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Back to drawing, but first shaking the etch-a-sketch.

I know folks, got plenty to still reply to, but I'm settling in.

1.) All folks who had requests/commissions; I'm having a motivation wipe. I don't think I'll fully be able to draw what you've requested/commissioned. As many of you have said you don't mind the time, I do. Its put all drawing to a dead haul. I get an idea, I want to draw it, and then my conscience tells me "No! You are suppose to be drawing this." And wipes out all my motivation. As
put it, Inspiration over Obligation. I've tried a few times with a few methods to discipline myself to draw what is asked. Its just not me. I'm a creative person who must be inspired. So I will be issuing refunds to everyone. Even those I've already begun sketching for.

I realize that is disappointing to hear, but its the hard truth I've been denying. A few have gotten lucky and caught me at the right time. Most have not. I don't want to push on to my requesters/commissioners to have to remind me every few weeks. You shouldn't have to and its unprofessional on my part. So I'm wiping the slate, shaking the etch-a-sketch. I've always been a person to start all over again and drop the past. Its more work, but that has never been an issue for me. I expect this won't curry any favor for me, and may result in people unwatching. Hell, I half expect it out of sheer disappointment or being fed up. Only one watcher ever had the courage to say it to my face.

With that said, I'm going to try some motivated sketching this week to get the ball rolling. If you requested something or commissioned me, let me know. I'll search PayPal for those I need to refund, but a reminder will help me track it down easier. As well as match emails to users. This counts for stories as well. I have all those I started in my tablet, but I need a reference point on here as well as FA if I'm I'm going to start uploading here as well as there.

2.) What to do with this place? Granted, not many who watch  e here watch me here solely. Most still have an active FA account. So what to do? Make this a place for questionable works? Then again, I do like the pools option. Maybe make this one about Labrn, Mystic, stories, and cub work? Rather, preteen. I'm not a fan or drawer of those in the single digits.

3.) The NEW way I'm doing requests/commissions. I get motivated by music. So I'll either ask you to give me an image idea and let me find a song that motivates me to the idea, or give me a song with a brief, maybe 2 or 3 line general idea and let me wing it based on the song provided.

So, that's what is on my mind. I never throw stuff away unless it was finished or ties have been severed to the person involved. I'll upload an image to prove what I mean. Maybe even show a bunch of the unfinished sketches and have a pool made for them.

TLDR: Resetting, Refunding, Reimagining.
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