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Man, how can things get any worse? Bah! (Updaaaaate!)

OK, I know that's just inviting trouble... but anyway.

Alright folks. Sorry I've been so quiet, both here and on IMs (and other sites). A lot of crap sprung up out of nowhere and once again I'm busy.

At the moment, I'm not at home. For two weeks, I'm up in the middle of nowhere (or "Whoop-whoop"). I thought that, for two weeks, I'd have plenty of time to myself here. I even took time off my job, told my lecturers I'd be coming into class as little as possible (gotta love being able to do coursework externally) and all that. So I thought after months of disruptive crap and a hell of a cold, I'd be able to relax and make some progress on my hobbies.

Ennhhh! Wrong! Two days away from home and I get a call - suddenly I have a new job, I can't take any time off, it's five days a week and... here's the rub: it's all the way back near my actual home.
2.5 hours there, 2.5 hours back. So I'm actually utterly freakin' run ragged at the moment.

Worse, I totally had too much to drink last night, and ate far too much, and now I feel sick as a dog, sitting here trying to type this journal quickly because I have to go to work in less than half an hour. No, I have no idea what the fuck I was thinking; I was exhausted, and having eaten very little each day for the last ten days, probably wasn't the smartest thing to eat a gigantic KFC meal and drink nine beers.

I wasn't even trying to get drunk. I was just enjoying a few beers and relaxing, as I'd been out and about for over 14 hours. I literally lost count of how many I had.
So, today, I think I'll skip out on eating or drinking anything aside from dried leaves and water.

OK, now: everyone can calm down, Astray's final chapter is okay and uncorrupted. I maintain multiple backups, because losing your porn collection is a mild annoyance - losing a novel you spent over a year writing because your computer wants to be a bitch? Cause for murderous rampage.
I don't want to be on the news, so I do what I can to prevent that.

At present I'm trying to write whenever I can, and I'm working more on Soulflower pt3 and a short story featuring Tai, Mike, Jake and a few ropes. Expect those soon.
The latter story is a bit of a bonus for fans of TS, and it's kinky; it's sort of a back-to-roots bit of erotica for me, so I don't expect everyone to like it - it probably won't have the mass appeal of "Family Therapy." But if you ARE a fan of the themes in it, I'm sure you'll like it.

That does make me ponder something though. Interestingly, some themes are extremely under-represented in the fandom; sometimes certain themes are very common in writing, but not in art, and vice versa, or only (I hate to say it) terrible artists indulge in them, because the themes are just so rare that if there's going to be any artwork of it at all, they have to make it themselves.

Hypnotism/MC is quite popular in written erotica, but actually quite rare (and almost never done well) in graphical art, for instance.
You might be forgiven for thinking bondage or BDSM would have a decent sized body of erotica here in the fandom, but actually it kind of does not. It's hard to find.

Authors seem to be more willing to explore certain themes, possibly because they're writing what interests them, and are able to go into depth about these themes. Artists tend to play it safe (funny, because they're drawing anthro dogs shagging and putting it on the internet for everyone to see), especially the good ones - possibly trying to play to the mainstream.

Personally, I started writing erotica when I was much younger, and I definitely did - and do - use it to explore and indulge in interests and themes that I like, but are certainly underrepresented in the body of artwork in the fandom. Sometimes these elements are overt (such as part of an erotic scene) or subtle.

Case in point, Tai's Story - and as such, in celebration of its completion, this short story is going to revisit some of those themes. It's funny how a short porn story can have such significance, but it really does.
So, like I said, it's going to be kinky, it's gonna be fun, and it's gonna be silly.

Hopefully, those two stories will make up for the fact that, yes, Astray is going to take a little longer to finish.

Shush! It's one of the biggest, most important stories I've ever written. I ain't rushing it.

And finally: I'm still debating whether or not to migrate ALL my stories to InkBunny and SoFurry... as I've said before, SdY is not representative of my current writing ability. I'm procrastinating, I know, but do I want to just stick it here as is, or tweak it first sometime in the future before I do? Ugh.
On the other paw, er, hand, it IS full of porn (and was yet another youthful indulgence into kinkiness). So it will draw in readers that otherwise wouldn't look at my icon-less story submissions...

