~ Some ponies spend their whole life searching for purpose~ That having been said, life is a journey, not a destination to me~ I am but one part of a large cosmos~ Phantasmagoric is its nature, with so much therein; so many feels, so many realities, so many wonders...~ My role is to exist and to feel; if I feel, I know I am alive~<3 Along the way, those come by who need me and I give of myself willingly; selfless and altruistic is my nature~ I am full of love and unable to hate and those that need me have me~ Those that shun me are of no consequence~ No longer attached to that which is painful but working to empower those who desire love....~ Reality is what we all make it~ I make my own~ Love is my new world and one day it will be the world for all~<3

That's me~ ^w^
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