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Con/meeting Crossovers

Recently a rare occurrence happened in our little furry community- a furry convention happening in the same place and the exact same time as another convention.  Around the time Further Confusion was going on, a cheer-leading convention was also going on in the very same hotel!  I know that this did indeed caused lots of funny things to happen since basically two different worlds collided.  A fur that was there during this rare event jokingly stated "Can you imagine it?  A convention that is claimed to be the largest gathering of perverts and pedophiles is going on at the very same time as a convention that is the gathering of the world's prettiest girls!"  It doesn't really even surprise me if some of the con members who had fursuits that were just like the school mascots tried to get lucky with some bubbly cheerleader before vanishing into the night. lol  This got me to thinking what would happen if other events happened at the same time as a fur con...

Fur con/Evangelist meeting- Due to our obvious polar opposite views/opinions, it would likely be war.  Bibles, crosses, animal dildos; and cum lube filled condoms flying through the air!  Watch your head! lol

Fur con/nun gathering- Since nuns are mainly a peaceful bunch of gals, it would likely be pretty serene with music and crafts (However certain furs like Dragoneer need to be monitored.  All it takes is a drunk digimon trying to hit on a nun to ruin everything).

Fur con/ Rastaban-hippy shindig- What else can I say but good good times, man...

What do you think certain crossovers would be like?  Feel free to share. ^^
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Added: 8 years ago
8 years ago
I was at a Science Fiction convention once that was in the same huge convention hotel as an official government function that was attended by about half the city's police force. After the government thing, the cops spread out through the SF con. They took over late night panels, intruded on parties and aggressively hit on any women they could get near. Friday night was pretty much a write-off at that con... I can just imagine "Fur And Loathing" being re-enacted if that happened at AC!
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