Oh well! Whaddaya think, folks?
I gotta dash, almost time for woooork. Yaaaay.

Hungover kitsune, out!
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Added: 6 years, 9 months ago
6 years, 9 months ago
You should do what I did -- say "screw it," post your old stuff, and try not to reread it so you don't remind yourself how terrible your old writing is.  XP
6 years, 9 months ago
You don't often see mind control in art because it's much harder to do there. The artist is not afforded the same ability to convey what's going on in a character's head, for one thing. Mind control also works best if there's some kind of process or story arc involved, while most art tends to be single pictures that show a single moment in time.
6 years, 9 months ago
I know, but it's rarity is still interesting because an artist would, those limitations aside, usually want to draw art that appeals to them regardless of whether or not it's perfectly suitable for the medium they work with. Besides, I don't agree that artists are all that limited here.
I actually have seen some great MC themed art, though. It can definitely be done; and sometimes it was in fact art of "a single moment in time", though some of them were very good, structured comics or "graphical novel" style.  It just interests (and saddens :c) me to know that it's so rare - you'd think that if they liked it, an artist would draw it anyway.

I mean, I know about the limitations of doing one-off "snapshot" porn images. But there's a serious dearth of certain topics/themes (MC was just an example, if not the best one) in the furry fandom's graphical art, and yet they're quite popular in other drawn pornography. I see less artists experimenting or indulging in certain kinks than I did when I first "joined" the fandom. This is all just food for thought, though.

Also: "if there's some kind of process or story arc involved"
Yeah, some authors fail to grasp that too. >:3
6 years, 9 months ago
Ugh, I'm so tired I buggered up my grammar and punctuation a few times there, forgive me. Bluh.
6 years, 9 months ago
The 2000s brought in a new crowd to furry who are very porn focused, which both directly and indirectly pressures artists to create art with more mainstream appeal (within the furry fandom, at least). Any artist willing and motivated enough to play along has the potential to get both money and recognition from a fanbase that has relatively low expectations for technical skill.

Fiction writers are freed from both the temptation of potential fame and fortune as well as the often very negative reaction that non-mainstream drawn art gets. Furry fiction is still very much a fandom, while furry porn is increasingly turning into business.
6 years, 9 months ago
I noticed that shift, though ironically I have to confess to being one of those who "joined" in the mid-2000s. In many ways, I miss the things I saw more often back then - but then again, sometimes not so much; if you ever scanned F-Chan about five or six years ago, you can probably imagine what I mean.
I also wonder how much of a factor this is: a lot of furry art nowadays is genuinely impressive, and artists clearly spend hours on shading and employing various digital effects. So what started as a 30 minute line-drawing turned into a 4 day commitment, and artists tend to re-visit the same postures, themes and ideas  over and over, but they'll spend hours rendering a background or shading a character's backside. I wonder if this "expectation" from the fans, to see such effort on single images, is related.

Meanwhile, in the Japanese drawn porn community, simple, uncolored line drawings (usually after one or two reasonably spiffy cover-pages and the like) are most common in doujins and the like, and they're usually way more interesting, inventive and often funny than what I see in the furry fandom (or mainstream porn, which the fandom slowly seems to be trying to resemble). Mitsu Jun's shota comics are amazing, and often totally hilarious, for example. You definitely see some highly detailed work in that community, but that's not the standard. Some simple coloring or even just line-drawings are always fine, and some of the hottest stuff I've seen was in simple black & white, line-drawn doujins.
Unsurprisingly, my favorite artists in the fandom also seem to draw inspiration from and participate in the shota community.

You know, I wouldn't say that us writers are immune from wanting a little profit or fame. >:3
We just know better than to really expect it.

But yeah. Not to name any names, but I've seen some artists in the fandom slowly turn away from their own interests and trying to push themselves and slip into the boring homogeny they think will bring them money. It's a sad thing to watch, even if the artist his/herself is not exactly to blame.
6 years, 9 months ago
That's the great thing about inkbunny, one can post stories of art about almost anything. Criticism is expected no matter what, but if it's good, people will flock to it, and, may even find themselves.
6 years, 9 months ago
Despite all of that Kichi, things could be worse. At least you're not me. xD
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