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Back By Popular Demand: The Commission Journal!

Hey all! I've had a few people ask me if I'm still taking commissions. The answer is YES! <3 I'll *always* accept commissions. Just send a PM to me to start the process of having your images scanned from your brain to my pen!

Please copy/paste this order form and fill it out in PM:

Age (If ordering adult work):
Type of Commission (Pixel/Sketch/Ink/Flats/Full):
How Many Characters:
Age Of Characters:
Reference of Characters:
What You'd Like Them To Be Doing:
When you're available to talk about your commission:

I will reply with the overall cost. You send the amount in full to Paypal.

Prices + TOS

These are all SFW, single, non complex/overly detailed character prices.

IF YOU WANT TO WATCH ME DRAW IT LIVE AROUND YOUR SCHEDULE, ADD $5.00 TO YOUR ORDER. I added this rule in because I *DO* have a life outside of my art, I have a schedule I usually follow to keep up on it, and I need a little more incentive to work on command/break my normal routine. Depending on your picture, when you're listed and the like, determines when you get your image. I work on a first come, first serve basis UNLESS inspiration hits me for a particular picture with your character.

When your name comes up and I note you that I am working on your commission - depending on complexity of the characters, I have around a 1 to 3 day turnaround on images. (Three being THE LONGEST I've spent on a picture.) If, for some reason your image is going to be delayed, (Again, life outside of the net, guys.) I will let you know.

I am pretty easy to contact - I will give out the art-phone number (GoogleTalk FTW) ONLY to commissioners. This number is STRICTLY to be used for getting info about your art - NOT for chit-chat. I *have* to stay on task here, people. :)

Add 1/2 price of single character for additional characters.

All currency is in USD. Add applicable fees for PayPal.
Paypal Fees
(Or, just add 2.50 to your order to be on the safe side. Had to put this in because Paypal can be a bitch when it comes to giving an artist their money. :T )

Pixel Icon (Full) - $3.00: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/3216595/
Pixel Icon (Head) - $1.00: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/3216595/

Sketches (Messy) - $5.00: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/4944413/
Sketches (Cleaned) - $10.00: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/4944405/

Inks (Old, but an example.) - $15.00: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/3105506/

Flat Colors (No BG/VERY SIMPLE COLOR BG) - $20.00 - https://www.furaffinity.net/view/2756059/

Full Colors (Includes simple color BG / attempt at a full BG) - $30.00 - https://www.furaffinity.net/view/3122800/
(Of course, BG work isn't my strong suite, but I *will* attempt anything.)

Thing's I won't/don't/can't draw: Scat/Watersports (Honestly, no ones asked me for a scat picture, so I've never tried drawing it. Watersports - I've only drawn once or twice with sub-par results..), Gore (working on this one), my character having ANY sexual contact with your character.

I will be offering ref-sheets as well in the future. ("Delux" - Triple view with a LOT of details outlined, "Grande" double view with a few details outlined and "Tall" - a single view with color pallet only.)
As these tend to take WAY more time to complete, the price will be a bit higher. More info *should* be available in a few days.

You have the right to...

*be treated with respect by me during the time of our commission agreement
*request your image be completely re-drawn during the WIP stages a total of 2 times.
*receive your commission in a timely manner, barring sickness or loss of internet service on my part
*re-post the watermarked, commissioned piece to your gallery, website, fchan, rule34 - whatever - crediting me for the art

(So basically the four R's of the Commissioners Rights: Respect, Request, Receive, Re-post.)

*sell my artwork I've drawn for you. You may GIVE prints away, but not sell.
*post the un-watermarked version ANYWHERE online without my expressed, written permission
*edit the art I do for you and claim it as your own. (Edits are FINE if I don't get something *just right*, but the art itself was still drawn by me, ergo you MUST give credit where credit is due.)

I have the right to...

*refuse any commission if it's too difficult/I am unable to do it.
*take the needed time to complete your image until we both think it's up to par.
*stop any adult commission WITHOUT refund if I suspect you are under 18/the parties in it are under 18.
(I of course, will have documented evidence if I suspect you/the parties are under 18, and I *will* report you.)
*re-post the art anywhere, including the non-watermarked version.
*use your commission to promote services/artwork through my account and websites I am registered on.
*adjust price/refuse any alterations to the commission AFTER you have paid. (Mainly if you pay for a single commission and don't include a second character in the description - I have the right to ask you to pony up the extra cost to include the character)
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