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Lil Kate!!!

I have drawn a cute little picture of my cubby self. Mind you that's not the babyfur but lil'fur. My usual cub age is not a infant but not quite out of diapers yet.

Anyways, it's sketched and inked on paper. Still need to take a picture of it and re-ink on my computer then color. but it's lil me dragging around my blankie on all fours with naught but a diaper and my tail curling around. It also displays a  very particular feature to our front arms, the actual wrist joint's location. Like a pony a Fea'Ri wrist is located a short distance from the elbow and acts as a second joint to bend the leg at, however unlike a pony, Fea'Ri can lock their wrist when standing on their hind legs making it's presence practically invisible unless they wish to bend it. It also allows them to then move their arms around as though it was more humanoid.

However when a Fea'Ri turns their hoof, the hoof itself isn't rotating, instead everything from the wrist down twists to turn the hoof, the hoof itself can only bend forward and backwards with only minimal side to side and twisting in the joint.

The Wrist joing of a Fea'Ri is probably one of the toughest parts to dislocate or force movement of without the Fea'Ri wanting it to. The reason is simple, Fea'Ri dig, to give maximum force to the claws when digging the joint locks into whatever position they need it in for the task at hand. While their arms aren't as strong lifting as their legs, its' because most the strength goes into the push rather then the pull.

Anywho, can't wait to show off my mowhawked lil self... only down side to being what I am, our hair doesn't become long enough to look like humanish hair untill we're about early preteen.
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Added: 6 years, 5 months ago
6 years, 5 months ago
Oooh, me'z wanna see!  ::huggie-pounces and tries to peek over your shoulder::
6 years, 5 months ago
Hehe, I was just getting ready to take the shot of it and post that XP
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